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Mis 7 cosas:

  1. Soy un poco obsesiva (pero acaso no lo somos todas las tejedoras?) cuando me da por algo, me da de veras.
  2. Me obsesiona la estética. Siempre busco que los colores vayan combinados, en todo.
  3. Soy nerviosa e impaciente. No puedo esperar sin hacer nada.
  4. Descubrí a Almudena Grandes un verano, hace muchos años, que decidí leer sólo libros escritos por mujeres españolas. Fue mi época feminista.
  5. Soy perfeccionista hasta un grado enfermizo. Y no, no voy a poner ejemplos.
  6. Soy casera, pero no doméstica. Me gusta estar en casa, pero no me gustan las labores de casa.
  7. Por eso, odio los sábados por la mañana.
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Ipad en las pasarelas!!!

La última: Ipads en el desfile de la pasarela Gaudí Novias de Barcelona como complemento en las modelos, y no penséis que ha sido Apple queriendo dar publicidad, sinó simplemente se ha utilizado como forma de atracción para el público y como parte de una exposición de moda.

Are you Goth?

If you appreciate the music, the fashion or any part of the gothic subculture you may be goth. But it really is down you to decide whether you are. These tests aren't accurate tests that can define you but they can be quite amusing and a fun way to pass the time.

What Kind Of Goth Are You?

Quilt Show in Nantes, France

This link was sent to me by one of the girls - Mary-  on the ReproFabricLovers yahoo list (link is on the left of the Blog).   Would you like to visit Quilt show in France?  There are some beautiful photos of new and old quilts.  Wonderful setting for them as well - in a 15th Century Cathedral.

Matthew Williamson for H&M - Exclusive online

Matthew Williamson pour H&M!!!

demi-cercle du soleil

Por fín bloquée el citron...

Sólo puedo decir que me encanta...
Es brillante, como si fuera medio círculo de sol. Hice 6 repeticiones del patrón, pensaba hacer 7, pero se me hizo un poco aburrido, y decidí que ya que fifilota quería un poco de lana... era mejor dársela. Me llevó casi una madeja de handpaintedyarn.
Ahora sólo queda estrenarlo.

Beyond the Cherry Tree - Block 8

The latest block from Sentimental Stitches for the antique quilt - Beyond the Cherry Tree.  Lots and lots of leaves in this one.  The last one had lots of circles.  Maybe the next will be a little simpler :-)

I used heaps of scraps, and a few old fabrics I had lying about - some about 15 years old i would think.  No point hoarding them!  Some of my friends, who are also doing these blocks, changed them about to suit their own likes and personality.  I left it as it is as it suits me - a bit messy.

We are now 1/3rd through the project, so I was reminded the other day.  Seems to have gone pretty well on schedule so far, and I have managed to keep up with it, and other things I have to do.  Hope I can maintain the pace.  It helps when you have friends working on the same thing.

This block took my just over a week to do.  I managed to get it done as I hurt my back and have been stuck home not able to drive, or do anything much at all.  On the mend now - so now I can get on with a few other jobs.

Autumn in Adelaide

Yesterday was such a beautiful Autumn day.  We worked in the garden for a bit, and I glanced up at the Glory Vine (ornamental grape) and saw the sun shining through.  I ran inside and grabbed my camera.

Last year we had a pretty poor show with this vine because of the drought, but it seems to have kicked back this year.  I can remember some years, when the sun shined on the leaves, it looked like they were on fire.

This is the view from the street.  The street trees have not turned colour yet because we have not as yet had much cold weather.  We have even had some rain, so the nature strip is GREEN!

the front garden, and the Salvias are on show
this is one of my favourite - it looks like velvet.  I pick bunches of these Salvias and put them around the house.  They look wonderful, smell great - and you can even eat them!

What is a Goth?

A Goth is someone who quite simply enjoys Goth music but dresses individually with rather similar elements. Their musical taste can expand beyond Goth to many other genres, they show this taste by choosing to dress in a way that's comfortable for them and recognizable as Goth. Regardless of music taste Goths are still able to dress anyway possible, yes even in "ordinary" garb and work uniform

Basic Definitions of Goth.

A form of germanic tribe.
A building style popular during the late medieval period.
A subculture made up of people with similar taste in music genre and fashion.
A music genre that developed out of Postpunk.

It's a worldwide subculture that has been around for over 30 years, thought to have started between the years 1979 to 1983. It was among many growing subcultures, such as Punk and has since continued to thrive.

A Goth is someone who quite simply enjoys Goth music and fashion. Their musical taste can expand to many other genres and have interests outside the subculture. Goths can be easily recognised by their dress sense, there are several styles within gothic fashion but Goths can dress in any possible way.


Gosh I look so happy.
About my blog.
Juliet's Lace is about anything and everything related to the Goth subculture, it's over 3 years old now and I update regularly. I've being a part of the subculture for a few years now and I love talking about it, sadly no Goths appear to live in my area and blogging makes me feel a part of the community again. I mostly write about the fashion and lifestyle but occasionally I write about vintage or other alternative things.

