Hacía tiempo que quería probar el fair-isle, y no había nada mejor que este proyecto para hacerlo.
Con restos de lanas, para intentar rebajar el alijo salió un gorrito muy apañado que, por desgracia, me queda pequeño. 
 Pero como no hay mal que por bien no venga, me doy más que por satisfecha. El proyecto ha tenido también sus puntos buenos: he aprendido una técnica nueva (y he descubierto que es más fácil de lo que pensaba), he regalado el gorro (y a su destinataria le ha gustado tanto que no se lo quitó en toda la tarde), y he terminado el segundo proyecto de 2011.

Cupcake Cookies

For anyone who was wondering how my cookies-masquerading-as-cupcakes
turned out (my mom was!), here they are!

cute cupcake cookies

And with the pearlie pink treatment:

cute cupcake cookies

I think they turned out pretty enough to eat!

Update: I bought the cookie cutters from Crate & Barrel. They came in a set of 2 - a larger cupcake and a smaller cupcake. I probably bought them a year or so ago, but I just checked and they are still available online, so they are probably still in stores too!

Cesar Chavez

dress: Lush, socks: Nord, boots: BCBG, sweater: Macy's

LOL- Cleo on the lookout. this pic is dark so sorry, but it was the best one. you should see the outtakes. i srsly look APPALLING.

on the way to work this morning i saw a dead orange cat on the road. it was so sad and really gross. i felt sick. then later i was driving with my legs while i fixed my ponytail and the ponytail holder flung out of my hand and fell on the ground on the passenger side. i had to drive WHILE searching for the ponytail holder. it was quite dangerous. and THEN when i got to work, i went in the bathroom to tinkle. when i was finished and washing my hands i was like OMFG L C'MON!!!! i was totes nippin out. i guess i should have worn a real bra instead of a training bra. but seriously. i hope that this group of 3 bad things happening is the end. bc bad days are NOT COOL and also NOT WELCOME.

on another note, i ordered gonzaga sweatshirts for me and JJ for this weekend. BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO VEGASSSS for the wcc basketball tournament. i'm in a difficult position on trips like these because i'm married. you see, my gal pals from college are all unattached and got a fabulous room to share at the Cosmopolitan. so it's not like me and JJ could room with them. AWKWAAAARD. and Rah and Nebular are going too, but they are rooming with Rah's parents. can't stay with them either. so you can see that we were in a pickle. SO, JJ thought he would solve the problem on his own. MEANING HE BOOKED US A ROOM AT THE TROPICANA. WITH HIS FRIEND PLOU. therefore, i am staying at a scroungy hotel (did i just make that word up? i feel that it describes the tropicana perfectly: SK-ROWN-GEE adj. "crummy, trashy, looking like a Golden Girls themed room, smelling of old macaroni and stale armpit sweat.") so there you have it. i'm sharing a scroungy room with two men. how did i lose? HOW?!?!

i also learned today that we get March 25 off work. because it is "Cesar Chavez Holiday" wtf? i asked about this and my coworkers said that the school is trying to be more diverse. so instead of getting Lincoln or Washington's birthday off, we get Cesar Chavez. LOL. but hey, A DAY OFF IS A DAY OFF! i salute you, Cesar. thnx man.

support the ryder's {TEAM LIBBY}

if you've come here to learn more about supporting the ryder's, WELCOME & please check out this {EARLIER POST} & definitely watch the video.
a HUGE, GIGANTIC, ABOUNDING, GNORMOUS THANK YOU to all those wonderful bloggers out there who sent you here to learn about the Ryder's, their story & how to support them.  words cannot describe how much that means.

