What do you think?

I attended an antique automobile swap meet with my husband today (payback for making him go to the button show, I guess) and we came across these:

antique sewing machine tractors

They're tractors made from old sewing machines. Maybe you've seen them before.

Making something new out of something old is quite popular right now, and while I agree 100% with the sentiment, sometimes I just have a hard time with it in practice. I mean... I like tractors as much as the next Iowan... but did this really improve the sewing machines? Did it make them more useful? I get that there are millions of these old machines lying around in people's garages and attics... so maybe it's all good. But is there a line that's being crossed here? It's one thing to make jewelry out of old buttons, to repaint old worn out furniture to fit a more modern style or to use vintage postcards and ephemra in artwork... But retrofit a beautiful sewing machine to be a cutesy tractor? To me, this is akin to making a lamp out of a clarinet... or flipping an old schoolhouse bell upside down and using it as a planter. On one hand, I see these things and think, wow, that is fun and clever - maybe even ingenius... but on the other hand... I'm just not not sure if I'm quite comfortable with it. [Full disclosure: I realize this may have something to do with my museum/preservation background]

I have mixed feelings about this. I'd love to hear what you all think about this trend! (not just the tractors, but the repurposing of old stuff in general... is is possible to go too far? Is there a right way, or is it all about personal preference? No judging here... all opinions are welcome!!)

Update: Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. I have decided that it all comes down to preference, and any creation that keeps an old piece out of a landfill is a good idea to me! :) [and yes, I agree that the tractors are kinda cute] Also, see my note to Sarah in the comments!

a spring wreath

we are back -- safe & sound from nashville {or cashville as ben likes to say}.  saying it was amazing is a vast understatment.  i'll be back with more of that about that very soon!  for now i thought i'd just share a little something sweet that greeted us as pulled down our court.  i made this little spring/summer wreath with inspiration from the uber-creative emily from jones design company.  scraps from around the house turned out pretty darling if i do say so myself.  i know that it wouldn't fit everyone's taste but it is just right for us. 

{this wreath doesn't do anything to help my neutral-ness now does it?  what can i say?  i'm beige.}

Superadas las 10000 visitas!!!!

Raspberry cake para celebrar las 10000 visitasssss!!! WOOOOOOWWWWW!!!

Desde el 2008 empecé este blog aunque como much@s sabéis no lo hice oficial hasta hace poco más de 6 meses en los que las visitas han ido creciendo y creciendo!!! MUCHAS GRACIASSSSSSSSSSSSS a tod@s aquellos que me seguís y me apoyáis con vuestros comentarios!!! Me alegra ver cuanta gente me sigue a diario y me da una superenergy para seguir mostrando mis estilismos y mi trabajo, que al fin y al cabo, es lo que me gusta!!!! :)

Camiseta: Oasis (Manchester)
Gorro: Vintage
Anillo: H&M
Pulsera: Primark


Do Goths make better lovers?

My friend sent me this ages ago and you've probably seen it before but I thought I post my reaction here, it was mostly a jump off point to discuss and I'm hoping you'll tell me your reaction. It's quite funny and worth watching.

Apparently all Goths are couples? Well obviously not, we're still human beings and *gasp* are capable of choosing a lifestyle that doesn't involve being about a couple. I actually prefer being single so you can imagine how far up my eyebrows went when I heard that.

Aside from the cringy commentary I found some truth because when goth couples get together they seem to really click. However I wouldn't as far as to say that we make better girlfriends or boyfriends, stepping too far into stereotype territory. I cannot repeat this enough, the Goth subculture is not a mindset. We do not all have the same type of personality, awareness and education, I could list this all day. To say Goths are better lovers is moving into that dodgy area, perhaps we're just more romantic and emotionally aware?

Secretia and Darren seem like a lovely couple and I genuinely had an aww moment with them.I agree that we have a greater sense of community but sadly some of us don't have much of that in our areas. I have actually never (as far as I know) met a Goth in real life.

Okay, admit it. Who sniggered that middle class comment from Emma? I did so it's okay ;) I don't think I need to even bother explaining that class will never have anything to do with the subculture, although apparently it's a stereotype (just not one I've personally come across). The fashion can be quite expensive but I can afford it, DIY and years of experience on a low budget will take you far.

I completely burst out laughing (the type of laughter that makes everyone in the room look over) when he said that a lot of "fit" women become Goth to show off their bodies, it takes more than getting your tits out.