Credit goes to the following.

Font was downloaded via Dafont, it's called the Beauregard font and you can visit the author at his blog here.
Image of bat courtesy of Roseanna Piter, click for website.

About me.
My name is Amy and I'm nineteen years old, I live in Yorkshire. I love blogging, cats, marzipan and pink hair. You can contact me at:

Day out with friends

Last Saturday our Sew Janes group had a day out.  Not all could make it, but those that did enjoyed it.

We started out at Hetties Patch.  This is the shop which is on Port Road, at Hindmarsh.  Irene is out the front, looking great.  The shop itself is in a very old building.  It has been renovated extensively, with a class room ut the back, and they have just taken over the shop next door, and doubled the size. 

I walk in the door, and there is Virginia making a hefty purchase

Lorraine on the left is the shop own, and recutantly had her photo taken.

This is one of the classiest quilting shops I have ever seen.  it is just so beautifully set out and the fabrics are spectacular.

A stack of Moda beauties
We finally got around to lunch.  This photo is a little blurred and chopped about.  I am sure this was not caused by the one only glass of wine I had.  We ended up at Queens Street Cafe, in Croydon.  this is one of those hidden treasures.  The staff are always happy, the food scrumptious.  You can sit and chat for ages, and no one makes you feel like you have  to move on.  They make great coffee as well.


Como siempre, va pasando el tiempo y nunca me doy cuenta de lo abandonado que tengo el blog.
Algunas fotos de lo que he tejido este año:
Esta bufanda ha sido para mi madre, con lana Rowan Silk Wool DK y el patron modificado de Irene Scarf. Os puedo decir que esta lana me tiene loca, me encanta!! Compre un paquete entero en color morado! Os digo que todo queda precioso, la foto ya sé que es malisima, pero la hicimos de prisa porque mi madre se llevaba "su" bufanda.

Tambien he hecho para mi hermana:Patron: Springtime Bandit, lana: Manos del uruguay silk blend (1 ovillo de 100 gr.) Super sencillo y rapidisimo de tejer, regalo perfecto de ultima hora (en un par de días lo haces) sólo esperar un poco para "bloquearlo" bien.

Y ahora viene mi amado Ishbel... sin bloquear
Lo he hecho tambien con Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend en el color más espectacular que he visto en cualquier ovillo. Las fotos no le hacen justicia!

A parte tb he hecho mas cosillas pero no encuentro las fotos. En este ultimo mes no he tejido nada porque estoy "lesionada"... a ver si pronto puedo volver... que mi hermana se va de Erasmus a Noruega y necesita todo un "ajuar" jejeje.

Pronto enviaremos los regalos del Spanish Swap de primavera. Espero que en este intercambio todo salga bien y quedemos satisfechas con el resultado, aunque ya se sabe, nunca puedes quedar bien con todos.

En las quedadas que estamos haciendo en ZGZ hemos iniciado un KAL del Swallowtail Shawl. Si alguna se quiere apuntar estamos aqui.


En mi fuero interno hay algo que me dice que la cultura africana (o al menos nuestra visión "occidental" de la misma) tiene algo "romántico". Me llaman la atención los cuadros y decoraciones con motivos africanos, siempre que no tengan animales en exceso.

En octubre fui a ver una exposición de trabajos manuales, y vi un cuadro de africanas que me llamó la atención. Sólo por eso, decidí apuntarme a clase (por eso, y porque me venía bien el horario, claro).

La semana pasada terminé mi versión del cuadro. Ahora luce orgulloso en la entrada de mi casa, y yo de vez en cuando me acerco a mirarlo y a admirarlo. No todo el mérito es mío, por supuesto. Mi profesora es simplemente genial, y se le ocurren las mejores ideas para darle ese punto "distinto" que a mí tanto me gusta: el musgo es natural, y en sus cestas llevan grano de verdad.

Pero no todo es pintura y manualidades, también acabé el Citron que está pacientemente esperando a que encuentre un ratillo para bloquearlo... Otra vez, colores cálidos como el del sol que asocio al continente africano.


YSL, considerado uno de los modistos más importantes del siglo XX. Aquel que dió una nueva libertad a las mujeres en la década de los 70 al introducir el concepto de "Contemporaneidad" con su traje de sastre o esmoquín.

Fue uno de las pocas personalidades francesas a las que se conocía por sus iniciales: YSL. Revolucionario de la alta costura ya desde sus inicios el cual quiso innovar para la época colocando la "maison" de la marca en la Rive Gouche de París, la zona más bohemia y artística de la ciudad, dándole la espalda a todos los estereotipos de poner el taller en la zona de la alta costura y sociedad de París.

El gran maestro que supo acompañar y contribuir a la evolución de la mujer.