Circuit Rider's Quilt - 12 blocks completed

Over the last couple of days I have completed blocks 11 and 12.  So, all the blocks for the BOM are complete, and I can now just make them for myself as I please.  Still working on a few other projects and getting my head full of new things to make.  Wish I could stop being inspired long enough to finish something.

Block 11

Block 12

all 12 blocks layed out

I have had a fabric buy up on reds and greens. Always looking for beautiful greens and can't resist when I do find them.

I have been inspred by something else just recently as well.  It is the Roseville Album quilt by Kim McLean. Kim has made hers in Kaffe Fassett fabrics, which I think are fabulous.  I am planning on using red, black, green and prbably yellow for mine.  I purchased the Sophia Range from Windham Fabrics fat quarter pack, with nothing particular in mind.  This I think is the project.  I ordered the pattern from Material Obsessions in Sydney.  Hope I have it by the end of the week as I going on a retreat for the weekend and would like to take it with me.

Weddings & Moving

This is going to be a really short post. JP and I are in the middle of an emergency move due to mold and water damage in our apartment. It's been a brutally stressful week!! Last wednesday the condo board sent over some plumbers to inspect out place. They discovered a lot of damage. The bathroom, kitchen and the wall between the hallway and our place need to be renovated. Since then we've been working on breaking our lease, but unfortunately our landlord is overseas, so this was a hefty task. We finally found out this morning that we can break the lease, but the first of the month is on Sunday so we are scrambling to get all of our belongings together and to find another place. Alas, there has been no time for any outfit shots or posts. 

These photos are from a friends wedding last Saturday. 

(top and skirt - Jacob, shoes - Nine West, belt - thrifted, ring - Ardene)

here we come..

.happy friday friends.

i could not be more pleased to announce that the weekend is swiftly approaching.


basically, i have filled every waking moment for the next 48 hours with fun or necessary activities that will keep me fully occupied &/or entertained.  i'm going to be the best picture taker / memory maker so that this little online journal can thrive.
{martha stewart}

plans include but are not limited to:
visiting benny
dinner with girlfriends {giggles included}
pool for a moment - have to revive the freckles, my paleness is attacking once again
farmer's market - on the hunt for some fresh blooms for the house
hobby lobby - i have many up-coming projects.  i will undoubtedly reveal them here
cleaning / organizing
photography adventure with my dear friend jenna
birthday party
trip to louisville to help the 'rents & see my fam
dine with court & matt
campaigners with our awesome students


this should be a yet another full & wonderful weekend
{boxwoodcottage's flickr}

.i hope the same for all of you.  if you'd like to join in on any of the fun please give me a holler.
{sip slowly}

ps.  it's perfect outside.  are you in lexington?  go outside.  right this second.  drop whatever you're doing {unless it is carrying a child} and run outside.  it is gorgeous & breezy.  you don't want to miss this.

thus far

this week...oh goodness.  this has been one full, long week.

back to the daily grind right?  well for me anyways, yes.  after our adventure over the weekend i started things off a little rough.  i was a busy busy bee all day at work but did have the delightful treat of meeting my husband at home for lunch.  this never happens so it was pretty perfect.  monday evening, after some incidental car problems, holly & i ventured off to frankfort {our state's capital} for a lovely dinner with our dear & pregnant pal mere-bear.  yes that is what her parents named her, mere-bear, can you believe it?  her bump {and babe} are growing & growing.  just darling.  i specifically brought my camera so i could capture that darling memory & what do you know?  i'm pictureless.  here's my theft for all the world to see. 
{tyler wasn't at dinner but this was a cute shot of the bump}
from din din we scurried back to lex-town for biblestudy where we all but finished up our series about money.  it really has been good for me to process through what scripture says about money {what it REALLY  says} and see how that is played out in real life.  it has been challenging & has certainly made me think.

it would be repetitive to say i was swamped all day, but that was the reality.  i was swamped.  i was basically a big stressball & hated everything work related all day.  that is a miserable way to live, but i couldn't snap out of it.  thank goodness, that has passed.  my only relief approached mid-day when holly & i were able to celebrate our awesome friend, angie's 26th birthday.  perhaps it wasn't the most glamorous of celebrations but we did get to eat a lot of breadsticks.  angie is the oldest person i know {& that is what her cookie cake said}.