I agree that we're more open minded about sex but as I've already said, we're human beings and humans can have problems. Goths can't be repressed? Being in the subculture won't stop people from having sexual issues. I hate it when they talk about "catching" a Goth and giving a sample (nudge nudge), that's just creepy. It'll take more slapping on the eyeliner to pull me, I didn't realise how true that Sexy Death Chix thing was until I watched this. I also didn't realise people actually thought we was all middle class although I've being told that's a frequent assumption.

Ps, did you notice Bagpuss?

Spring Collective

Today was my friday off of work. I spend my day first by getting my car into the shop for some repairs, then afterwards my mom and I headed to a nearby pool to swim lengths. I hadn't swam in such a long time. I didn't realize how much I missed it. It's just so relaxing. I feel rejuvenated and reenergized. I'm going to have to commit to going more often. 

Last weekend KD and I headed over to the April Market Collective to check out some local art and music. You can find photos of mine and KD's Market Collective adventure on my facebook page. You can also check out KD's post here.

(jacket - Community, romper as shorts - Roxy, sweatshirt - J. Crew, tights - Joe Fresh Style,
shoes - Aldo, necklace - American Eagle)

royally fun!

dress: Converse for Target, belt: Gap, heels/headband: Ross

were you all up early this morning to watch the royal wedding?? i totally was! as you can see from the picture below! tee hee. and i dressed totally british today, it was fun! i went to vietnamese food for lunch and the waiter said "were you at wedding today?" hahaha ok now, down to the details...

the dress. OH, the dress. what did you think? here's my two cents: i thought it was boring and safe. i mean, it was beautiful, EVERYTHING from house of alexander mcqueen is beautiful--DUH. but it looked exactly like Grace Kelly's dress. only Grace Kelly looked better. i expected something more dramatic and fashion forward. tsk tsk Kate. i was disappointed. boo.

well HOW ABOUT PIPPA?!?! ANYONE?!?! holy SHIT she looked hotttt! i think she outshined the bride in that GORGEOUS gown that clung to her body beautifully. she's totally hooking up with harry tonight. OMG HOW ADORABLE IS HARRY?!

posh and becks were gorg. as usual. 

and HOW ABOUT THAT HAT behind the queen?!?! LOLOLOL it was a pink monstrosity!

it was so fun to drink mimosas and wear my fun headband and annoy JJ with my squeals of delight.

ON TO STAGECOACH TONIGHT!  have a great weekend, my loves.


you, me & a baby makes three {a ridd baby shower} part 2

part 2:  food, games & favors
i know when i'm planning a shower i love all the ideas i can get for a menu of goodies and snacks. i'm rarely ever cook / fix food {other than cereal} so creating a food plan is a little out of my comfort zone.  cory helped me.  she knows what she's doing.  so in case you are challenged like me...you can steal this menu.  it was yummy.

little turkey & ham sandwiches on hawaiian sweet rolls
veggie platter with ranch dip
chips & dip
bagel dip & bagel cubes
fruit & sweet fruit dip
chocolate covered strawberries & pretzels

the fun games & activities we did you have likely seen at other showers so i won't go into detail, i'll just share pictures, they tell the story.

but first, these were ruffled notes cards that i made for people to be able to share some love, encouragement or pray for rach, r & e, baby parker or the whole fam.  i didn't read peek at what other people wrote but i hope that rach felt well loved reading them.
now for the games:

i was WAY off :(

jenna made these homemade peppermint patties, tinted blue and dipped in delicious chocolate.  i found little glassine bags from garnish.com and finished them off in bakers twine & yarn.  i had hoped to make an individual tag for each bag with a thank you on it, but time got away from me.
baby parker...COME ON!  we want to meet you!

will & kate


El blog Mery of the Style!!!!

Mamma mia cuántas cositas que comentar hoy!!!! Es uno de esos días en los que me siento FELIZ al cuadrado!!!

Nada más levantarme he visto un comentario de una chica que como yo, LE ENCANTA LA MODA! ... y chan chan, me esperaba una grata SORPRESA!!! Mery de "El blog Mery of the style" (http://mary1975.blogs.elle.es/) me ha puesto en primerísima primera plana en su blog de ELLE!!! Qué alegría de buena mañana!! Ella es una mami joven muy guapa y que sin duda, se nota el estilo que tiene!! Mirad su blog porque además de aportar muchas ideas, podréis ver el style que tiene! GRACIASSSSSSS de corazón!

