Circuit Rider's Quilt Blocks 17 & 18

It takes me about 3 evenings to do one of these blocks.  The first night I draw it on the fabric, the second night I do most of the back-basting, and the 3rd night I sew it in place. 
 This block, I basted the leaves in place, then appliqued them.  Next part I pasted the stem and appliqued that.  Finally I put the flowers in place.  Only tricky bit is the internal points of the flowers and getting those triangle bases to look right.
This was so easy!  I basted the leaves in place, appliqued them, then put the centre over top of the bases.

I have only 6 blocks to go to complete the 24 in total for the Circuit Rider's BOM, and to fulfill my 30 blocks I want to make the quilt complete. There are 6 blocks I have made that are not in the book.

The 6 blocks are all chosen, and I think I had better do something a little more complex for the next one, or I will fall into a false sense of security.

Prada Spring/Summer 2011

La perfecta campaña publicitaria de Prada para Spring-Summer 2011 me deja, a parte de en estado de shock, enamorada.

My unisex checked shirt.

Después de décadas y décadas en las que la mujer tenía que lucir vestidos super estrechos luciendo una cintura de infarto, la actual moda en la que todo es realmente "oversize" hace que las chicas nos sintamos mucho más libres! Esta es el momento de poder ponerte la ropa de tu "chico", cuanto más oversize mejor! Y si no es tu chico, puede ser tu cuñado, como es mi caso!! Sin saberlo ambos nos habíamos comprado la misma camisa de franela de cuadros en Pull&Bear! Llevaba tiempo buscando una camisa así pero no había forma de encontrarla tal cual la quería en ninguna de las secciones de "chica-mujer" así que divagando por la sección de chico encontré esta camisa, y es FANTÁSTICA, mi total look para días desenfadados!

La alfombra roja de los Golden Globe Awards

El pasado 16 de Enero se celebraron en Los Ángeles los "Globos de Oro", la pre-ceremonia a la famosa noche de entrega de los "Oscars".

Me quedo con los siguientes vestidos de la esperada "alfombra roja", ordenados, bajo mi punto de vista y gusto personal, de más a menos! Ahí va:

1. Angelina Jolie de Atelier Versace.

2. Olivia Wilde de Marquesa.

3. Emma Stone de Calvin Klein.

4. Eva Longoria de Zac Posen.

5. Nicole Kidman de Prada.

6. Anne Hathaway de Giorgio Armani.

7. Megan Fox de Armani Privé.

8. Claire Danes de Calvin Klein.

9. Catherine Zeta Jones de Monique Lhuillier.

10. Natalie Portman de Viktor & Rolf.

11. January Jones de Versace.

12. Tilda Swinton de Jil Sander.

13. Lea Michele de Oscar de la Renta.

14. Mila Kunis de Vera Wang.

cookie (lollipop) monster

i made cookies on saturday night. chocolate chip from the bag. i made the dough in my kitchenaid, and while the first batch was in the oven i went into the bedroom to work on my Valentines. i went back into the kitchen when the timer went off. and pulled the delicious golden perfection cookies out. i smiled lovingly at them. then i scooped them off the baking sheet and onto a plate June Cleaver-style. then i grabbed the spoon to scoop new little balls of dough onto the baking sheet. as i went to grab my first scoop of dough, i noticed a shiny piece of pink in the dough. i inspected it closely. i took it out of the dough and stared at it. then, from the other room i heard a "crunch." i walked out into the family room and found JJ on the couch watching sports and eating a lollipop.

no, this is not my real life.


"JJ, did you sneak into the kitchen and eat some cookie dough?"

"yeah, he he he, it was so good!"

"JJ, by any chance, did you dip your lollipop IN the cookie dough"

"...uh. well, yeah."


just please.

Afternoon by the Lake

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Dallas. Almost 75 degrees F. And it's still January! However, we are maybe going to have snow in a couple of days, so I guess winter's not over yet!

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather by going for a walk. Even though we live in the middle of the city, we are lucky that there is a lovely lake nearby with a walking/biking trail all around it. We haven't taken advantage of the lake as much as we should yet, but I'm hoping it will become a regular part of our lifestyle as we get used to Texas living. Here are some of the photos I took on this beautiful January day. Enjoy!


Adoro despertarme por la mañana, abrir mi cómoda blanca impoluta y ESCOGER qué accesorio me pongo para cada día. Suelo ser bastante minimalista en lo que a cantidades de accesorios me pongo. No suelo llevar pendientes porque los veo demasiado "cargantes" para el tipo de estilismo que suelo llevar a diario así que opto o bien por pulseras grandes o varias de distintos colores y texturas o algún collar llamativo o sinó solamente algún anillo grande acompañado de mi "Casio" dorado o plata, según la ocasión.