{that's her in the crown}
{i don't drink.  that's how i look}
after leaving later than i had hoped from work, i sat in traffic that seems 1 million times slower when  you are in a hurry than when you have no where to be.  i got myself all worked up.  it was one of those days where you want to cancel all your plans and take a long bath, soak & read old pottery barn catalogs full of things you won't buy.  i finally got it together enough to enjoy a truly wonderful evening.

immediately after arriving home we shot back out the door & headed to meet the ladies in my family.  they were celebrating my grandma & my cousin's {who i consider an aunt} birthdays.  they are two of the most wonderful women in the whole world.  i'm so glad we got to stop by, even if it was just for a few moments.

ben & i had a long standing date to go to a lexington legends game with tickets provided by my office.  the weather was absolutely perfect. 

it was 80 degrees, slight breeze and no humidity.  this is unheard of in kentucky!  all the stress of the day melted away when i got to spend time with my sweet husband in seats right behind home plate. 
the legends are a minor league team here in lexington, it's no 'great american ballpark' but it was fun.  if you live in the area & especially if you have kids, you should head on out there.  it's a really fun night.  one note: i would avoid taking children on 'jersey shore night' or $1 beer night perhaps.  i cheered obnoxiously, saw some LHS girls & spent much needed quality time with benny.

oh, oh and we went on quarter hot dog night!  woot woot!

we finished the night off with a walk around the block with a quick pit stop at my parents house for a visit.  they live down the street.  tuesday night was a TREAT.

i won't complain anymore about my poor attitude.  what does complaining about my attitude do other than make my attitude worse?  full day at work and then sped home to see my loving husband.  we were preparing for a post-camp pool party for the evening but giant gray clouds and a gloomy forcast ruined our fun.  we ended up cancelling our fun night planned with students which was terribly sad but i must say that a surprise evening at home wasn't so bad afterall.  the poston's stopped by with baby silas {who loves his auntie jen & uncle ben} and we got play for a few minutes.  isn't he such a doll!?  he'll be crawling before you know it!

.that's our week thus far.
we have a lot coming up, i'll keep ya posted!


Zapatos: ZARA

Mono: Mango Outlet (old season-una ganga)

48 hours

we had a fantastic weekend up in chicago.  i left my camera at home.  i know...i'm the worst.  i wish i could show you the mass of folks we were surrounded by for our whirlwind trip but you'll have to settle for stolen facebook shots. 
there were kids, babies, aunts, uncles, grandmas, brothers, sisters, & cousins as far as the eye could see.  it was lovely.

friday evening ben & i ventured on up to northern ky to meet up with his mom, pop & brother.  i got to visit my dear friend cory for a few hours which was dream.  it's hard when you don't get to see your close friends very often!  james {her babe} was asleep but i didn't sneak a peek into the crib where he was sleeping with his arms straight up, just like superman.

after staying up much later than my old lady bedtime, we took a quick wink & then hit the road once again.  up, up & away to the suburbs of chi-town for some much needed visiting. 

ben's aunt mary jane & uncle joe had everyone over.  they have a great home for entertaining: a big ol' room connected to the kitchen for catching up, a patio for relaxing, a pool for cooling off {it was a billion degrees}, a pond for fishing, a yard for playing.  my favorite parts of the day: just being together, going down the pond, squishing the little baby cheeks AND seeing ben's aunt mary jane get around with no problem.  when we were up for christmas she was struggling to breathe & she could only walk a few steps without being totally exhausted.  now, since she's had her double lung transplant, she's up moving around, running all over the house, cooking & enjoying her time with people she loves.  it really is a miracle.  how awesome that we get to be a witness to that!? 

