party weekend

pants: Michael Kors, top: Panache, shoes: Jessica Simpson, sunglasses: Gucci

wahhhh! back to Cucamongross. it was a whirlwind of a weekend, but i had a blast! in the Seattle airport on friday i had a long layover so i went to Anthony's and got fish tacos and two big glasses of wine and enjoyed them in a booth to myself. it was delightful. i got in really late and my mom and CA picked me up. we went home and chatted with sister MM and cousin Noni. then i got a text from my mom that said "SHHH!" i guess we were being a little bit loud he he oops. 

saturday morning we went to MM's fastpitch game. then it was errands. endless errands i had to run for M's shower and bachelorette party. i stopped for a McD's frozen lemonade (third best decision of my life behind switching to kotex tampons and marrying JJ) i WILL be getting these on a weekly basis now...and then ran more errands. then i went to a party for KitKat's husband. he graduated medical school! then it was home to prepare for the bachelorette party. the girls got to my parents' house at 8 and the fun began! my parents and grandparents were there to enjoy the raunchy penile paraphernalia which was a little bit awkward but also hilarious. then MM and her best friend drove the bach bunch all around town. we got home at 2:00 a.m. success.  notable moments:
  •  Mimi shouting "pecker down!" when my penis straw fell out of my glass
  • the "naughty bands." like the popular children's "silly bands" but instead of being in the shape of barnyard animals or spongebob, the "naughty bands" were shaped as weiners an butt plugs and sex positions. they were a riot. good gift, Schurm!
  • M getting called on stage.
  • C Hutch's toe bursting open on the dance floor and bleeding everywhere
  • blow job shots. washington apple shots. porn star shots. jolly rancher shots. tequila shots. 
  • the pregnant bar tender
  • my nipple chaffage (my dress was NOT made of cashmere. it rubbed against my poor ladies all night long. the next morning all i wanted was to lay topless on my back with vasaline rubbed on them).
  • the grandma nightgown given to M by her fiance's sister Al. LOL
  • cousin A getting hit on by Selah townie men.
  • Al getting hit on by Yakima townie women.
  • BreeMae pointing out the amount of times the penis straws were dropped on the ground and then put back in the drunken bachelorette's mouth. yummy.
  • R Fick never leaving the dance floor.
  • meeting up with M's fiance CP at the last bar.
  • our friends' band playing a song for M and CP. one last dance before going home!
 left to right: C Hutch, R Fick, cousin A, M, me, BreeMae, Schurm, Al (i look like a midget. i'm not. my sister is 5'10" in heels and BreeMae is 6'1")

M had a blast and so did the rest of us. we conked out and awoke a bit lackluster the next morning to get ready for the shower!

the spread! Mimi made spinach, watermelon, strawberry and goat cheese salad, and i made quiche! i really did! and it was good, people loved it! the banner says Mrs. Powell (M's new name)

 we played the game where the groom answered questions and M had to guess what his answers were...for every question she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of double bubble! hehee that was her wad by the end.

M opening her presents sitting next to her volleyball friends

it was lovely! then it was home for a power nap and off to Sam's law school graduation party where KKISS SHOWED UP AND ALL THE FAB5 WERE TOGETHER! it was a wonderful surprise. and we are the best friends because we bought Sam an engraved Tiffany keyring. KitKat had to leave with her husband early...they had to go home and finish packing because they are moving to Pennsylvania. the fab5 huddled and cried as we said goodbye to our redheaded team member. that makes 3 of us in Seattle, 1 in California and 1 in Pennsylvania. it's a good thing we are the best of friends and stay in touch. separating is hard for us. and i may just burst into tears just thinking about KitKat's move to the east coast, so on to something else!

sunday night it was just the six of us original family members. it hasn't been just us in a long time. we played games and chatted and spent time together, it was so wonderful. i miss them. then on monday we went to visit Grandma, had a family meeting to discuss M's wedding plans, and Dad and i had a barbecue. we cooked for everyone! then it was time to visit Pappy in the hospital and to the airport where i cried because i had to leave home. Nel was visiting her home in Washington this weekend too, so we met up in Seattle and had some more Anthony's and watched 16 and pregnant on her ipad until we got back to the Cucamongross. 

