the city flea

i'm a few weeks behind if you can't tell but i hate to miss a thing.  my sweet friend cory sent us a link to the city flea which i think has been running all summer in cincinnati.  from the site it looked like there might be a billion vendors there, and the name 'city flea' gave me hope that we would definitely be treasure hunting [aka gold diggin'].  we were already in nky because this was part of anniversary weekend so why not catch the tail-end of the flea's season.  unfortunately, i'm thinking the vendors may have thinned out and they only filled up one small lot.  i'm not saying it wasn't fun or neat but i didn't find the gold mine i had hoped for.  i really wanted a bench.

we did find one gem...drew lachey. 
i whispered to ben and his brother, "its the guy from 98 degrees", i'm sure i spoke super suspiciously & with all the uncoolness that i have.  i didn't have to guts to go say anything to him.  i have no idea what i would have said.  "nice day for the flea, eh?"

as we left ben said, "all i want to know is why drew lachey is eating hotdogs in an alley."

baaaaahahah to his credit, he was with his kids.  and it was a nice 'alley'.

my only purchases were some $1 books [kind of the opposite of a bench] but i love them anyway.  i love the covers.  all books should be so lovely.

oh, and happy weekend friends.  i hope it is filled with all things great.  i have big and little plans for family time, painting furniture [perhaps], sweet time with benny & friends & even crafting for future parties.  i'm still on a mission to capture life via film.  i'll update soon.

curly fries

shorts: Hollister, blouse: Rave, sweatshirt: j.crew, boots: Steve Madden

curly fries from the fair: 1
L's belly: 0 

also, elephant ears don't exist in California. which is a travesty.

American Apparel NEON Nail polish

Muchos de vosotros sabéis que adoro los colores NEON.

Y haciendo algo de shopping por las calles de París encontré una de las muchas American Apparel tiendas y compré este violeta eléctrico. A que es fantástico... emocionante!!!
a que si????


Most of you know that I love NEON colors.

Doing some shopping by streets of Paris I found one of the American Apparel stores and I bought this electric violet color. It's fantastic... amazing... isn't it???

NEON American Apparel Nailpolish

Pooky Bear

My sweet cat was almost invisible sleeping on the couch,
so I had to take a few pictures.

He is fourteen years old and still young at heart.


why we don't go to the store.

so about two or three weekends ago i got some kind of stomach bug.  i mean i was real sicky.  ralphing up a lung, all morning, all day.  went to urgent care [thought i might have toxic shock aka i'm a hypochondriac], couldn't sit in the waiting room so i laid in my car until they called me. i got sick while mr. nurse was trying to weigh me / get my blood pressure.  can't they see i'm dying!  who cares how much i weigh?!  laid on one of those hard beds in the dark, they gave me my first ever IV.  after i felt better i thought "i should have brought my camera."

benny was so sweet to take really great care of me.  he even made me a bed on the floor so i wouldn't keep sleeping on the bathmat.  i really couldn't stand up.  my sweet hubs also went to the pharmacy to pick up all my perscriptions [between a recent visit to the dermatologist and this stomach bug i had like a million rx's to get].  he finally made his way home, eventually i got to feeling better.  i walk in the kitchen and find this:
what in the what!?!
my sweet husband apparently also has a sweet tooth [or teeth]. 
yes that is 4 boxes of little debbie snacks.  yep as tall as me as they sit on the counter.  maybe i cussed.
please note: the 'big pack.'
this is why we don't go to the store.

What's your worst experiences with vintage and secondhand shopping?

Source unknown.

I've being buying from vintage and charity shops for several years but I've had some bad experiences and I would love to hear about yours. Shopping should be a nice experience but more often than not it's frustrating for several reasons...

  • Lack of lightning.
When I walked into a vintage shop in York the lightning was horrible, I was squinting like mad and tripped over a hat stand within 2 minutes. When I asked them what was going on with the lightning I was told: "We don't like light in here" with a teenager-ish shrug. That shop owes me a plaster! Shoppers love space and lots of light, have you ever noticed that the best and most expensive shops usually follow this rule? Compare TX Maxx and Topshop.