--more than anything our hope is that their lives would be an encouragement to you.  please see libby, justin & ava's full story {HERE}.  lymphoma has changed their lives & i believe their story may change yours.
--if you would like to run in the music city marathon please email ang at angposton@gmail.com.  ben & i will be there cheering you all on!
--please see the chip in on the right side of the screen to support the ryder's financially via paypal.  all proceeds go directly to the family to cover medical bills.

sundays with the hungover housewife

presenting...the new weekly installment! (there will actually be one more installment starting tuesday!) as you know, i'm a bit piss poor at domestic duties. so i thought i'd let you all into my home to show you what life is like as the Hungover Housewife:

there once was a housewife named L. she used to think cleaning was Hell.
to make her life fine, she added some wine,
and thus her torment was quelled.

see L clean. see L scrub counter. see L multitask while cleaning.

see L drink wine while cleaning. see L smile very brightly while cleaning. see L being top notch dog mom while cleaning.

see L make cleaning fun: tap dancing in slippers *tap*tap*

see L acknowledge the sound of the completed dishwasher cycle >beep<
see L get irritated because of extra-tough spot on counter. scrub harder, L! --scrub--scrub--
button-down pajama shirt: VS, robe: TJ Maxx, Uggs, wine: Fresh & Easy $1.99

tune in next sunday for more adventures in domesticity with the Hungover Housewife!

Sometimes it's the simple things

The last few days I have been in a bit of a funk. I have so many things I want to work on, but don't really feel like doing any of them. Last night I decided that the best solution would be to make cupcake-shaped cutout cookies while listening to the soundtrack from the Ken Burns documentary Mark Twain (don't judge!).

Soothing, old-timey music, paired with a deliciously repetitive task handed down by women through the ages seemed to do the trick.

Rolling out cookie dough makes me smile, because my rolling pin is so beautiful. My dad made it for me on his lathe as a wedding gift. He made the cutting board in the photo, too and that gets a lot of use, along with some wooden cooling racks. My favorite is the rolling pin, though. . . so smooth and perfect, made from glowing red cherry (my favorite kind of wood). I cried when I unwrapped the box, it was so beautiful. It occupies a place of honor in my kitchen.

When Etsy spotlights artists on the front page, they always ask what the artist's favorite handmade item is. Mine is probably my rolling pin. So simple. But everytime I use it, I think of the love that went into it. And that love makes my cookies turn out just perfect.

beautiful handmade wooden rolling pin


How to organise your wardrobe in ten steps.

I'm always clearing out my room because it's so tiny and I hate junk taking up the little space I have, it's nice to have a wardrobe full of things to wear and I feel much fresher afterwards! The perfect time to clean just about anything is Spring, I know it's only March but it'll be raining blossom before you know it. Besides clothes appear to breed when you don't organise your wardrobe, no really go look now and you'll see they're already at it!

Step 1.

Decide how much clearing out you're going to do, it's best to do in sections otherwise you'll get confused and frustrated. Plus it's much easier to feel good afterwards even though you've only done half a bag ;)

Step 2.
Create three bags called Charity (to donate to charity obviously), Sell (items you wish to sell on) and Bin (items beyond donating or selling). Make sure these are clearly labelled because it's a real bugger when you accidently put an item in the wrong bag and have to empty it, it stresses me out just thinking about it. If you can then use different coloured bags and put them in different corners of the room.

Step 3.
Choose your rail/box/wardrobe and start small.

Step 4.
Try on everything and mix with other outfits to see the potential. You can chuck anything you hate into one of the piles, in fact why didn't you do it sooner? Even try on things you like and be honest with yourself, do you actually wear it and does it suit the rest of your wardrobe? How long has it being since you wore it? Is it damaged? And if so would you repair it? If you're unsure whether you would want to wear it again then let it go, you'll probably find something similar in future.

Step 5.
If you want to sell or donate something then check the condition, there's standards and to be honest it could have being ages since you last looked at it. Turn it inside out and hold it up to the light, you're looking for flaws such as fading; stains; bobbling and consider what condition you would want an item to be in when you buy it.

Step 6.
Fold away any items into the bags, it allows more room. Also pop a scented soap bar in to prevent moths and give your clothes a pleasant scent.

