Cherry Tree - Block 3

Well I am trying to catch up on the blocks for this project.  I completed block number 3, using 4 different cheddar fabrics and 4 different greens.  It was not a hard block to start with, but those long green fingers were a bit of a pain.  I was almost tempted to do the fingers seperately, then applique a semi-circle over them.   In the long run it would probably have looked the same, but part of this I think is taking up the challenge.

As I am rotating my projects, to enable me to get done the things I have to do for class samples, and the things I want to do for me, I am now drawing up the next 4 block sampler quilt for classes in the second half of the year.  Also, doing a mini basket or two in between.  Last count up I had 20 of these done

The Quilt that Waited

This week I have been having a major sewing room clean out.  Some things I will never use again are going out - to charity or sell on Ebay or garage sale - but they are going.

Amongst the drawers I found an old treasure.  This is my first attempt at an applique quilt.  I had done all the classes on how to do it, and practiced with little things.  It was now time to tackle something big.  The local quilt shop was having a BOM for a Folk Art applique quilt.  Hmmm, looked like I could do that, big pieces, not too hard.  This was in 1997.  I started the first block on my trip to the US at about the time of my mothers death.  So I remember it well.  I never touched it again for a good few years.  I got all the patterns, but never touch them for at least 7 years.  All the other blocks got finished in a big hurry when I found it again, for the first time.

There is a pattern for a big applique border, and applique sashing. Too hard!  It went back into the drawer again

See how crinkled up the blocks are after all those years in the very bottom and back of the drawer?  Poor things.

Today I decided to just sew all the blocks together, get one of my border fabrics - I found them all, so I know where they are.  I put the blocks together and used this great border fabric. It is so perfect.  I wanted something dark, and the flowers even have the same shape as the applique.  This is going to be a good teaching quilt as it will show the progress.   Not quilted yet, and that will be the next thing to think about - should I do it by hand or machine?  I think it deserves hand quilting, see it waited so long, another couple of months won't matter.

Basket Sewing Day

We had a basket sewing day at Penny's house today.  Sheridan was there and we three compared our progress.  Sheridan was the first to start her baskets, but we are catching up to her

I got there late as I had a hairdesser's appointment, and she was running late.  I got there just in time for lunch, then we had to have a visit to a local patchwork shop -  Mallee Country Craft

Penny's blocks are all cheddar colours, Sheridan is doing Cheddar and greens - mine are just what ever I can find - all different.

Mini Baskets - Trick or Treat

I first saw these tiny baskets when my friend Sheridan started making them.  They are from the Book "When the Cold Wind Blows" by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.   Very cute baskets!  I resisted, then found a number of others were doing the little blocks, along with quite a few people from my online group Repro Fabric Lovers .  Penny arranged a fabric swap of 5 shirtings plus 5 prints.  They are a good fill in when you just want to do a little bit of stitching.

This is the cover of the book.  There are other beautiful quilts in the book including the urns on the front cover

This is the finished quilt.  Wow!  look at all those baskets!  About 360 I think. Is that one a day for a year?


Cherry Tree - Block 2

I have started to rotate my projects now that I have completed my class sample, so I think I might get caught up on the Cherry Tree.  There are 4 blocks published and I have now done 2 of them - half done.  Tomorrow night I promise I will get back to the Little Sisters.

I wanted to make the cherry tree blocks in scrappy red and green fabrics.  Whenever I see red and green fabrics I always buy them - if they are interesting of course, and just the shades I like.  I seemed to be scraping around looking for reds and greeens the last couple of days.  Can;t believe I don;t have enough.  Of course now, the turkey reds don;t seem to be out there when I want them.

Next block is yellow, so I think I will use a few different Cheddar fabrics. 

Granddaughter - Skylar Jacqueline

This photo of Skylar was taken at my work Christmas party at the Adelaide Zoo.  It was a very hot day, but the chiildren had a great day and it was Skylar's first positive experience with Santa.  She was not scared and ran up when her name was called.

I love the photo.  It shows her real personality - strong, defiant and full of fun.

Pieces from the Past - Sampler Quilt

I finished the 4 Block hand pieced sampler quilt top. The blocks are 18" each, plus 2" sashing and borders. My plan, is to make 5 more blocks, unpick the border where necessary, and join in the other blocks to make 9. This is initially for a class sample, and once that is done I can do some more work on blocks.

The red fabric is by Windham, Redworks, by Susie Osburn, from Michigan State University Museum. I bought it because I like directional fabric, and it was red. I have had it in the bottom drawer for ages, and thought I would give it an airing. I love to cut stripes across, never thinking when I bought it that the stripe goes across the width, meaning I had to cut the fabric the length of it to get the stripe. Most annoying, but I think I have enough left to add in the extra 5 blocks when (if) I get to that stage. I might make a pattern of it too.

I am not going to quilt this for the class, as I want people to see the back and the hand piecing. So, that has let me off the hook a bit!

If you want more information about the class please get in touch with Karen at the Sewing Sanctuary.  It will be held on 3rd Saturday of the month, starting February 2010.

Mary Mannakee

Finally , I got back to my Mary Mannakee quilt and finished block number 6.  I checked my old blogs and realsied that it was 1st August that I posted on this last time, so it has been a LONG time since I worked on it.  Very bad!

My original plan had been just to use one or two reds, and similar shades of green, bright blue, and a gold.  It worked for the first blocks, then I could not help myself, with the scrappy bits I kept putting in this one.  This block actually had a lot of work in it.  I looks sort of "tossed" and free flowing, but with all the seperate leaves it was quite bitsy.  The other blocks, which are large pieces cut into shape, there is actually less work in my opinion.  After this I will make block 5 - I skipped that one as it looked hard.