  • Bad display.
Oh my Jam Tarts I hate boxes full of vintage scarfs, last month I was rooting through one hoping to score a nice black silky one. But I reached too far and nearly fell in the box, it fell and ripped at the edges creating a sea of scarfs. It's quite easy to display scarfs and jewellery, just use vintage suitcases or old bed boards. Please anything but cardboard boxes.

Packed rails annoy me but I generally stick with them in the hope of finding something amazing, a good tip is the simply remove a load at once and stick them elsewhere until you've finished. Disorganized rails really bother me though, why are boots and shirts hung together?

  • Dust bunnies and other nasties.
I honestly don't understand why some shops won't wash or at least run a lint roller across their items before displaying them, obviously if it's not dirty I wouldn't bother but I've seen plenty of items that are. It puts people off buying them because we're all so used to clean items, sometimes I wonder if it's stained or simply unwashed.

My worst experience in this category is seeing a mouldy top on a rail, I thought I could smell it but when I saw it it disgusted me. What if someone was allergic to mould spores or asthmatic? I will leave a shop straight away if I spot dust, it immediately makes me very wheezy and I don't want to risk an asthma attack.

  • Measurements.
It appears it's not just the high street that has serious issues with sizing, most vintage and secondhand shops simply state "size ten" on a label but what does it mean exactly? I range from size 6 to size 12 on the high street so I no longer use clothes sizes as a guide. I think it's just laziness to be honest, all they have to do is place a tape measurer over the item or display a size chart.

  • Damages.

I expect damages from vintage shops and specially from charity shops, but if it's impossible to fix why sell it? A bust zipper or a small stain I could cover up I can deal with, but massive stains across the front or the back of the dress is missing what's the point? Not many people are willing to fix things at home, specially if they're new to secondhand. It'll remain hanging on the over crammed rails forever until it finally gets thrown in the bin, I think it should be put it in the scrap bin straight away. At least lower the price so people can buy it for spare buttons.

  • The discoveries.
I've learnt not to simply dive my hands into pockets or just grab a bag anymore, I have the worst of luck when it comes to handbags. One time I handed over a bag to the shop assistant and a massive moth flew out, we both screamed bloody murder but thankfully the bag wasn't moth chewed. My absolute worst moment was when I bought a vintage handbag, I noticed there was sand on the edges so I brushed it off. But when I got home the shopping bag was littered with sand, I looked inside the vintage handbag to discover the inside was covered and filled with sand. I've since cleaned it over five times but the sand still appears whenever I use it, I think it's inside the lining but it's impossible to clean in that area.

sparkle pumpkins

my sparkle pumpkins made their debut today. i love them.


sweater: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, pants: *cough* Hot Topic *cough*, belt: TJ Maxx, shoes: Target

i severely regretted wearing a turtleneck today. it was hot as hades. and my neck got all itchy and sweaty. so uncomfortable.

i love these red pants. even though i got them from hot topic. they were only $30. what a steal! today i bought Chanel two bags of food for two reasons: 1. she eats a lot, and 2. i got a $5 target giftcard for buying them. i also was supposed to get Cleo food too, but the specialty store i buy it from is closed for the week. the guy with the weirdly long skinny beard who owns it must be on vacation.

JJ has been locked out of his facebook. it's the most annoying/hilarious thing in the world. FB made him change his password a while ago, then he forgot it. when he guessed it wrong too many times, FB told him they sent him a password reset to his email. only his email address is the one from college that is no longer active. so THEN FB told him to choose two he chose me and Rah. and we two friends were sent a code to our emails, that we then had to relay back to JJ so he could prove that he was his real self to FB. and it didn't work. so FB has literally locked him out. and it's not like he can dial 1-800-FACEBOOK and talk to Mark Zuckerberg. i think the only option for him is to create a new profile, but JJ is convinced that he will be able to figure it out. i least facebook is secure....right?? it has been QUITE the run-around trying to solve this puzzle.

this video makes me's SO true:

Prospect Park

Usually when I pack for a trip I throw a bunch of random items into my suitcase last minute and hope that some of the pieces will workout somehow. I am the worst packer. For my New York trip I tried to be a little more prepared and actually planned outfits by day and event, then threw in a couple extra "maybe" items just in case. I'd been dying to break out my leather skirt in NYC (found it at a clothes swap then had it altered a bit), but the weather was not cooperating. I ended up switching around a few outfits, but finally decided that I should just go for the skirt on Friday. It probably wasn't the best choice because Friday was hot and humid and my skirt was sticking to me like glue. Mikhaila had the right idea. A light, flowing skirt paired with a tank top and moccasins. 
Outfit Details
leather skirt found at swap and altered by Notsoseemless
Wilfred Free t-shirt
polkadot bow from IFB Conference
necklace borrowed from Shaina
Aldo bracelets
Tahari flats (find similar here)

You wanna learn to crochet?!

Just wanted to let you know about an awesome crafty opportunity I learned about today. Dana from the blog Craftyminx (she's the one doing "A Granny a Day" - check it out, her work is amazing!) is hosting a month-long learn-to-crochet school. The best part is that it's completely free! It starts on Oct. 1, but can be done at your own pace.

So if you've always wanted to learn to crochet, but never known how or where to start, hop on over and check out her syllabus! I'm defintely going to try to follow along with the class... even though my granny squares are still coming along, I definitely have lots more to learn!

Paris part II: Purchases...

Hola a todos!

Caminando por las calles del barrio de Le Marais de París vi la tienda de "American Retro" donde encontré este increíble collar de piel como un cuello de una camisa suelta. La primera vez que vi un accesorio similar fue en la colección de Miu Miu SS2010 y me enamoré de él! Os gusta?

Hi everybody!

Walking around Le Marais neighborhood streets from Paris, I saw the "American Retro" store where I found this amazing leather"necklace" as a shirt collarneck. It was on Miu Miu SS2010 collection that I saw the first one. Do you like it?

También visité la tienda de Marc Jacobs y obviamente... hice uso de mi VISA! ;) Compré esta camiseta, parecida a la que compré en mi viaje a NY!

Continuaré enseñando más sorpresas durante la semana!

I also visit the Marc Jacobs store and obviously... I use mi VISA card! ;) I bought this t-shirt, similar as one that I bought in NY! :)

I will continue showing you more surprises during the week!

3 years of lovely matrimony :: anniversary weekend

so as i mentioned ben & i celebrated three great years of marriage earlier this month.  its funny how it can seem so short and so long all at once.  i guess because we have known each other for so long [pre-marriage] that marriage just seems like an extension of that.

our anniversary landed on a tuesday this year so we took the weekend before, labor day weekend, to be 'our weekend.'  this has been the tradition the past three years and i don't see it ending any time soon.  benny  had family [aunts, uncles & cousins] come in town for the holiday from chicago so for the first part of the weekend we got to be with them.  it was really nice to see them & visit.  ben went laser tagging with the kiddos, pop and uncle & i went to round up groceries with the ladies.  its really fun to be a part of such a hospitable, fun family.  we also got to go for walks and eat lunch with some of our best friends.

we came home sunday afternoon to have some date/alone/anniversary time.  we each kind of planned things for the other & it was really sort of perfect.  i kicked ben out of the house to set up a little something in the living room.  its been something i've been scheming and wanting to give him for months and months.  basically, ever since i saw these pics [below] i've been dreaming of building a fort to play in with my husband.  is that weird? 

anyway, mine wasn't nearly as perfectly executed or pretty but it didn't matter, a bundle of pillows and blankets, poms and sheets and we had a really sweet hangout spot for the weekend.  we ate dinner in the fort, we watched movies in the fort, we slept in the fort [twice two nights...hilarious correction for my friends whose minds are in the gutter, we literally slept, like rem].  quality time is something i really cherish so it was basically pure bliss.

monday morning wasn't exactly as planned since rain just kept pouring but we decided to move along with our day nonetheless.  ben had planned a trip to the gorge for us, a little day hike.  neither of us knew where we were going but it didn't really matter.  it was a wonderful adventure together. 
even in the rain, it was lovely.  God made the great outdoors pretty stinkin' great.  and since it was rainy we basically had the whole place to ourselves.  other than a giant millipede crawling on the hood of my raincoat [i know, traumatic] i wouldn't change a thing.
i only have car pictures because of all the rain.  i didn't want my camera to melt.

