Ghost Stories

(jeans and shoes - American Eagle, sweater - TNA, leather jacket - Zara, hat - a little shop in Lethbridge,
leaf necklace - forever 21, heart pendant - kiosk at a women's entrepreneur  event)

Photos by Opheliac

Big Star Day

Yesterday we held the first of our "Big Star Days" at the St Paul's Lutheran Church, McLaren Vale, South Australia.  I arrived at 8.45am for a 9.30 start and found Penny already set up and ready to go.  The sewers arrived bright and early as well.  All very keen!

I was nominated to lead the Lone Star group and Penny was looking after the Blended Star.  Everyone had pre-cutting to do, so we were straight into the stitching.

 The first part of the lone star involves sorting your fabric strips and sewing the strips all together - 6 strips in 3 different combinations.
 Then the strips get cut at 45 degree angle and put back together

 busy working
 Sheridan shows how easy it is - got to get those points matching!
 Helen looks like it is easy as well
 Many different colour choices, but they all look stunning
 this is the Blended Star - made from lots of pre-cut squares and half square triangles. 
 This is Elaine's stunning colour choices
 One segment almost completed
 Penny helping the girls find the right place for their fabrics
 A pink and green star from Elaine (we had two Elaines and 2 Helens on the day)

 So, do you think it is starting to take shape?  Once all the strips are sewn, they go together very quickly
This was the first of our Big Star Days.  There is another on 19th November.  Anyone wanting to join in may still do so as we have a few place.  Email me and we can make arrangements.  The cost of the day is $50 which includes a delicious lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee and cakes.  Yum!  I forgot to take photos of the food.  Darn!

A frilly bedroom chair

A few weeks ago I covered this chair with an airy, frilly skirt and fixed a few ovals on the back rest, sprinkled a few flowers and now it is ready to grace a young ladies bedroom.
I am still busy making the bedcover for the ‘INDEX SHOW’ next week.  I was given lots of nice matching materials to make pillows to decorate the bed with, Toile, stripes, florals oh my!..              I didn’t move from my sewing machine today and will still see it all dancing in my sleep, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

October Inspiration

all photos from via iphone app chicfeed
Here are some more photos that I've collected lately from my iphone app chicfeed. Still loving blazers, sweaters and boots! 

Still in recovery, and not feeling so hot today. I ran out of Percocet and am feeling the pain for the first time. Ugh. Not pleasant. Thank goodness for patient fiances. JP has been a blessing. He has seriously been waiting on my every need. I don't know what I'd do without him. Thanks JP!!

Bedside Blogging

Yesterday I went in for surgery for a deviated septum. I've been avoiding this surgery for about 16 years. When I was in fifth grade a boy in my class decided to show off his ninja moves during recess. Unfortunately during one of his spinning kicks his dr. Marten boots made contact with my face, resulting in me getting knocked unconscious and waking up to a pretty bad broken nose. The next day I was staying home from school and went grocery shopping with my mom. She grabbed some butter out of the cooler. I was standing behind her and as she turned around I got whacked in the face with a block of butter. More unconsciousness, and more damage to my nose. Later we heard back from the doctors saying that I would have to come in and get my nose RE-BROKEN to set it. I refused to have it broken for a third time that week. So basically since then I have only been able to breath through my right side of my nose. Over the last couple of years it's been getting harder to breath and so I decided to finally bite the bullet and get the surgery.

So far I feel like I'm healing pretty well. I just have a few bruises around my eyes and nose, but I can FINALLY breath and I am sooooo happy. I've been saving up some outfit posts from earlier in the week, so hopefully I won't fall too far behind on the blog.

I would just like to say that I appreciate everyone who stops by my blog. Thank you so much, and thanks for listening.

Con la moda se nace, pero también se hace.

Horas y horas de dedicación. Así es como entiendo yo "la moda".

No sirve simplemente con un "me gusta" en Facebook, ser estiloso/a, comprarte el "Cuore", pasarte por "Zara" cada semana y que caiga una de las prendas o tener mucho dinero y comprarte un "sucedáneo de Birkin" porque Victoria Beckham lo lleva y ni tan si quiera sabes la Hª de ese bolso.

La moda es mucho más que "esa tienda", todo empieza por la "trastienda". Años de dedicación, estudios, información, viajes, exposiciones, ferias, investigación, observación, análisis, experiencia y sobre todo, y hablo desde la "experiencia", saber escuchar a todo aquel que trabaja en este mundo y absorber el máximo posible de ellos. Siempre hay alguien mayor que tú que te puede dar sabias lecciones, alguien que te enseñe la urdimbre de doble cabo, qué significa el cuadro tartán, el corte Imperio, un tejido resinado, cómo se confeccionan los chalecos de pelo, el proceso de tinte en los tejidos, envivar una cazadora, la silueta "New Look"... Y todo ello, sumado a tu devoción y a la gran dedicación que conlleva algo tan increíble como la moda, hace que acabes teniendo idea de lo que la palabra significa realmente.

Yo siempre hago el símil de la palabra "MODA" con la palabra "AMOR". Parecen palabras estratégicamente pensadas para que suenen bien, con cierta armonía, bien sonantes, agradables... en el caso de "MODA", ahora "molas" o "eres guay" si te dedicas a éste mundo... sin embargo, sólo el que trabaja dentro del medio sabe realmente lo que es.