Step 7.
Now you need to organise what's left, pull out everything and sort into clothing type. Start with one type and colour code it if you can (although mines more shades of black and grey) then move onto the next type, if you can then tie a ribbon inbetween the sections or use different coloured hangers. If you have a big enough wardrobe you can sort it into casual or smart and the season, lucky you! Although if it's Summer I recommend storing your Winter coats where moths can't nom them.

Step 8.
Consider how to organise your accessories, there's plenty of ways to store and display them. I have a antique coat stands purely for hats and use a jewellery tree to hang my necklaces off. Think outside the box! I use a cute pillow to display my brooches and use old jewellery boxes to create sections in my drawers, it's annoying when I have to hunt through it to find a tiny ring.

Step 9.
Hanging organisers are perfect for storing your shoes without taking up much room or you could nail a ribbon to your wall and tie your shoes up, I only do this for my shoes with heels (otherwise there's nothing to tie onto!) and make sure they're clean.

Step 10.
Now it's all clean and organised you can now consider decorating but that's for another day, now you can give yourself a big pat on the back/hot chocolate/new pair of boots for hard work.

Swirls of Chocolate...

Today's project: to make a boudoir stool and use the colours, brown, light blue and lavender/purple.
This is what I came up with, the brown Indian raw silk looks like swirls of chocolate on top of the sky blue cotton material.

The flowers look pink in this picture but are actually light purple and I found fake lavender to make a little bouquet with purple striped ribbon.

Here you can see I used very little sky blue lace, no lace she said!... This is the minimum, I can not go below that....

I was given these three panels of floral material and had to make pillows using them.

My daughter who lives in France with her husband and their two little girls are coming on Wednesday,
I'm so exited and happy to have my daughter and grand-daughters come home, I see them about twice a year and the little ones are growing up so fast.
My son in law will come two weeks later.
The weather in Dubai is now perfect to go to the beach and parks, my granddaughters are real water babies, like their mother..
So after Wednesday all my pictures will be of babies!!!

Today I will be linking up with  Amaze me Monday
                                                   Metamorphosis Monday
                                            and  Making the World Cuter

new york, new york {part 1}

did i go on one heck of an adventure! my friend turned co-worker, jules, had a show with one of our favorite customers {young life} and i got to go with her.  i mean if i can tell you a perfect job scenario...this is 100% it.  two really great friends sent to one of the most fun cities {NYC baby!} to 'work' {i promise we did} and have so much fun together selling to the organization that we love & do ministry with.  ay ay ay already!  whenever i'd catch up with ben he'd just say "you girls, you're on the biggest adventure."  and it was so true.

if you know us i'm sure you can imagine julie and i running all over the city in the windy cold, on subways, and trains and in and out of shops and restaurants {jules leading the way of course because i could get lost in my closet}.  if you're my mom you were probably afraid for me the whole time.

we flew into newark a day before our presentation to ensure that we'd be there in time in case of delays etc.  i had been in chicago for about an hour when the sun finally came up.  it was real early.  we got to newark around noon, picked up our bags, rental car and proceeded to *try* to make it to our hotel which was less than a mile from the airport.  you could see it from the airport.  but the stinkin' roads were ridiculous.  round and round we went, on ramp, off ramp, on ramp, last exit before toll, off ramp...it literally took us about 15 minutes to go our 1 mile.  this happened more than once.  after checking into the hotel we got the run down on the area from "nigel" {what i believe to be the fake name given to us by our concierge}.  after getting settled we headed to newark penn station, tried to park in a garage...everyone was parked on top of each other, we got confused and scared & gave our keys to a stranger who said "i'll take care of it."  thanks ishmael!

from newark penn we headed to new york penn {really you had to pick such similar names?} and then...we arrived!  nyc - here we are!  we tried to track down some original ny pizza but i'm pretty sure we got a knock off sbarro essentially.  we wandered and shopped.  h&m was a hit.  a 3 story hit.  we wandered some more.  made our way to times square which was unbelievably bright.  soooo bright.  we stopped at a booth selling discount theatre tickets.  it kind of seemed like a deal but after finding that the discounted ones were still between $60 & $130 we decided against it.  we rode the subway {...interesting?} to soho and wandered little italy.  a man who called himself 'the italian bear' while wearing a giant fur coat ushered us into his restaurant.  scary?  maybe.  but it was nice and the food was yummy.  after walking about 30 blocks we made our way back to penn station to come home for the night.  it had become bitterly cold and our dogs were barkin'.
for you project runway fans out there...