Nach Deutschland

Cada vez me gusta más viajar, y como nunca sabes lo que te va a deparar la vida, hay que aprovechar las oportunidades que salen. Esta vez, destino Alemania.

Pensando que nos íbamos a quedar en Düsseldorf, y tras un pequeño cambio de planes, decidimos que al menos había que acercarse a ver el Rin, hacer fotos de la torre, y beber cerveza (¡cómo no!) en la ciudad vieja.

Desde allí, en dos horitas en tres te plantas en Aquisgrán, que tiene una catedral espectacular. La anécdota del día fue no pagar por entrar, sino por hacer fotos. Pero merece la pena tener fotos como esta:

Pasear por sus calles también merece la pena, aunque haga frío. La sensación de estar tranquilo, y viendo maravillas de la arquitectura, es definitivamente todo un lujo.

Lo más impactante lo encontramos en Colonia, con una catedral impactante a la que casi daba vértigo mirar: desde abajo, desde arriba, y a lo lejos. 

Un edificio impresionante que domina la ciudad, y en la que no dejas de ver detalles que te llaman la atención.

Y no sólo disfrutamos del arte, aprendimos cosas nuevas, como el origen del Agua del Colonia.

Degustamos "platos típicos" alemanes, con la currywurst como plato estrella, y nos dio tiempo, cómo no, a comprar alguna lanita de recuerdo. 

Are Drac in a Box scammers?

I've being thinking about buying a net skirt recently, after some Googling I found myself on Drac in a Box again. I have viewed this site before and I was put off by the very high VAT, I once tried ordering a few items from them but the final total was extremely high. Plus I found their shipping prices and the waiting time very unappealing, they charge you upon order but this doesn't necessarily mean the product is ready. However while I researching the company I discovered mass amounts of negative information.

Majority of the reviews are negative or positive, it's very hit and miss. Here is a list of things I've read about this company:
  • Customers didn't receive the order even though they paid for it, including shipping.
  • Products arriving weeks late.
  • Slow responses, unless you threaten them with legal action.
  • General bad customer service.
  • Bad quality products.
  • Product described wrongly.
  • Wrong size product sent.
  • Don't refund the customer, despite the products been returned to them.
  • The company tries to bribe the customer with a gift voucher or free product upon complaint.

Also, they claim their products are made to order but to be frank I've seen some of their products on other websites. For a cheaper price and ready to be shipped. Don't assume everything on their website is personally made by them because it's not.

I am bemused that I almost checked out an order once. I wouldn't recommend this company and I suggest you give it a miss, please pass this information on.

I have recently being contacted by the new owner of Drac in a Box in the comment section of this post..

"Nicole Adams.
I have just taken over as the new owner of Drac-in-a-Box two weeks ago. I am very aware that the company used to have a bit of a bad reputation for not getting orders to costumers on time. I promise you all now, as the new owner, all orders will be shipped to costumers as soon as the order is received (unless the item is made to order then it will be shipped as soon as it is made). I am also working on dropping the prices as I know that currently the prices are far to high for the average goth.

I would be so, so grateful if you could remove this post about Drac-in-a-Box from your blog because it is hugely damaging the image of my new business. I'm sure you would agree that any new business owner deserves a chance to prove themselves.

Love and Darkness

My response:
"Thank you for contacting me with this new information, however I won't be removing this post. I stand by the reviews and my own opinion. It shouldn't be taken down and brushed under the carpet because of a new owner, this is the consequence of taking over a company that has treated its customers badly.

I understand that you may resent the reputation as the new owner but it is a reputation the company itself deserves, I'm glad you're making some changes though. I appreciate you asking kindly so I'll be rewriting the post to make it better quality and include that you're the new owner."

I stand by my response and everything I originally wrote, I haven't being contacted since.

Antique Sampler and threads

I just finished the latest 8 blocks of this project.  I now have 40 finished!  they are so easy to make, and I am really enjoying playing with the colours.
This is the latest - 4 of two different blocks.  One is English Paper Pieced and one is appliqued

Something interesting I found out while I was appliqueing these blocks.  They all have different colours, and it is darn annoying changing needles or threads all the time.  I found that I really only need one thread!  I am using the Aurifil thread in the colour Fern..  It blends with everything.  I even tried it with the black, red and dark blue - you can't see it.  Not sure it would stand up to judging if there was a really picky judge doing the rounds, but I am happy not to have to keep changing.

Here are all my fniished blocks - 40 of them. They are so addictive, that I have to ration my time with them, so I can get a few other things, like the Cherry Tree Blocks and the Circuit Rider done

There are still 2 places left in the Antique Sampler BOM, and the Circuit Rider is ongoing.

Email me at or visit the website.

I am also working on a new scrap quilt for my collection,  As I drag out an old piece of fabric for the scraps, I also cut a 7" piece for the sampler blocks, saves time, and I get to re-vist all my old fabrics.