eventually we made our way out of the woods and back into civilization.  ben had planned a fancy dinner for us out at malone's and gave me the sweetest gift by picking out a dress for me.  he knew that i'd really love to see what he'd choose for me and he did a fantastic job.  it fit me perfectly and is just my taste.  i got to go out in my spankin' new dress on the arm of the most handsome man i know.  so good.  after utterly stuffing ourselves with some of the best food in lexington and enjoying sweet talks about life and the future we retired for the night knowing full well that we are abundantly blessed.

what a pretty dress right?  i wish you could see the neckline & all but it was too cool to not wear a jacket.

i have a fantabulous husband.  you are so dear to me!  here's to a million more forts, adventures, dates, dances, laughs, drives & dinners together.  you're the best.

30 day challenge: update 1

as of today i should have 11 photos [i think] for my 30 day photo challenge.  i have 3, tomato .. potatoe, right?  maybe we'll pretend that i started 3 days ago?  agreed, ok.  like i mentioned i have a bunch of learning to do & this challenge has already been mighty beneficial. i'm excited to see what else is in store as a fumble through capturing life.  and just fyi, these aren't in order of 'days'.  just shots as they come, from the challenge list.
duh.  my hubs = someone i love.  its really super fun to live with your best friend.  benny was making din din, we had never made chicken in pan that wasn't going to end up as a fajita so he was being an experimenter.  it was sweet. those blurry things in the bottom are tongs.

shot 17 is 'on a shelf'.  my bestie cory got me this bad a typewriter for my birthday [that is juuusst around the corner] and i'm obsessed with it.  it needs a little spiffing up [tape removal, box's currently screwed in?] but it is just darling.  we were wandering around peddlers mall when i found it.  i left it there even though it was the least expensive typewriter i'd ever seen and i super duper wanted one [or twenty].  i told myself that it wasn't a necessity and that i should just ask for one as a gift someday.  we walked around more and more and i got to thinking, well what if whoever i ask can only find those really expensive ones, i don't want other people spending all that.  the little flashing sign in my head kept saying "buy me! buy me!" cory and rach were conspiring with ben to get it for me covertly but after an hour of fixation they just had to go ahead and tell me that i was getting it, benny couldn't keep a secret.  and it was awesome.
shot 1: self portrait is real awkward.  i see blogging girls all over the place that can take pics of themselves or have their significant others take pics of them by themselves.  they look fearless and fun and i felt like "uhh...i'm standing in my backyard taking pictures of myself.  i'm awkward."  oh, and second thought, i need lip gloss.
but i did learn a lot about focusing a picture on timed shots after taking about 20 out of focus shots [see below].  this was the blurriest i got, i'm kind of proud of it.  i don't think i could have this much 'unfocus' if i tried.  i had read how to do this a million years ago at under the sycamore but since i never put it into practice it didn't make sense.  but after battling for a long while i remembered what sweet ashley had explained and it worked like a charm.

Goth Challenge 18 and 21!

Source unknown.

Day 18 – Worst hair experience.
When I look back at old photos of my long hair, it was parted in the middle and was simply long with no layers. What a waste! If only I had made an effort with it, it would have suited me much better. I'm currently now growing my hair out.
Day 19 – Share beauty advise and take a photo of your make up.
Oh God I don't know why I choose this, above a picture of how I do my eyeliner everyday and I add the red lipstick when it's a special occasion or whenever I can be bothered. You can see my make up when I upload my Monday outfit on Friday. And no it's not Garfield themed but it's a good idea. Tips:
  • Use a lemon cut in half for troublesome feet, it breaks down hard naturally.
  • Gently massage moisturizer into the skin, it encourages your skin to produce it's natural oils and it feels great.
  • Remove make up with a damp cotton pad or even better remove it in the shower.
  • Apply body butter to your feet at night and leave your socks on over night, you'll wake up to lovely soft feet!
  • Warmed up olive oil is a good alternative to hand creams and also works for your feet if you're running short on products.
Day 20 – If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?
If I had to dye my hair I would dye it a redish ginger, or perhaps just plain ginger. I think it would suit my pale skin tone and I love ginger when it's done right. Although I will always have a soft spot for my pink fringe, it just washed out so quickly :(