i think that it went well.  they invited us to eat dinner with them which was so kind and fun and then we were off again.  ps...pushing rolling racks full of clothes around a hotel makes you look silly and everyone judges you for bringing so much crap overnight.  i just wanted to tell everyone we passed "these aren't ours people" as they oogled.  i'm sure they were thinking..."how can two girls need so many brightly colored s/s tees?  who hangs all their t-shirts on rolling racks?"  embarrasing.  buuuuuuut, more embarrassing things can happen.  we wanted to celebrate with a dip in the hot tub {which turned out to be a warm tub} but i brought a bathing suit and no cover up and jules brought neither.  so she put on some of our least favorite garments from the show {including a youth medium tee and running shorts} and sadly both of us had on our fuzzy boots.  we looked ridiculous.  i just hoped that no one would know we were from ky.  that would just make it worse.  

we had planned originally to leave nj wednesday afternoon but we knew by tuesday morning that our flight had been cancelled due to the blizzard that was hammering chicago.  we were flying with american and sadly their two hubs are chi & dallas so we were really in a pickle to find that dallas was also covered in snow & ice & that it wasn't letting up.  not to mention that super bowl weekend was on its way so everything that wasn't canceled was booked & booked.  we slept in & then started our day...a really fun day.  i'll save that for part 2.

my camera died right about here...so i'm hoping jules will send me her shots soon.

tuesday was our big day.  the presentation.  i think we woke up late so we didn't get our continental breakfast.  i really wanted to eat a bundle of free waffles so that was disappointing, but i digress.  we loaded up all our things for our two hour drive through lots of snowy road and 3 different states.  we went to lake champion {my very first summer camp camp}.  we made it unscathed with just minutes
to spare before speaking.  we had hoped to be there sooner but you know what they say...

Quilt Basting - a bit more on the subject

Liz asked about piecing the back.  I do not pay a lot for my fabric, but I buy good quality fabric.  I scout the discount stores and pay around $5 to $10 for backing fabric.  The one on the back of this quilt is a Red Rooster Fabric, "In the Time of Toile" from the Shelbourne Museum.  Cost me $8 a metre.  Guess other people thought it was ugly!  You can see the whole range here Red Rooster  Lots of lovely ugly fabrics.  I love them!  Mine is the gold with the brown/red kind of flowers.

Anyway, I bought 5 metres, and had the shop assistant cut it into two equal lengths for me.  I turned the print around the right way, and stitched the long sides together about 1/2" in from the selvedge.  I then cut the selvedge off, and pressed the seam open.  Pressed the whole back as well the get any creases out.

That selvedge I place upper-most on the table, right down the centre.  So, that is a good guide for me to start placing the batting and the top.

Now that it is morning, and I am still in my pyjamas, I might as well go and put a few more stitches in before it gets too hot to do it.

Quilt Basting

With my husband away, it was a good opportunity to get my quilt basted.  There are various methods and ideas about what is right and wrong in the basting stakes.  I don't know all the rules, but I can show you what works for me.  When I am going to hand quilt, I can either baste by safety pins or by threads.  In the end I don't think it makes any difference to the result, but there are a few reasons why I wanted to thread baste this one.

I think it is easier on the hands to thread baste, rather than safety pins, and you also don;t have to take them out as you move the hoop.  Just cut the threads and pull them as you move along.  It is also light to handle, if you are working on a large quilt.  Mine is 74" square which is large enough to handle.

