18. Drink pink squirrels with my sisters

Why pink squirrels?

Because my sister saw them on a drink menu (many years ago) and just couldn't get them out of her head. So, I told her that when she turned 21, I would take her out for a pink squirrel. Well, then I moved to Indiana and later Texas and it has been 3.5 years since she turned 21. But the good new is that my littlest sis turned 21 in June so we could all drink pink squirrels together, finally.

I'm not a big drinker (ok, hardly a drinker at all), so searching the liquor store for ingredients was a bit of a stretch for me, but we got it done.

pink squirrel ingredients

Most pink squirrel recipes call for:
1 part creme de cocoa
1 part creme de noyaux (or creme de almond - see below)
1 part heavy whipping cream

Sounded easy enough, but we quickly learned that creme de noyaux is a difficult thing to find, maybe even impossible. Luckily, I found a blog post about pink squirrels that said while creme de noyaux may have been common in the 1950s when pink squirrels were all the rage, it is now sold as creme de almond. So, basically they are the same thing, with a different name. Good to know. Still hard to find, but possible. And important, because creme de almond is what makes a pink squirrel pink!

So, how did they taste? Well, I have to admit that the recipe was rather strong. As in, the very strong cough syrupy type of stong. I may or may not have spit it out. The creme de almond was overpowering everything else. So I mixed up another with only half as much creme de almond and things were much, much better. Enjoyable even.

I would recommend this recipe if you ever attempt a pink squirrel:
1 part creme de cocoa
1/2 part creme de almond
1 part heavy whipping cream


One more 30 before 30 goal down!

the mustache

pants: F21, top: Nord Rack, shoes: BCBG, bracelets: various

JJ never takes a picture of anything besides me. so i was surprised that i found the following while uploading from the camera to the computer:

ohhhh Chanel. girl can't eat a meal without at least one morsel of food dropping onto the table. doesn't that globe make her look skinny/worldly? she threw up another colossal hairball this evening, followed by 8 quarts of cat vomit. she missed my computer cord by mere centimeters, instead unleashing her stomach on the corner of Catholicism in the Third Millennium: Second Edition that JJ's Mom bought for me. my cat's a heretic apparently.

this is Cleo waiting for Chanel to drop food in her path. why are dogs obsessed with any food aside from their own??? one of life's mysteries. 

in other news, my husband is growing the most atrociously disgusting molester criminal mustache i've ever seen in all my life. his coworkers are growing them too. they aren't shaving them until the Quakes lose a game. which could last two more weeks if they win the whole damn playoffs. omgggggggg. you should see him when he puts his retainer WITH the mustache. if Napolean Dynamite's brother Kip and Shaggy from Scooby Doo had a lovechild, JJ would be it.

My old treasure

Aprovechando al máximo los últimos días de verano, adoro este tipo de vestidos de chiffon.

Por raro que parezca, tengo este desde los 14 años y conseguí rescatarlo este verano!
Cómodo y fácil de llevar!

Os gusta??? A mi me encanta!


Making the most of last sunny days, I love chiffon dresses.

Oddly enough, I have this one since I was 14 years old and I rescued it this summer! Comfortable and easy to wear them!

Do you like it??? I love it!

Dress: Old hippy market
Bag: Primark
Bracelet: H&M-H&M-Forever 21
Ring: H&M
Shoes: Bershka

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Sólo recordaros que hoy a las 23:59 realizaré el sorteo por Random.org del producto de Max Liss para el cabello.
En el post de mañana podréis ver la ganadora! Mucha suerte a todas!!!

Victorian style cushions.

I was asked to make a few "Victorian" style cushions.
Before the Shabby Chic style, I used to make a lot of these 
dark and heavy material items, from pillows to bed covers.

I used moire and silk material for these cushions.