JJ and Cleo picked me up and we all headed back to the apartment. and today it was back to real life. i woke up late, forgot my breakfast and ate nothing but a cookie all day. i made cous cous for my husband for dinner and took it to him at work and now i'm snuggling with one cute pup in bed. i'm calling in early tonight. 

i hope your memorial day weekend was as eventful as mine.

what's on L's phone?!

you should play too!

 L mug.


 MM had her state fastpitch tournament this weekend. i went to watch her play (she hit a home run! woohoo!) ...this is where LJ and i spent the entire summer of 02. in the Selah Carlon Park concession stand. listening to Vanessa Carlton and eating popcorn dipped in nacho cheese.

 cute Mom takin' a snooze. notice that the couch cushions are off...that's because HANK ATE TWO BAGS OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND BARFED THEM UP ALL OVER THE COUCH! that sonofabitch.

 Lola666 can be cute when she wants to. especially if you are eating her favorite thing (pita chips) and thinks maybe you'll give her a nibble.

 my new Washington necklace! it came at just the right time...JJ set the package on my nightstand so i opened it right when i got home from the airport and right when i was missing my home state.

 this is a plate that i made when i was 4. i love that i drew myself with a bald head.

 JJ got my dad and M's fiance CB Quakes hats. they're so awkward. and we have had that toy gun for years. WHO buys a family of 4 girls a toy gun?? and WHY do my parents still have it? and WHY does everyone still play with it?!?! seriously every time i come home i end up picking it up and messing around with it. wtf?!

 Hank excreting the last of the chocolate chips out of his system.

 my sister (in pink headband) MM was in the paper! her team got 4th place, but she's crying because they didn't get to go to the championship game.

 PPPEEEOOONNNIIIEEESSS! i love them i love them i love them more than anything in life!

 Chanel doing what she does best. eating.

 my sister M all dressed up in her bachelorette garb. and yes, that's a penis maraca.

 Cleo on the way to the airport. what a cute puppers. everyone who passes us in the car giggles. it's hard not to. she's adorable!

this was in my daily devotional book. "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." Proverbs 18:22. about the most true statement i've ever heard.

NELLARDDDDDDD i miss this fatcat

Follow in their footsteps: JAMEELA JAMIL

Más conocida por "Jam-Jam", Jameela Jamil es la nueva "it" girl del momento. La conocéis?

Presentadora y modelo, escoge sus estilismos sin la ayuda de una estilista. Es mi nueva "fashion inspiration", como bien dice el título de esta sección semanal, "sigo sus pasos" porque me encanta su carácter espontáneo, con un humor parecido al mio y con un estilo propio que no viene marcado por nadie. Británica pero con orígenes pakistaníes, su belleza exótica no pasa desapercibida.

Pero no todo ha sido fácil, con tan sólo 17 años tuvo un accidente de coche que la dejó en cama durante un año. Su perseverancia y sus ganas de salir hacia adelante la hicieron volver a ser la que era y la ayudaron a volver a caminar.

Independiente, con carisma, extrovertida, inteligente y con estilo... qué más se puede pedir?

Ella es Jameela y la adoro.

Os dejo una selección de fotos para aquel que no la conocía.

Os gusta ella? y su estilo? Yo la veo muy mona y alguien con un estilo propio muy marcado, lo que todavía hace que me guste más!


ℒℴѵℯ U

Better known as "Jam-Jam", Jameela Jamil is the new "it" girl of the moment. Do you know her?

Presenter, model and column writer, she chooses her own outfits without the help of a stylist. She is my new "fashion inspiration". As the title of this weekly section explains, I "follow in her footsteps" because I like her spontaneity and her sense of humour, which I think is similar to mine. Plus, she has her own unique sense of style. A British girl, with Pakistani origins, whose exotic beauty has turned many heads.