Así pues, arovechando el post de su blog os dejo la entrada con las fotos del último día de vacaciones por Italia. Un recorrido por el "Mercato di Bolzano" y por Merano, una ciudad con unos edificios preciosos de estilo gótico, además de grandes jardines floreados (ya sabéis que me chifla el color!). Y como no, la visita por el estudio de pintura de Ale, para que veáis sus cuadros. Ale sei un artista!!! Aquí podéis chequear su web por si os interesa!


Camiseta: Zara (S.10)
Jeans: Bershka
Cazadora: STR
Pañuelo vintage: made by mi mum!
Bailarinas: Bershka
Cinturón: H&M
Bolso: H&M

Dealing with pests part 4: What's your worst reaction?

I think we all have one little memory or perhaps a few when people obviously didn't take too well to our dearly beloved subculture, in fact I'll be very surprised and even a little bit jealous if you didn't.

Getting milkshake thrown at me from a car.
Thankfully it never hit me and rather comically missed completely but it was the fact that everyone was staring, call me paranoid but I swear some people agreed when the people in the car "Freak!" Nobody asked how I was or had the decency to stop staring, I know if this happens to anyone else I would help them.

Children screaming slut at me from down the street.
Okay this is more sad for the parents to be quite frank but typically they was nowhere in sight, they can't have being any older than ten but I knew when I walked past they was going to do something. After they got a few feet away from they starting yelling "slut" and "dirty goth" all the way down the street, this was a very long street *facepalm*

That very strange woman in the bus station.
Call me a city girl but I love my personal space, so as you imagine when this woman lined up behind me for the bus I moved away. She simply moved closer and closer everytime I moved away, she was literally shoulder to shoulder and I could feel her breathing. In the end I had to ask her to move away but she insisted she thought I wouldn't mind her stroking me because of the way I dressed...yeah I haven't worn that velvet blazer since.

Now you should tell me yours and maybe even rant a bit about it? I suggest cuteoverload.com and lots of Tumblr. Ps I watched the Royal wedding and when she walked down the aisle I nearly cried, it was beautiful.

quickly approaching :: the race

i am so excited right now.  all around me the culmination of long awaited events are on the brink.  this weekend we will be traveling to nashville to cheer on many of our dear friends who are running in honor of libby.  i can't wait to see them run.  what an awesome picture of their devotion to the fight.  not just a fight here on earth but a fight for eternity.  my friends are learning what it means to 'run the race' physically but not only that, learning so much about 'running the race' spiritually as well.  i see jesus in their lives.  and in libby's.  i'm so blessed to have friends like these.

this weekend will be a celebration.  the end of cancer for lib. a joyful cheer for community.  a weekend of rejoicing in God's sovereignty & perfect will. and extra bonus is that we'll get to be with some of our very favorite people from all over the place, va, pa, tn, il & home.  oh i just can't wait.

i need to get packed up and ready.  i won't be lacing up my running shoes, but i may have a megaphone - and a team libby tee.

{little sidenote:  it's not too late to support the ryder's and support the race, see the chip-in on the right side of the screen.  it will be there for one more day!
if you desire to give to them afterward, just contact them or us and we'll get you the info.}


another fantastic event is on its way.  one of my besties, rachel, is about to become a mom!  she and her husband will be excellent parents and i know that the Lord will continue to use that family for mighty things, kingdom work.  i simply cannot wait to meet the little guy!  i hope he likes me and doesn't cry when i hold him.  i also hope that he waits for all his aunts & uncles to come home from nashville before he makes his grand entrance!


ministry is so exciting right now.  God is moving in really big ways and friends that we love and pray and cry over are meeting Jesus.  for real.  isn't that crazy!?  we are so blessed to even get to hear about it, much less be used by the Lord for his purposes. i pray that God would grow these students to be strong, faithful, unwavering people of God.  i pray that his kingdom would advance at lafayette.  there are a lot of dying kids filling that school day in and day out - our team wants LIFE for them so badly.  

camp will be here before you know it.  a week long trip with students where they get to experience the gospel - see it & hear it.  just ministry as a whole right now seems heightened.  i don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me, it just feels like a peak.  not coming to completion, that's not the right word, but that so much of what we plead & hope for we are finally getting to see with our eyes.  and that is really amazing.


 i'll be back before long.  going to gather my things for a wonderful adventure.

Royal Wedding Fever

The upcoming royal wedding is making me all nostalgic for my own recent wedding in February. No matter how simple or extravagant a wedding may be, I think every girl feels like a princess on their wedding day.