.two of the cutest babies in the world.
look at that curly hair.  love.
i'm not sure if anyone took any good group shots this year, and if so they aren't on fb yet {that i could find}  here's some of the gals & guys from last year.

sunday we slept in a tad & eventually got up and ate platefuls of mada's pancakes.  we always stay with ben's aunt mada & uncle rob when we come to town & they are so hospitable...they take such great care of us & are incredibly welcoming.

from there we went to D & D Foods, which is an italian deli & shop owned & operated by benny's fam.  i'm not italian so i never know anything about what different foods are, how you eat it, where it comes from etc. but it is so fun to be there!  an atmosphere like none other that i've been in.  since the deli has been around for such a long time {and is run by such great people} folks flock from all over to come visit grandma ada, uncle guido & the rest of the fam.  if you are ever in the chicago heights area i highly recommend you stop in and see them!  tell them we sent you!

we haven't even gotten to the actual family reunion yet!  that's where we headed next - to the family reunion, which is held at a local park which houses an awesome pool & water slide.  the kids loved it.  we ate {and ate more} and hung out with an even larger group than saturday.  sadly, our time in chicago had to come to a close.  we all had work monday morning & needed to get back to kentucky.  so back into the car we went. 

just another road trip with my best friend.  so lovely.

Circuit Rider Block 10 - Rambler Rose

Block 10 is done, and only 2 more to make for the Block of the Month.  I have alternated between  simple blocks, and those that appear to be more complex.  This block would appear more complex.  The next one is simple, then the final block is a little more work.  In fact, I don't think any of these blocks are really hard to make.  Yes, I know, I am quite experience with applique, but still I get stumped with the Mary Mannakee blocks.  They ARE hard!  I am working on one of those at the moment, just to remind myself that I did take on this project, so had better get on with it.

Goth jokes.

I'm so goth I wonder if my dog's collar would look better on me.

I'm so goth I don't use fabric softener, because I like pain.

I'm so goth it takes me an hour and a half to get dressed.

I'm so goth I shit bats.

I'm so Goth in School all my papers were titled "DEATH".

I'm so Goth my nightmares are afraid of me.

I'm so goth my black is blacker than your black. I call it "black black."

I'm so Goth I have a fishnet umbrella.

I'm so goth I ate a Happy Meal . . . because I like to live dangerous.

I'm so goth I was adopted by the Addams family.

I'm so Goth I do normal shopping at Halloween.

I'm so goth, whenever I walk into a room, all the lights go out.

I'm so goth I listen to The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus simultaneously at midnight in a graveyard sitting in a pentagram surrounded by candles & and oh, there's a full moon & and then I die. And then I come back to life. And then I die again & tragically.

I'm so goth I know how to spell Siouxsie & The Banshees correctly.

I'm so Goth I snooze in a coffin.

I'm so goth I wear sunglasses when I open the refrigerator.

I'm so goth a little rain cloud follows me wherever I go and rains on me.

I'm so goth, when I smile people ask me what's wrong.

I'm so goth I scare myself.

I'm so goth I died and didn't notice.

I'm so goth my dog barks, "Bauhaus Bauhaus."

I'm so goth, when I was born the doctor slapped me and I didn't cry.

I'm so goth, when I'm sleeping people come and check my pulse.

I'm so goth I sleep UNDER my bed.

I'm so goth, whenever I knock on somebody's door they give me candy.

You know you're Goth when...

You pay extra for cigarettes that match your outfit.

You wear sunglasses in the produce department at night.

You wear long, velvet coats in the middle of summer.

You buy fishnets and rip them on purpose.

Your combat boots cost more than it takes to feed a third world child for two years.

The shade of powder you wear is called "Sheet Of Paper."

You use black cotton balls.

You fashion your eyeliner after a culture that's been dead over 2000 years.

You paint your fingernails black.

You don't paint my nails black... you bash them with a hammer.

Your purse is large, square and metal with scratches from being kicked on the dance floor.

You could easily blow money in a Halloween Shop.

You could spend all £500 on make up alone.

You avoid fights because it might smudge your make up.

The club you frequent has concocted an original drink called "The Vampire's Kiss."

You wake up still drunk at 3 in the afternoon with anonymous black lipstick on our face.

People can't tell whether you're searching for a missing contact or dancing and nor can you.

The only day you feel normal is Halloween.

Friday the Thirteenth is your lucky day.

You don't know whether the person you're sleeping with is male or female until you're actually in bed with them.

You were rooting for the vampires in From Dusk Til Dawn, Lost Boys, etc.

In School the only crayon you used was black.

The Count was your favorite Sesame Street character as a child.

You watch Sesame Street as an adult just to see The Count.