I'm really glad I have switched to light floral cottons 
and lots of whites.


family time!

so this may be a few weeks [or maybe months] behind.  its' all kind of a blur. i'm pretty sure this little fella is still an itty bitty so hopefully weeks is close enough.  its too early for math or i'm sure i could figure it out.  benny and i got to go meet the sweetest lil nephew in the whole wide world when he was about 2 weeks old.  i was super sicky so i didn't want to go running through the hospital nursery spreading my germs all over the place.  two weeks was too long but it was worth the wait.  what a cutie.

nana. cormac. proud poppa in the back.
.handsome hubs.
.me & my momma.
i really like him a whole lot.  if you want to see more updated pics of the cutie go here.
can't wait to see you all again!

and remember these, little tie onesies?  they're even more precious once they are filled up with baby!

un minuto,

Sólo un momento para decir que a pesar de todo lo horrible que estamos pasando este año, no hay nada que pueda con la alegria y suspense que es esperar a que llegues a casa. Ojala cuando veamos tu carita toda la familia pueda estar aquí.

what's on L's phone?!

not amused.

sister M posted her wedding pics!

sisters. me, m, ca, mm.

HOORAY FOR THE QUAKES LAST HOME GAME BEFORE THE PLAY-OFFS! JJ's mother and i are completely thrilled!

dear L: this is shameful. just shameful. great outfit, though.

Nel chillin on the Hyatt balcony in the Springs.

that swimsuit is just inappropriate. but, i have to hand it to him...at least he manscapes so his pubes are hanging out of those microscopic shorts. srsly. i will never forget the frightful image of being on swim team with my sister M when we were at the wee ages of just 7 and 5. and there was a high school kid on the team. he had red hair. and just like all the other males on the team, he wore a speedo. let's just say the carpet matched the drapes to a horrifying degree. HORRIFYING.

BL limes by the pool? ummmm DUH.

 in the words of Nel's 12:43 a.m. text message to her husband: "palm springs rules!"

hahahahhaha! new magnet from Rah. love it!

before you freak out...that's so NOT a turd. in fact, it's a Chanel hairball. i know this because i stepped on it. and it squished between my toes and i almost threw up. she hacked up three of these. the size of hotdogs. lsdfkjlsdjfk OHMYGODDDDD so gross. i hate her sometimes. thinking we may have to do this again:
rawr! fierce! for the full story, click here (photo circa July 2007).

Nel's husband carrying her purse LOLOLOLOL

 hahahahahha my mom sent this to me of my dad PTFO at like 7:30 p.m. in his chair. with his belly hanging out. hahahahahah i love this. hahahaahhahahaahaaaa

 Rob Lowe is just DEMANDING to made fun of in this photo. what a douche.

an evening tea made by my hubbles in my new Anthro teacup :)

Follow in their footsteps: ATLANTA DE CADENET

La primera vez que escuché su nombre sentí curiosidad por saber más sobre ella... Esto me ocurrió con mi nueva "inspiración fashion", Atlanta De Cadenet. Quizás no la conozcáis todavía mucho pero ella es la hija de la fotógrafa-actriz Amanda De Cadenet y el bajista del grupo Duran Duran John Taylor.

Tuvo una gran difusión con la edición francesa de Vogue y estamos acostumbrados a verla en muchos blogs de "street style". También ha hecho colaboraciones con revistas como "Nylon" y "Paper". Me encanta su estilo casual con un toque de boho-chic. Y a vosotr@s?

Señoras y Señores, es un honor para mi presentarles hoy en mi sección semanal de "Follow in their footsteps" a Atlanta De Cadenet.


The first time I heard her name I felt curious to know more about her... That happens with my new "fashion inspiration", Atlanta De Cadenet. Maybe you don't know her but she's the daughter of the photographer-actress Amanda De Cadenet and Duran Duran's bassist John Taylor.

She's had a spread in French Vogue editorial and we are used to see her at some many street style blogs. She also did collaborations in magazines like Nylon and Paper. I love her casual style with a boho-chic touch! And you?

Ladies and Gentlemen, is an honor to introduce you today in "Follow in their Footsteps" to Miss Atlanta De Cadenet.

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Recordad que es el último día para apuntaros al SORTEO de un producto MAX LISS para el cabello pinchando aquí.