I lay the backing on the not so large dining table and secure it with bulldog clips all around.  The batting is then layed on top and smoothed down, patted - not stretch.  Put the quilt on top, and smooth down again.  Don;t stretch it.  The quilt is larger than the table so it falls down all the sides, and that kind of stretches it anyway.

I tack with these big fat needles and crochet thread or candle-whicking thread.  I pick them up from garage sales or markets when I see them cheap

I cut off pieces of thread the whole length I want to baste, and start in the middle and work out. The basting is done about 6" apart, up and down the length of the table, then across.  If the quilt is over the edge of the table, I just let the thread hang loose.  Later on I can move the quilt and re-thread and finish off that piece.
Just let them hang over the side.  When all the centre is finished, you can un-clip the backing, and move it over to one side.  I pull up the sides of the quilt, toss the clips into the centre, move it right over to one side, and then clip again.  Pat down and smooth the batting and the quilt top.  Re-thread the needle with the thread ends and start tacking again.

I started this about 7pm and had it 3/4 finished by 8.30.  The rest I can finish in the morning.  Much easier than crawling about on the floor, don't you think?

The wedding dress

Today I can post a picture of the wedding dress, isn't it pretty?
I love the colours, so romantic.
A few posts ago I showed you the brides-maids baskets and accessories and today the dress.
I wish I could make such a wonderful gown, the only ones I make are for babies and little girls.

we are SO LA

jeans: Joe's Jeans, top: J.Crew, sweater: BCBG, mary janes: Target, belt: F21, scarf: gift from Rah

good morning friends. i'll just lean casually against my fireplace mantle and consequently look like a large idiot.

but that's my favorite pink chair. i just adore it.

it's pouring rain outside. POURING. like c'mon! we live in californiaaaaaaaa gimmie some sunnnnn!

confession: i was late to work this morning because i stopped at McDonald's to shove an egg and cheese biscuit and a hashbrown down my hatch. WHOOPS. i mean, sometimes it has to be done.

this morning was a morning in which i felt as thought i had nothing to wear. even though i have plenty to wear. today i wanted to wear my pink petticoat and my new skull tee. but i can't just waltz into work wearing that. so i wore this outfit. nothing too creative. just a little cute. that's also conservative and appropriate for work (DID YOU KNOW EVERYONE WEARS JEANS ON FRIDAY?! SO THRILLED)

today i put my pandora on "90s" and have literally been ROCKIN OUT to gems like:

1. DON'T SPEAK no doubt
2. SAVE TONIGHT eagle-eye cherry
3. ONE WEEK barenaked ladies
4. JUMPER third eye blind

i mean HOW JEALOUS ARE YOU RIGHT NOW!? i even stood up and used an air microphone during one chorus of don't speak, because Gwen is the greatest, obviously. thank GOD my office is a nook/cave so no one can see me.

tonight we are going to LA. which is a big deal. because usually on fridays we are home and cozy. but tonight my good friend Curly Tyler's band is performing. at 11 p.m. no less. so JJ and i are going to be cool. REALLY COOL. we are going to put on our cardigans and grab our canes and head on over to Westwood for dinner and then going to the Room 5 Lounge to watch Curly Tyler and his band play. we are SO LA.

the work study student working in the office today has wet hair and is hunched over his desk looking miserable. and he smells of stale liquor and sweat. ah, college.

so here we are.

today is an interesting day.  an interesting end to an interesting week.  i've basically felt like i'm losing my mind for the last 14 days or so.  i've had a lot of fun, had blessed conversations, seen God at work and i've also felt defeated and down, tired, & ill.  kind of not like myself.  this is not a pity party.  i know people go through much harder things than what i have to deal with...its just an 'interesting' time.

in much more fun news...

tonight new young life leaders are getting placed in our area!  so exciting.  a bundle of friends will be embarking on a mission to go out an love high school & middle school students over the next few years {or longer}, going in to their mess and showing them where real life can be found.  to think about the ways that God is going to grow them through it and the ways he'll use their efforts and faithfulness give me butterflies.  i pray that he would use this group of people to advance the kingdom.  what an exciting day!  {i'm gonna try and take pictures, whether or not i can get them loaded on the blog is another story...i'm still sorting that out}

i hate to re-post things that my friends have already seen but this has literally been on repeat on my computer for the past week.  i just simply LOVE it.  you'll love it too.  you need to listen.  it's like a love song, but not a ballad.

and because it's friday and maybe you like funny things...

ps.  i wish i had long hair again.
the end.

