High-waisted shorts trend.

T-shirt: Urban outfiters (Manchester)
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Primark
Bracelet: H&M

Happy Thursday!


El LFD (Little Flowered Dress, un nombre nuevo que me acabo de inventar) se está convirtiendo en ese tipo de vestidos que cuando no sé qué ponerme recurro a él! Muchas veces me paro delante de mi armario y me entra la desesperación cuando quiero algo que me quede mono pero "fácil". Así que he decidido tener una sección en mi vestidor con "vestidos comodín" y entre ellos están los LFD!

Os gustan los vestidos de florecitas?


LFD (Little Flowered Dress, a new name that I've just invented) is becoming the kind of dress I always resort to when I don't know what to wear! I find myself looking into my wardrobe many times, feeling desperate as I want something cute but easy to wear. So I decided to make room for a new "section" in my wardrobe: "the multipurpose dresses" and amongst them, the LFD shine!

Do you like flowered dresses?

Dress: Stradivarius (old season)
Shoes: Mari Paz (so cheap!)
Bag: Mango (one of my best friends present!)
Necklace: H&M (old season)
Sunglasses: Mango

Tissue Box Cover Tutorial

I use this tissue paper brand and it has 200 tissues in it so it's 
quite high.
You can use any size box.
I put the box on a large card paper and drew around it, then tipped it onto it's right side,
followed the box contours and did the same on all sides.

Cut out along the lines.

Put the cut out pattern on quilted material and add one centimeter to 
the sides for the seam.
For the bottom edge there is no need for a seam, because the top material 
will fold over the ending.
Cut the outer material along the sides and leave two centimeters extra
for the bottom.

If you don't have quilted lining then you can use 
wading and lining material = more work!
Stitch the four sides, marked with pencil, so the box will fit 

Pin the seam and machine stitch around.

Mark where the tissue opening should be, 
then zig zag a very tight, giant button hole.

I used a medium-hot iron to make nice folds on all sides.

If you like a simple tissue box without frills 
then here is where you should stop. 

Or just keep going...

I love this Toile!


Love you, Becky!!

Tissue Box Covers

The last two days I was like the Energizer  Bunny...
For a long time I didn't make any tissue box covers,
this time I had a request to make a few and I couldn't stop.

Here a romantic, sweet, frilly tissue box cover.
Cotton material and lace.

Purple corduroy, to match the cushions in the previous post.  

Grey linen with cotton lace.

An other one to match the cushions of last post.

Rachel's inspired Union Jack design, I love this one.

mmm, I was looking for something English to display 
the tissue box with... how about my dictionary!

Pink is always nice to play with, 
plenty to find around my home.

This cupboard is waiting for a second layer, and waiting...

Grey linen with grey cotton lace.
I used a heavy linen and worked very well to make these box covers.

These were so easy to make so I think there shouldn't be any 
bare boxes anymore!
The Tissue Box Tutorial is already up in my next post...

I am joining in with Kathleen at White Wednesday

Please come and visit

Off to Retreat

On Friday I am off to a quilters retreat with the Southern Belles quilter's group.  There are around 25 people heading off to Mannum in the South Australian Riverland.  We get back later on Sunday, staying at the Mannum Motel/Country Club.  I am so looking forward to a bit or R & R, and some serious stitching time.  Today I started to organise what I am taking, sewing that is

I got the next 8 blocks of the Antique Sampler to work on.  These are all ready to sew together, then applique in place.

I would very much like to get the next block done from Sentimental Stitches, Beyond the Cherry Tree.  All the fabrics are chosen, just have to put them in place.  Does not look terribly interesting like this, but it will when all the bits are added.
Mustn't forget the red and white quilt!  I really thought this was all I would do on the weekend, but there are times when you don;t want to sit at the sewing machine anymore, and just need some quiet hand sewing or ......knitting!   Yes, I am a quilter, but I am knitter too, and love beautiful wools.

 I made these socks last week for a special friend.  No names, as they are a surprise, and she might read this.  Don;t you just love the colours!

I bought some more wool from Morris and Sons.  My granddaughter, Skylar, saw me knitting socks, and wanted to know if I was making some for her as well.  Yes, I guess I am, and the purple/orange/teal is for me.  Sock knitting is a bit addictive - a bit like quilting - and I will be taking some with me this weekend for the bus ride.  You can knit where you can not sew!  Another great site for wools is Yarnbow.  They are currently having a "Summer Sale" which is just fine for us in the Southern hemisphere, 'cause we are having winter and want to knit.  Great service from both these shops.

peanut butter treats

skirt/bracelets: F21, tee/sandals: Target, watch: Urban Outfitters

my sister's wedding is this weekend. and today is like a MAD DASH to get shit done. i'm staying in Washington for a week extra so i will be missing six days of work. I CANNOT WAIT! but i have a lot to do in order to get myself organized. ahhhh! so WHAT am i doing blogging at 8:30 p.m. while neglecting my duties!?!? gahhhH!!! Cleo is going to my coworker Susie's tomorrow so she can play with wiener dog Sammy and have the time of her life. i leave tomorrow at 5:25 p.m. and JJ leaves thursday at 5 p.m. i am working on my Maid of Honor speech and let me tell you--it rocks. 
tonight we went out for sushi. yummers. and when we got home JJ walked over to my vanity and said "OH YUM! WHERE DID YOU GET THESE PEANUT BUTTER TREATS?!" i stared at him......................he said, "oh fudge, those are dog treats." he was so disheartened it was almost sad. but it was more funny than sad. i laughed and pointed my finger at him.

akjlsdfjlkasdf i'm so scatterbrained, forgive me. happy tuesday fools.

what's on L's phone?!

 Cleo is so spoiled. and she never ruins any of her toys. most dogs rip apart a stuffed animal until the squeaker is found. not Cleo. she will nibble and suck on her toys, but never fully chew. when we pour out her toy basket like this she doesn't know what to do. she is beside herself with glee. she picks one up, runs a lap, picks another, runs a lap, etc. etc. it's so cute i could die.


but then JJ went to Target and bought me a bigger and better rack for my dresses.

 Cleo looks hilar snuggling on JJ's suit.

bruised knees. from banging them on the railing in front of us at Britney. 

Nel found this at the hotel. it's a cassette. that reads "an affair to remember 5-24-92" LOLOLOL

it's Britney bitch. me and Nel.

the disgustingly creepy random tile in our shower. like, what? WHAT IS THAT?!?! a cartoon sleepy boy child carrying around his teddy. alsdfljsdfaal;dfsd 

 and that was the hole above our bed. we totally booked our hotel last-minute on hotwire and it was a GHETTO ramada inn. and we thought that was a peep-hole. we had to look into it to double check. it was just a regular hole in the wall, THANK GOD.

pink cookie.

i was sitting at my desk. and i just happened to look down. and saw this. HOLY F HOW LONG WAS MY BELLY HANGING OUT?!?!?! you'd think i'd have felt the breeze...


Cleo keeping watch.

 my new stiletto tape dispenser :)

b spears. fabulous. 80s perm hair and all.

Miss Foxy Cleopatra munchin on a fake melon.