You can't decide whether Morticia Addams or Lily Munster is prettier.

You decide Wednesday blows them both away.

You think bats are "cute."

You think dead flowers are prettier than live ones.

You think anything dead is pretty.

You think blood is yummy.

You refer to your age in mortal years.

You give yourself the honorary title of Lord or Lady.

You know what a Malkavian is.

You know what a Malkavian is because you've been there, done that.

You dressed as The Crow for Halloween one year.

You have dressed as Death for Halloween.

You would willingly undergo cosmetic dental surgery.

You were disappointed to find out that American Gothic is a portrait of two farmers.

You claim the Chupacabra is a friend/relative of yours.

You own a hearse and don't work in a funeral parlor.

You keep a coffin in the back as "decoration."

You own a rosary that you wear.

Whenever you knock on somebody's door they give you candy.

You wish to name your first born Lestat.

You plan to name your first born after any Anne Rice character.

You didn't know they were characters.

You argue on whether Poppy Z. Brite or Anne Rice has the more realistic view on vampires.

You can debate both sides of that argument.

You've participated in one of those "Do you think Tom Cruise was good as Lestat?" conversations.

You saw Valor on the street, you would throw your large, metal purse at him.

You and your friends enjoy congregating in a local graveyard.

No one you know is buried there.

You and your friends take lengthy drives to visit non-local graveyards.

You know the words to "Cemetry Gates" by The Smiths.

You know who The Smiths are.

You put on The Wake and practice dancing in front of the mirror.

You use lights off the Christmas tree to decorate your room.

You are happy when no one has ever heard of your favorite band.

When someone else "discovers" you're favorite band, you find another favorite band.

Your favorite poem is "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe.

Your favorite poem is "Metamorphosis of a Vampire" by Charles Baudelaire.

You spell Vampire either Vampyre or Vamphyre.

You refer to others as "The Normals".

You refer to your leather-clad brethren as "Those Industrialites" or "Rivet-heads."

Your boyfriend complains that his ribs just don't stick out the way they used to.

Your girlfriend complains that you look better in her black, velvet skirt than she does.

You've been with your significant other for over a year and still wonder what they look like without make up.

You and your boyfriend fight over make up.

You decide to get matching his/hers make up caddies to separate your make up. You smudge your lipstick on purpose to look like Robert Smith.

People ask you to autograph boxes of Count Chocula.

You know what Renfield's Disease is.

Throw a Black Valentine Day party.

You decorate your Christmas Tree with crows and black ribbon.

You wear a mourning veil to your best friends wedding.

You have taken anything on this list personally.

Mini Guide to Vintage shopping.


What technically is Vintage?
Vintage is clothing from another era and classified by decade. Vintage is generally before the 60's, after the 60's is Retro Clothing and anything from the last 20 years is contemporary. Age doesn't always mean vintage, it needs that quality and design to be labeled.

Pre–1901: Fantastic era for everyone; the Victorian period. Look for items described as Renaissance, Regency, Romantic, Victorian, antique, or 1800s. 1901–1919: Designated primarily as Edwardian or WWI, includes embroidered Edwardian blouses and corsets, and garments made of linen and lace.
1920–1938: A time when fashion radically changed, these two decades transitioned from the extravagances and excesses of the Roaring ’20s (the flapper dress and cloche hat) to the more reserved clothing of the Depression era and ’30s.
1939–1946: You can get some glamorous hats from this era and lacy evening wear. Look for items named WWII, ’40s, and glamour.
1947–1964: This era is best for rockabilly out there because of the 50s, early ’60s, and ’60s fashion. Knee-length pleated skirts eventually gave way to miniskirts, mini dresses, and hot pants.
1965–1976: Hippy period, bright colours and psychedelic patterns. Probably have to really look around for items suitable for Goth, best off with accessories and jewellery.
1977–1989: This one is probably the most important to Goths as it's mostly the punk and new wave influence, leather jackets and leather skirts, ripped jeans etc.

Knowing the construction could save you a scam! Just because it says it's Victorian doesn't mean it is. Research the blouses from that era and check the lace patterns for example. And of course check the sellers reputation.