If you click on the photo you get a very good close up of the fabrics.  One thing I noticed AFTER I chose this background (which I love) is that the pointy bits of the small print, makes your applique curves look not smooth.  Too bad!

Vacaciones invernales

Aprovechando que teníamos unos días, nos fuimos a disfrutar de La Coruña, una ciudad que me encanta desde hace años, y a la que siempre he ido con muy poquito tiempo.

Tras un par de días allí descubrí que definitivamente me encanta la Torre de Hércules

Me gusta disfrutar del mar, al anochecer, cuando ya no queda nadie en la playa y aparecen las olas gigantes.

Descubrí lugarles desconocidos, historias y leyendas locales...

y fotografié pequeños rincones excepcionales.

Y además, visité el corner de Rowan que acababan de abrir, estuve un rato charlando con Ana, y ¡cómo no! me compré un pequeño "recuerdo" tejeril.

Y para completar las vacaciones, Nochevieja familiar en el pueblo, con la nieve de fondo, y estampas que hacía tiempo que no veía.

Rematado por los pequeños regalos artesanales (broche de J., anillo de A., y manoplas de Fifilota) que los "pajes" me trajeron con el año nuevo.

Y ahora sí, estoy relajada, así que podré con "lo que me echen", o al menos eso espero.

Nuevo Año

¡¡Os deseo un Feliz Año 2010!!
Para este año tengo muchas cosas para que se cumplan, espero que todo salga bien!
En esto dos ultimos meses he tejido bastante... de forma un poco frenetica!
Primero porque estaba participanto en el spanish swap (que aun no ha terminado... faltan dos paquetes) y porque en esta epoca del año apetece un monton!!
Lo primero que acabe fueron estos calcetines para Belen. Espero que le hayan gustado, yo los hice con mucha dedicacion... como siempre, este patron de Cookie A me encanta! Es el primero que he tejido de su libro Sock Innovation .
Aqui os dejo unas fotillos, tener en cuenta que esto calcetines son dos tallas más pequeños (Belen es una 7) y yo una 9. Estaba esperando para ver si ella se hacía fotos con ellos, pero no las he visto, así que os pongo las que hice yo antes de enviar el paquete:

Por otro lado, tambien tejí para mi el St James. El patron es muy sencillo, tb le hice algunas modificaciones. El cuello con el lazo fuera... no sé si tome una buena desicion... en fin!
Fotos, fotos... un poco chorras, pero así nos reimos un rato!Otra cosilla que he terminado... pero que no me apetecía nada tejer, es un pasamontañas para Carlos. Para ello utilice la preciosisisima madeja que compre en Madrid en el stand de tiradelovillo. Artesano Hummingbird...
en fin, el patro sencillisimo, lo termine en un par de horas, al "recibidor" el encanta!
Ya sé, mi amado parece un ladron!!! jejeje
Tambien he terminado unos calcetines para mi hermano, la bufanda de mi madre esta quedando preciosa y espero poder poner fotos en la proxima entrada, y también tengo en las agujas unos calcetines para mi hermana. A estas 4 personitas creo que les tejere mientrs mis manos me lo permitan, no hay pesonas más agradecidas y orgullosas de lo que les hago!
Por ahora nada más.
Espero conectarme pronto!

Beyond the Cherry Trees

I started this block on Christmas Day after all our guest had gone, and finished it last night.  It is free BOM on the Sentimental Stitches website 

My original idea was to just use the lime green fabric, one yellow and one red.  I realised that was going to be impossible, as all I have are bits and pieces - so it is another scrap quilt!  The background fabric is beautiful.  I bought the Moda Muslin (not the Bella) 200 thread count.  It feels just beautiful, and can just imagine what it will be like quilted. 

I had to go out and buy embroidery thread.  I use to do a lot of cross-stitch, but gave away all my threads.  Can you believe it - I could hardly remember how to do stem-stitch!  That is what we learn in kindergarten sewing classes.

So far there have been 3 of the free blocks.  I have them all downloaded, and might get another one drawn up tomorrow.  However, today I am working on my Mary Mannakee, which I have not touched for ages.

Prenda estrella: BLAZER.

Sin dudarlo, creo que la prenda estrella en el 2009 ha sido la BLAZER y por las apuestas de los diseñadores veo que vamos a seguir pudiendo disfrutar de ella algún que otro año más.

Prenda versátil la cual te puede sacar de un apuro en un momento dado... No sabes qué ponerte para ir más arreglada con un tejano? Ya no es necesario coger un "top" brillante o con mil abalorios... Tejanito+camiseta+blazer negra a poder ser con un broche o alguna diadema con plumitas en la cabeza y una carterita pequeña. Estás lista para salir. Arreglada, glamourosa, femenina y elegante a la vez que informal. Me encanta!!!

Nota importante: pasamos de la blazer de corte medio, convencional negra, a una más "Oversize" de diferentes colores, camel, gris e incluso verde militar que seguirá su curso incluso hasta el 2011.

Tejido 2009

En el 2009 he tejido mucho (aunque por contra he leído menos)

El resumen es:

4 chales (y 1 a falta de bloquear): 3 feather & fan, y un ishbel

1 estola (la seascape)

4 gorros (3 capitán cousteau y un snowball hat)

2 bufandas ultrarápida

la February Lady Sweater

un conjuntillo de vestido, gorro y caracol de bebé

y 1 shalom.

No ha estado mal, ¿verdad?

Ahora a ver lo que nos depara el 2010.

¡Feliz año a tod@s!