Hand Quilting - a few things I found out along the way

To get a quilt hand quilted in a time frame, I need to be consistent.  I have given myself 3 months to get the sampler quilt done.  If I do 2 hours every day it will be done.  When I use to go to work (prior to Sept '10) I only did my hand work at night after dinner.  So I would thread up my Clover Needle holder with the 10 needles and threads before I went to bed each night.  The next night after 7pm, I would be ready to go.  I would do the 10 threads, and put it down.  If I got a bit bored with the quilting, I would do some piecing or applique to break it up.

I did get a very sore hand and elbow at one time, and since then have resorted to help.  Just under my elbow I wear the same strap as the tennis players to help the tendon.  You can buy them at the Chemist.  On my hand I wear a Handeze glove.  I saw these gloves being demonstrated at the Sydney quilt show one year, and I just had to try them myself.  After using them for a year, I decided I would sell them myself. Anyone with hand pain fine they are wonderful. 

I also use longer needles for hand quilting, so I can get more stitches on the needle at a time.  I prefer Clover Patchwork Needles in a size 9.  I use them for all sorts of work, not just the quilting.  They are strong, and last a long time.

Looking back over this post, it looks like an advertisement!  I can tell you that when I started up my website I maintained that I would not sell anything that I had not used myself, and thought to be good quality.  I have stuck to that idea.

I hope to baste the quilt this weekend, and get cracking.  BTW, I only ever use one colour of quilting thread.  That is YLI Ecru.  I played around with different colours, on different backgrounds, but found that you could hardly ever see the colour anyway, so stuck with the Ecru.  Try out a few different colours and see what you think.

Will keep you posted on the quilting.  Have not even thought about the design yet - guess I will just wing it, as usual!

Cleopatra's Cupcake

my mom bought her grandpuppy a doggie cupcake last weekend. i had to document the little princess while she enjoyed her treat. she's the cutest dog ever in the whole world. eeeeee!!!

the cupcake!

little sniffs to make sure it's legit.

so thrilled she doesn't even know what to do. i love this one because she looks like a show pony prancing around on the couch. LOL

get it.

crunchin' tough. look at her teeeeth hahahaha

no crumb gets left behind

lickin' chops. DELISH!

awk in the office

dress: i heart ronson, tights: stolen from mother-in-law, socks: Rodarte for Targie, shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's

i was running latex10000000 this morning. sooo....PRESENTING MY OFFICE NOOK!! and let me tell you how awkward i was taking these pics: MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. i took them on my lunch break and i had to turn the sound off my camera so that people wouldn't think i was some sort of self-obsessed humor fashion blogger or some shiz. i shut my blinds and i silently took like 8 shots and literally THREE seconds after i was finished, someone came to my desk. he saw me looking at my camera and he got all weird like, "oh, i, uh...are you on your lunch break? i...justprintedthisoutforyou" and threw a piece of paper in my face before fast-walking away from me. he is a strange man to begin with. i don't even want to think about what would have transpired if he had caught me taking those pics. ---AND OH SHIT HE JUST CAME BACK TO MY DESK. i mean really guy, like, give a girl some time to blog on her lunch break. ghoddddd.

i'm fluffing my hair is 2/3 shots because my hair is driving me bananas. srsly. SO ANNOYED because i need to get it done sooooo bad. it feels so flat and dullllll. OH GUESS WHAT?! I HAVE A HAIR APPT RIGHT AFTER WORK. BOOM. she's a brand new girl, the gals at work recommended her. but...all the gals at work have dark hair. i'm praying my hardest to The Virgin M that she can do blonde.

can't wait to watch all the goodness of thursday night television. also, have been looking HIGH AND LOW for black paper bag waist trousers. CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE UNLESS I WANT BRIGHT YELLOW ONES.