Vintage Clothing Condition.
Mint: An item is as perfect and pristine as when it was originally made and shows no sign of wear (mint condition is rare for vintage clothing).
Near mint: An item shows only the slightest signs of wear.
Excellent: An item shows typical signs of wear due to occasional use.
Very good: An item is considered wearable but has some surface flaws (staining or soiling, for example).
Good: An item is wearable but cannot be returned to excellent condition even if repairs are made.

The older a piece of clothing is, the more likely it will display indications of its age. Signs of wear should be expected. Although condition is crucial, it’s not important for older items. Ask the seller to specify any damage or irregularities the garment may have, don’t rely solely on a condition term if you are unsure of the quality of a garment.

Look at the photos in detail, make sure there's more than one photo and angle. The seller could be trying to hide damage, don't be afraid to ask for more photos if needed. You'll need to ask about odour, specially on old items as you may need to dry clean them. Sellers should list any damage, the size in inches not dress sizes and wear-ability. Check out the working conditions on items such as parasols, if it's going to used you need to check the spokes but if it's folded at the wrist it won't matter.

Black is one of my favourites because it doesn't fade as obviously and it's is widely available, white is one of the most common colours in foundation clothing (eg bloomers). Patterns were more expensive and still are today.

Vintage clothing is from past eras, sizes will vary from decade to decade and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Look at every measurement possible! People had completely different lifestyles and average sized bodies only 20 years ago so don't rely on size alone. It's rarely worth asking for the clothes size unless you know each era's typical size chart, I consider it completely pointless to ask if it's labeled with modern size charts. Seriously I'm a size 6-8 in Next and a size 12 in Jane Norman!

Always go by measurements and know your own off by heart, if you regularly buy vintage clothing then remeasure every month. Majority of the time you only your chest, waist and hips but if you want to be sure an item fits then do a full body measurement. Height, wrists, shoulders, neck,  ribs, arm length, leg length, toe, ankles! Have these wrote down somewhere so if you spot some shoes you like you can quickly check. If a piece of vintage clothing is particularly old it might not withstand stretching so don't take a risk on size if there's a no return policy, unless you're okay to resell it.
Hook and eye closures.
You may of noticed that some vintage items such as aprons have no zippers or neck ties, instead pins was used. Modern zippers, if I'm correct, wasn't invented until 1913 so buttons or hook and eye closures were mainly used before. Don't be surprised if the zipper has being replaced or it's stiff, zippers are a bugger when they're new nevermind several years old.
Care prevents wear.
There's no point buying a vintage item if you're not going to go the extra mile, so don't just bang it in the washer! Follow any instructions listed on the care tag, fabrics such as cottons and polyesters should be hand washed with mild cleansers and to avoid shrinkage and fading air or drip-dry your clothing instead of using a dryer. Wool, silk, delicate or embroidered pieces, suits, and gowns should only be cleaned by trusted professionals. Always remove your garments from the plastic dry cleaning bags before storing. Never hang knits or delicate fabrics and never use metal hangers for any type of vintage clothing, padded hangers only. Keep clothes away from light, smoke, and animal hair. If the items are heavy and older, keep them in acid-free paper and boxes, wool and furs should always be cleaned before storing. In addition to cleaning, many cleaners offer summer storage in ideal conditions for furs. For home storage of wool items, place them in a cool, dry place with mothballs and cedar.

Gothic Hobbies and things to do.

Found via gothbeauty on Tumblr.
If you're looking for new hobbies to suit you or just need something to do this list should help you, feel free to add to it.