But not everything has been easy for Jameela. At 17, she suffered a serious accident which left her bedridden for a whole year. However, her will to continue gave her strength to recover and go back to her old self and to start walking again.

Independent, charismatic, extrovert, intelligent and stylish... what else could you ask for?

She's Jameela Jamil and I love her!

Have a look at some of her outfits in the pics I have selected.

Do you like her? What do you think of her style? I think she's cute and has her own sense of style, something that makes me like her even more!

Have a lovely Tuesday!!!!

ℒℴѵℯ U

No me cansaré de decir GRACIAS por seguir votándome!!! Mañana miércoles a las 12.00 cierran la 1a fase del concurso. Ya estoy la número 4 así que espero que sigáis apoyándome como hasta ahora para mantenerme en las posiciones de arriba!!!

Muchas graciassssssss!! sois los mejoresssssssssss!

I won't ever tire to say THANK YOU for your continuous votes!!! The first phase of the competition will finish tomorrow at midday. I'm now at number 4! I hope you continue with your support so I can be in the final ten!

Thank you very muchhhhhhh!! You are the best!


My "Hippieglam" long skirt

Este verano tengo claro que NO pueden faltar en nuestros armarios las siguientes prendas/complementos:

1. Prendas de color intenso (fucsia, amarillo, naranja, coral, azul klein...)
2. Bolsos de rafia
3. Prendas con estampado de flores y/o rayas
4. Y modelos largos (bien sean vestidos o faldas)

Después de probarme diferentes modelos de faldas largas, por fin he encontrado LA ADECUADA y tenía nombre: Mi falda "hippieglam", by Miss Lou. Es de color teja (uno de mis favoritos), con cortes y goma ancha en la cintura.

Elegí combinarla con mis cuñas de ASH que adoro, sin embargo, creo que también quedará monísima con chanclas planitas, tanto para diario como para días de veranito en la playa.

Os gusta? Ya tenéis la vuestra?

There are a few items of clothing and some accessories that, in my opinion, we MUST own this summer:

1. Bright colour clothes (fuchsia, yellow, orange, coral, klein blue...)
2. Raffia bags
3. Flower and/or stripped patterns
4. Long outfits (dresses or skirts)

After trying on different long skirts, at last I found the most SUITABLE for me, and it has a name: My "hippie-glam" skirt, by Miss Lou. It's russet (one of my favourite colours) and it has a wide waistband.

I chose to wear my favourite ASH wedges, which I absolutely love. However, I think it would also look really cute with flip-flops as an everyday outfit or even for a stroll on the beach.

Do you like it? Have you already got one?

Shirt: Bershka (old season)
Skirt: Zara
Foulard: H&M (old season)
Shoes: ASH
Bag: Primark
Belt: H&M
Ring: Marcel Cluny
Bracelet: H&M

Me gustaría agradecer inmensamente de nuevo a TODOS AQUELLOS QUE ME ESTÁIS VOTANDO! Espero que continueis apoyándome. Muchas graciasssssssssss de nuevo!

I would like to thank ALL OF YOU who are voting for me!! I hope you'll keep supporting me. thanks you very much again!


Princess on a pea

As promised, here we have a little princess on a pea.
She has been tossing and turning the whole night!

Can you find the pea?


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Pillows and Cushions part 2

Some more pillows and cushions,
I think I've made enough for two small benches.
Stacked high for the princess and the pea! 
That calls for another photo, until tomorrow...

I used some more discontinued sample materials for these pillows,
this time the samples were a nice size to use. I love the different textures and to finish
it off I used pom poms on the corners, it is a children's bench after all.

I have these little crochet flowers for a few years now
and finally I found the perfect place for them.

The little mattress is not made for this bench,
I made one green and one pink,
I think the whole set looks so cute.

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