Hoy no dedico mi blog a ningún fotógrafo importante, ni ningún diseñador innovador, ni tampoco a ninguna celebrity del momento.. hoy lo dedico a la "dedicación", al "amor al arte" y como no, a todo aquel con el que he tenido la suerte de cruzarme y me ha aportado tanto durante estos años de tan ardua pero gratificante profesión.

Con la moda se nace pero también se hace.


When I teach my classes at shops I take along home baked goodies, such as choc chip cookies,  muffins, cakes.  Last Saturday I took along Florentines.  They are just delicious and so easy to make.  I always get rave reviews.  They are not low fat, or low sugar, or in any way healthy, just enjoyable.
the recipe
3/4 cup of sultanas
2 cups Corn Flakes
3/4 cup unsalted chopped peanuts
1/2 cup red glace cherries
2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
150g dark chocolate melted.
Mix together sultanas, nuts, cherries, corn flakes and condensed milk until well combined.

Make piles about a tablespoon on baking paper.  I do 9 on a tray.  the recipe makes 18.  Pop them into a moderate oven for about 10 minutes until nice and golden brown

Yum!  this is what they look like when they are done.  let them cool on the trays to go firm, for about an hour.

Turn them over and spread melted chocolate on the back.  I melt my chocolate in the micro wave for about 2 minutes, stirring 3 ot 4 times to check it does not burn

Let the chocolate set for a while

Then make wavey lines in the chocolate with a knife.  All done!  Put them in an airtight container and keep in the fridge.

While I was waiting for them to cool I was watching "Food Safari" on SBS TV.  They had an orange almond cake that I want to try.  It has 6 eggs, and 2 whole oranges.  As I have my own hens I always have heaps of eggs.  Looks fabulous!

Happy Hallowe'en

♫ These are a few of my favorite things...

I love all the colours of Shabby Chic and romantic French but I am too chicken to paint my furniture white or cream, I did get my white sofa from IKEA and added lots of pink floral pillows but all the cupboards and tables are like grandmother's brown furniture.
One day I will get the courage to get the paint brush out and start with something unloved to transform, till then I will cover them with French linen.

Heritage Park

Today was our annual retreat at work. We spent the day at Heritage Park doing team building workshops. Here are some photos from the day. The section we were in was called Gasoline Ally. Basically there were just a lot of old cars and gas pumps. I'm not a car person but seeing the old cars was neat. Next time I go I'll have to remember to hit up the antique stores and the candy shop.

ALEXA CHUNG, la nueva "Kate Moss".

Se llama Alexa Chung y a punto de cumplir los 27 años ya tiene un largo camino recorrido como modelo y presentadora de televisión. Responsable de "robarle el trono" a la mejor vestida en 2009 a la mismísima Kate Moss y es que la Chung es mucha "Chung". De madre británica y padre chino, se crió Inglaterra donde no llegó a cursas los estudios que tenía en mente de Inglés o Arte ya que pronto se cruzó la moda en su camino.

Fue portada de revistas como "Cosmogirl" y "Ellegirl" desde bien jovencita y apareció en diferentes anuncios de televisión para marcas importantes. Además participó en varios vídeos
musicales y formó parte de un reality show de la cadena Fashion TV llamado "Shoot me".

A pesar de vivir dentro de todo este mundillo de moda y glamour, Alexa vio que su carrera no era lo que esperaba y quiso "aparcar" esa etapa para formarse en arte y periodismo.

Al poco tiempo su cara empezó a hacerse conocida en televisión gracias a su programa "On with Alexa Chung" que fue cancelado en diciembre del año pasado. En 2008 aceptó colaborar en el desfile de Vivienne Westwood Red Label SS09, volviendo de este modo, de nuevo al mundo fashion. Poco a poco empezó a compaginar sus desfiles y apariciones en anuncios de publicidad con un sueño que toda mujer femenina, glamourosa y que le guste escribir tiene, escribir una columna mensual para la revista británica COMPANY!!!

Actualmente continua su carrera laboral sobre la pasarela y escribiendo una columna semanal para el diaro "The Independent" "Girl about town". Sus rasgos europeos pero con sutiles definiciones orientales la hacen única en las pasarelas y en el mundo real!

Chung promete.

Boudoir chair

This week I had some nice news, the shop where I bring my baby beds and cushions to will have a stand at ‘Dubai Index ‘, which is an Interior design show running from the 8th until the 11th of November.
I was asked if I had time to make a boudoir chair and a bed-cover, a very lacy one of course, and lots of pillows.
Today my hands are itching to make them and I started right away.
The chair is ready… and now I am busy with the quilt cover.

I will make lots of photo's at the show and post them all.
Have a nice day.

baby, baby, baby ooohhhh

you may have heard this song before.

but have you met our friends?  they love babies & biebers alike...
{yes this is what our friends are really like}

and i don't know this gentleman but since he has given me hours of enjoyment and because he obviously has a love for babies as well he had to be included...

do you see a theme?, baby, baby ooohhhh...