Weekend trips and events.
  • Take a trip to Whitby or somewhere significant to you.
  • Take the old fashioned form of travel just for the fun, eg  old steam train and horse carriages.
  • Have a picnic at an old graveyard.
  • Go to the opera, ballet or theatre.
  • Visit old churches or graveyards, art galleries, museums in your town. Learn to appreciate your town's history and talent.
  • Visit historic homes for décor inspiration.
  • Go to events, festivals, gigs and concerts.
  • Look around in antique and vintage shops for furniture decorate your house with.
  • Go camping, complete with music from The Cure.
  • Slip into a used bookshop to admire and possibly buy, they have more character than a new book.
  • Markets and church sales are good for hunting down interesting jewellery, I got a brooch for only 50p in York.
  • Studying photography it can make a real difference to your photos.
  • Teach yourself some arts and crafts to customize clothing or make presents.
  • Learn a musical instrument.
  • Learn another language such as latin.
  • Write and learn poetry.
  • Read classic books (eg Dracula), victorian romanics, comics.
  • Go read a book you never thought you would, even those cheesy romantic ones.
  • Buy some cheap (and possibly dying) roses to paint and print.
  • Learn the basics of flowers, like arranging and discovering it's meaning.
  • Host a dinner party or fancy dress, gives everyone an excuse to get creative.
  • Instead of the cliche halloween fancy dress party, hold a masquerade ball.
  • Organise a Goth meet up for everyone in your area.
  • Host a murder mystery party with everyone in costume!
  • Have a Friday the 13th party.
  • Have at least one day a month to pamper yourself, make clothing, browse stores, etc.
  • Pick out your outfit the day before and put flower petals inside the clothing to make it smell nice.
  • Try making your own beauty products at home.
  • Host a girly weekend with your best friend and do each other's nail varnish.
  • Pick out your own scent, conduct a proper search to find one that suits you!
  • If you have a full fringe then spray on a stencil shape with temporary dye.
  • On a break? Try out new make up ideas when noone will catch you in experimental mode.
  • Buy a wig and actually wear it, you may find yourself changing to suit your new look! It's fun way to experiment with different hair colours.
  • Redesign your room. You could hang photos in vintage frames or have victorian clocks with roman numerals.
  • Decorate your own diary/sketchbook/etc. Eg pressing flowers and adding bows.
  • Create scrapbooks of anything. Eg if you enjoy films create colleges in your scrapbook!
  • Make and decorate albums for your loose photos.
  • Mix your own scent with oils.
  • Victorians did silhouette drawings and hung them in dramatic frames, simple and easy to do yourself.
  • Start a collection of something quirky you love, I personally collect vintage camera.
  • Find a pen pal and meet them!
  • If you require business cards it'll make it personal if you design it yourself.
  • Make your own jewelry and add charms from old necklaces to bracelets.
  • Picking, pressing and dyeing flowers you've picked yourself are a cheap way to create a picture to hang!
  • Build yourself something like a jewelry box or a doll's house.
  • Make your own fancy lattes! Learn how to make pretty shapes in them and buy flavours to add.
  • Planning a wedding or any big event can be hard, but creating your own special scrapbook of inspiration keeps your planning easy.
  • Grave stones can have amazing designs, why not grave rubbing a go?
  • Make use of old boxes by decorating them to use for storing.
  • Cut up out of date calenders and magazines for posters or to put in photo frames.
  • Remix your favorite songs.
  • Make your collages from magazines or set up your own Tumblr for inspiration.
Goth points.
  • Search for more goth themed sites.
  • Write letters instead of emails if you can, sealing them with wax.
  • Try spiking up a deathhawk, even better in the shower.
  • Watch films with Goths and historical films in just for the inspiration.
  • Do some research into Goth, discover the subculture for yourself.
  • Start an online group or community on social sites.
  • Using iron transfers to transform outfits.
  • Try mixing and matching items in your wardrobe you never thought could go.
  • Decorate your lace gloves with beads or your leather ones with tiny patches.
  • Design your own clothes even if you know you never could make them.
  • Use a handkerchief and decorate it.
  • Inspect your wardrobe every few months and make a list of what you need to replace or add. 

Guide to false lashes.

You should experiment to see what works best and is easiest for you. Experiment with some cheap ones until you perfect your look and technique, it took me several times before I perfected the art of false lashes but in the end it was worth it.

Most false lashes are too big for your eyes so measure them against your natural lash line and cut off the excess, too big lashes can actually give the appearance of smaller eyes or cross eyed. False lashes are supposed to frame your eyes and cutting them to suit your own eyes eye makes for easier application.

Apply your make up as normal but add the eyeshadow after the lashes have been applied.  Applying your eyeshadow first will reduce the amount of excess shadow falling on to the lashes and getting stuck on the glue. But you can apply eyeshadow before applying the lashes if you prefer, it depends on how skilled and steady you are. But remember you still have to apply eyeliner to hide the seam of the fake lash. If you have dark coloured lashes you can get away with skipping mascara, but light coloured lashes could be visible so apply mascara beforehand.