Day 21 – What body mod do you have or have you considered?
I don't have any body mod, seriously my ear piercing closed up years ago and I have no desire to get them done again. However I've wanted tiny snakebites for several years but I'm lacking in funds.

i'm such a nice wife

skirt: F21, blouse: William Rast for Target, heels: Steve Madden via Ross

the fall wreath is out! even though it was 95 brutal degrees out today. wahh.

today i was picking my nose at my desk when a sly little booger fell out of my nostril and into my tea. and it was a full cup of tea. it was so delicate the way it soft and gracefully, barely skimming the top of the surface. after frowning at it for about 15 seconds, i just fished out the little boog and kept drinking my tea. 

i love light pink and red together. it's so girlie and makes my eyes happy.

i went to moneyball tonight with JJ. it was the most boring movie i've ever seen aside from miracle when i fell asleep in the theater and my dad was all annoyed with me. sports are so uninteresting to me. like, the whole movie was about player and statistics and trading and winning and blah blah blah. and brad pitt was wearing a visor. he lost 35% of his sex appeal with that visor. but you know, i went because JJ wanted to see it. i'm so nice i could die. 

is it really only tuesday?!?!?!

Sarah's wedding

As I've mentioned before, my sister got married in Iowa two weekends ago. Hubby and I drove up for the big day and I got to be in the wedding and everything!

It was a wonderful day... a bit chilly as it was an outdoor wedding, but everything went off as planned and we had a great time. The flowers (and the bride!) were gorgeous, the cake delicious and the ceremony meaningful.

I absolutely loved being in my home state for the second time in a month, and even more, I enjoyed being with family, some of whom I haven't seen in several years. It was great catching up with everyone... wish it could have lasted longer! Anyway, without further ado, here are some photos (most not by me, some taken by my husband and some taken by my cousin's wife) of the big event!

Love you guys! Congrats again and hope you're having a great time in Ireland! :)

Follow in their footsteps: DAPHNE GUINNESS

Como cada martes, aquí os traigo una de las secciones más esperadas de la semana "Follow in their footsteps". No pude hacer el post la semana pasada por mi viaje a París con lo que os he preparado una mujer icono.

Quizás no la conozcáis, ella es Daphne Guinness, de descendencia irlandesa, británica y francesa y la heredera de la familia Guinness. Ex-mujer de un hijo de uno de los más ricos magnates navieros de Grecia, divorciada con dos niños y una niña.

Guinness es conocida por su interés por la moda "excéntrica" pero sobre todo específicamente por la moda "haute couture". Trabajó como periodista y colaboró diseñando una línea de prendas con Dover Street Market. Además de su diseño con Shaun Leane de un maravilloso guante de oro blanco y platino.

Adoro su "avant garde" fashion style! Siempre experimenta con su look y nunca es aburrida con sus prendas.


As every Tuesday, here we have the much awaited weekly section "Follow in their footsteps". I couldn't do the weekly post last week so for this Tuesday I prepare you an interesting iconic woman.

Maybe you don't know her. She's Daphne Guinness, an irish, english and french descent and heiress of the Guinness family and an ex-wife of a son of one of Greece's richest shipping families. She divorced and she had two sons and one daughter.

Guinness is well-known because of her interest in "eccentric fashion" but also specifically "haute couture" garments. She worked in the fashion world as a journalist, also she collaborated designing a range of clothing with Dover Street Market and an white gold and platinum glove in collaboration with Shaun Leane.

I love her avant garde fashion style! She's always been experimental with her look and has been never being boring with her clothes.

As she says: "I try to find new ways of expressing myself and to use whatever it is I have creatively. I'm not an eccentric, and I'm not some sort of multimillionaire just interested in buying clothes... What drives me now is the idea of something being against the world. I'm an artist, I suppose".