PS have you seen Moon's fashion blog? it's very edgy and crazy--just like her. AND she's doing a GIVEAWAY! a piece of jewelry that she made all by herself. good stuff. give her some love.

How to shop safely online.

Majority of my wardrobe is online purchases and surely window shopping online is considered a hobby by now? If you live in certain areas it can be specially difficult to find anything remotely suitable and more websites tailored to the Goth fashion are popping up, it's no longer as expensive and even vintage can be found cheaply online. But despite the brilliant lack of queues and grumpy sales people there are some hidden dangers, your are at risk of card fraud every single time you shop online. I had a serious scare last year despite being incredibly safe with my card and ever since I've being very suspicious, I'm offering you these tips and hope you think about them every single time you shop online. No matter how many times.

Find and read at least ten reviews.
It's even more important to check for reviews if you've never used the website before but sometimes regular customers can be victims, Google the website name or use these sites; Review Centre, Free Index, Site Jabber, Squidoo, Dooyoo. I understand that when a website stocks your dream dress it can seem worth the risk, but please take any negative reviews seriously.

Check the location.
Just because it's got co.uk in the address doesn't mean it's based in the UK, if it's not you could be risking custom fees and high price shipping. And to be honest if anything goes wrong you need to know the exact address, you can't just say Buuhhh planet Earth? Find the address and phone number, if you're unsure then email them and ask for further details. Never buy from anyone with just a telephone number.

Does it offer encryption facility?
This is a secure form of paying and usually features a padlock, a Paypal account offers extra safety and always sign up to other security your bank can offer you. Also, does the "http" have a S in it? This is a very quick and easy thing to check so no excuses.

Use credit over debit if possible.
Credit cards offer more security online rather than a debit card, it's not the end of the world if you don't own one though. If your order was over £100 and it goes wrong then your credit card company will reimburse it.

Check the total.
One of my orders once went five pounds over what I considered to be the total, I thought I had four pounds left in my bank account and it's a good job that I checked otherwise there would have being an embarrassment at Tesco. Look out for tax, delivery and packaging charges.

Save everything!
Save all emails received or print screen as evidence, if possible you should print out.

Delivery and shipping.
Make sure they use a shipping service with a good reputation and if your package is coming from a distance then consider asking for a tracking number. Unless you agreed to another time period then it should be delivered within 30 days.

Try on every single item and do a little walk around.
I recommend this for a number of reasons, one of which is because you can usually a full refund if you return your item within a week. I always say if you can't be bothered to return then sell on, but it's worth trying on your items to discover any flaws. Even taking a little walk to the post office could show your item in new light, I did this myself and discovered that my new dress kept riding up. In fact I actually had to hold it down as I walked and what's the point in a pretty dress if I have to walk like Quasimodo.

Check the returns policy.
If it's a sale item in particular you need to check the returns limit and what they'll do if the items arrive in bad condition or faulty. Always make sure your item is in good condition when you return and make a list of any flaws when emailing them so they don't blame you, they can refuse you a refund is it's damaged. Also, you're entitled to a refund of your shipping and always ask who will be cover the cost of returning. Whoever covers it usually picks it up directly from your house (I've personally found that to be the most common) so make sure your item is repackaged correctly. Remember that they can't charge you restocking or administration fees for returned items. If returning goods you are entitled to a refund of the original delivery cost but check the terms and conditions to see who will cover the cost of returning them.

Stay alert.
Check your bank statement every month to look out for anything unusual, the website should tell you what your payment will look like. Eg the Egg Store may appears as EGGSTOR, always read your statement properly instead of skimming because there isn't going to be a big title saying BIGSCAMHEREYOUFOOL.

GUCCI, Fall-Winter 2011.

Fridda Gianinni para GUCCI, ESPECTACULAR.