Once you've finished your make up you're ready to try applying your lashes. Apply the lash glue to the rim of the lashes and allow the lash glue to dry for half a minute before attempting to apply. This helps it stick the first time and you won't have to hold in place for long. Gently press your fake lashes as close to the lash line as possible and hold for five seconds then release, blink slowly a few times to make sure it won't fall off.

When you want to remove your eyelashes don't rip them off, gently ease them off and take your time. They should come off quite easily but you don't want to take any of your actual lashes with them. You need to clean them before putting them away, use make up remover and gently peel off the excess. Store them safely in a sealed container with your glue.

family + family + more family

.so excited for this weekend.

in a few hours we will be on our way to meet up with ben's {immediate} family to travel to the windy city.  yes chicago.  for a family reunion.  he has a big ol' family & i can't wait to see everyone.  i definitely hit the jackpot when i married into this crowd.  they are a bunch of hilarious, lively & loving people.  though the visit may be brief, i'm certain that it will be fantastic.  don't worry, i'll share as soon as we return.

.some unrelated pretties to hold you over.

Lunch Hour

Sparklz and I went to the new Sunterra Market for our lunch break today. It's become our new favourite lunch spot. It only opened last week and it is completely wonderful!! The best part is that it is so close to our building. There are so many options to choose from.  It's a grocery store but it also has a little restaurant upstairs and all these other fun stations where you can pick up the most amazing lunches. There is a giant pasta, potato, and noodle salad bar, a regular salad bar, pizza, gelato, sandwichs, hot pasta, burgers and so much more. There are even grills on the second floor patio, and yesterday Sparklz and I saw people cooking burgers and barbquing there vegetables!

Yesterday I was having a major shopping crisis. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and I really wanted to purchase a new dress to wear, but the only days that I had anytime to shop were on Tuesday and Wednesday. The last couple of weddings I've gone to I've worn my fall back little black dress, and i didn't want to do that again. I shopped for hours on Tuesday and couldn't find anything in my price range that fit me. It was so disheartening. It is almost impossible for me to find dresses that fit me, and I didn't leave myself anytime for alterations. I was in a panic. Wednesday was my last chance to find something for the wedding, but I was so discouraged from Tuesday that I was dreading going to the mall. I walked in and decided that I would just get something from the first store that I walked into. The store ended up being Jacob. I approached one of the girls in the store and told her that I NEEDED to find something to wear to a wedding, and to just bring me anything and everything. I was willing to try anything they threw at me. I think I tried on every dress and skirt in the store. I finally realized that I needed to get the idea of a dress out of my mind and go for something that I felt comfortable in and that flattered my body. I ended up opting for a high waisted black skirt and a neutral peachy/tan top. I loved the skirt so much that I bought another one is this great teal colour and had to wear it to work today. I know it's summer, but I hate having bare legs at work, so I wear tights all year round.

(tanktop - Wilfred, skirt - Jacob, shoes - Aldo
belt - thrifted, purse - Coach, necklace - custom made in India, tights - gift)

take me?

i have a major hankering to run off to ikea.  ikea is filled with things i can't afford don't need.  i'm incredibly thankful for all the blessings that benny & i have received and recognize that stuff will never bring you joy. 

that being said...window shop, shall we?

i think 1 or 2 of these lil guys would do my living room good!  people have to sit on our floor fairly often {don't judge our lack of seating} and these might be a sweet treat for a sore tush or two.

i don't know where this could go in our home but i like it.  i keep envisioning it in a girly bathroom / dressing room {we have neither}.  if it showed up at my house {hint hint ikea} i'm sure i could find a suitable home for it.

pillow $2.99
i know this is a funky pillow but if you have a little girl or you're funky might need it.  $2.99 are you kidding?  you can't even get a pillow form for that.

i know i shouldn't use the word 'love' loosely but geesh i really really really like this throw blanket. really.

i'm pretty sure i need this throw in every color.  i love stripes. i love blankets.  i love everything cheap.  i love cheap striped blankets.

200 straws $1.99 

such a cute bed!

$6.99 for a 6 pack 

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