Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Did you have a fun day?

Halloween was probably my favorite holiday as a kid, but it's gotten decidedly less exciting now that I'm a grown-up. We don't really have kids in the neighborhood so we don't get trick-or-treaters... candy isn't that exciting because I can get it anytime I want... and kid costumes are just more fun than adult ones.

But I made it fun anyway. I made these cute peanut butter pumpkins that I found on Pinterest. They were so easy and turned out just adorable. The recipe made about a million (more like 60) so I definitely had to bring some to work (and send some with hubby), but everyone enjoyed them! A new Halloween tradition, I think!

peanut butter pumpkin treats

And we carved pumpkins on Saturday night. I just love carving pumpkins... the smell of cut pumpkin, the messy, gooey pumpkin guts, baking the seeds and munching on them as we carve. Yes, I still love it.

Anyway, here are our masterpieces. Hubby made the scary raven and I made the cute owl. We found the patterns on the HGTV website and they worked just perfectly!

carved jack-o-lanterns

Well, that's a wrap. On to November. Yikes, holidays are coming at us quickly these days!


happy halloween!
yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
she is just the cutest captain jack sparrow i've ever seen.

MOVING DAY IS FINALLY HERE! my sister M and i have been slaving away all weekend. 
we've watched SATC seasons 1-4, had old spaghetti factory for dinner three nights in a row, i almost cut off her head for ruining my $130 anthropologie shower curtain, we only lost the garage door clicker once and i barfed a little in the uhaul parking lot. overall a successful weekend. 

today is my last day of work. i'm going to miss is here. a lot. wahhhh. and i will never have a boss as cool. and i'm sad that i only got to give away 25 of my business cards.

i've been wearing the same abercrombie tshirt for 4 days, why not make it a full week? 

SO, at promptly 5 tonight...off to washington we flit.

Your guide to Goth Jeans.


Trousers aren't an essential part of the fashion but it is a wardrobe basic if you decide skirts aren't for you. There are plenty of elements seen and usually are a variation of elements like leather, tartan, PVC and bondage with accessories such as band patches. They even come in a range of patterns including in pin stripes, vertical stripes and even a different colours for each leg. You can even experiment with the material for trousers, plastic and pvc could give you an interesting futuristic look. Goth jeans can be very tight fitting or very loose, can be pink or black, they can be anything if you apply to your wardrobe correctly. It's not set in stone and this leaves it up the individual to DIY and design. 

However I do feel the need to warn you against wearing jeans with elements of chains/bondage, they're often adorned by Baby Bats. But if you want to wear them and aren't going to let anybody scoffing affect your personal style read ahead. These baggy styles are often adorned with removable silver chains, extra zippers and pockets and lots of loops with rings which hang for aesthetic purposes. Typical brands that offer these kinds are Tripp NYC and Poizon Industries. Bondage pants combine the style of baggy pants with a more figure flattering fashion. These are normally black with silver bondage rings, lots of pockets and attached suspenders, chains, or restraints.

Skinnies or Drainpipes have recently become popular and we no longer need to buy jeans and restitch the seams. In fact you can buy them from most shops these days! You should be able to bend down and lounge around in your skinnies buy you have to be more careful buying the right size, they come in many widths from 25cm to 35cm so you have no excuse for your legs dropping off. There are three kinds of skinny jeans: Straight jeans, Skinny jeans, Tight Skinny jeans. The Straight Skinnies are better suited to those just experimenting or seek a change from the usual boot cut, they merely graze not cling to your skin. Skinny jeans give your ankles a hug and should be quite stretchy while Tight Skinnies make you look like you painted yourself black and have the highest percentage of stretch fiber. The higher the percentage the more stretchy and comfortable they will be.

Although Goth jeans are anything but basic it's best to stick to simple ones, at least to begin with. After you've found a pair that suits and fits perfectly you can think about DIYing them. You don't necessarily need alternative brand jeans, specially if you only want plain jeans. The high street is actually easier to buy jeans from because you can try them on and they come in a range of prices. If you want more alternative jeans then I still recommend buying plain jeans and collecting DIY items to jazz it up, if you really can't be bothered then feel free to buy brand jeans. 

A handy tip is to try jeans on without your shoes and check they're reaching the floor. If the jeans are dragging (rather than brushing the floor when you walk) your footwear won't be visible. You may look slightly strange if you wear more flared jeans like you're floating around with no feet, rather like a Dalek. If you find the perfect fitting jeans then buy several of them! I'm still looking for basic black skinny jeans that actually fit me.

Jeans can showcase the independent spirit inherent in all Goths, there isn't a style which is specifically designed for Goths but that just means we have more options.

first annual [i hope] oktoberfest

happy monday friends.  i hope you had a wonderful weekend full of rest and friends and fun.  we most certainly did.  it may have done me some good to do a little more 'work' than what i did but oh well.  friday ben & i ended up on a date, dinner & a movie.  the usual.  time to talk, time for entertainment.  we saw paranormal activity 3.  it's halloween what can i say?

saturday was some of our favorite things all rolled into one day.  we i slept in, we ate breakfast together, lounged around and then finally got ready for the day when the margraves rolled into town.  from there we headed over to the poston's for what would be the first ever oktoberfest.  my hope is that the poston's loved it so much that we could have one every year. [yes yes?]  they did such a sweet job turning their backyard into the most perfect fall getaway.  giant long table [big enough for all our friends], twinkle lights, buntings, tree canopy, friends, babies, tons of yummy food, campfire....it was awesome.  i may have taken far too many pictures and then proceeded to upload them all to blogger.  i may have.
ben riding moose.  don't worry anne, no animals were harmed in the making of this picture.
you're welcome cory

thank you so much for planning, inviting, hosting & decorating for oktoberfest and on top of that feeding all of our friends.  thank you for opening your home [and yard] and blessing us with your friendship and hospitality.  we love you all dearly & are so thankful that we get to celebrate life with you all.  the good, the bad...the oktoberfest -all of it.

more pics [here]

Three Favourites

There are so many bloggers that I admire, but lately these three, Kim, Kate and Blair, have really caught my eye. I love their feminine style, and they've all mastered the art of layering, pattern mixing and accessorizing. I'm finding one of the hardest thing about being unemployed and being a blogger is seeing all these other amazing bloggers with great style, being totally inspired to try new things, but having no funds for shopping! I'm going through major shopping withdrawal right now. All I can think about is shoes blazers, dresses, watches and purses!

Kim | eat.sleep.wear
Kate | o-my-heart
Blair | atlantic-pacific

Back to Black

Uno de los colores más versátiles en nuestros armarios es el negro. Por supuesto, el color NEGRO es el "no color" por excelencia: es la AUSENCIA de color y por ello, decidí buscar un escenario colorido para crear contraste con mi estilismo de hoy.

Para esta ocasión escogí mi nuevo jersey de foil de Stradivarius. Podéis encontrarlo en diferentes colores y en otras marcas.

Algunos días, te apetece llevar sólo NEGRO, no?

One of most versatile colors in our wardrobe is black. Of course, BLACK is the quintessential non-colour: it is the ABSENCE of color and so, I decided to look for a colorful background to create a contrast with my outfit. 

For this occasion I chose my new foil jumper from Stradivarius. You can find it in other shades and in other high street stores.

Some days, you just want to wear BLACK, don't you? 

Jumper: Stradivarius
Leggings: Zara
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace: H&M

The Goth Challenge: Days 27 and 28.

Ahh the Challenge is nearly over for me, I bet you're tired of these posts eh? I haven't much access to the internet at the moment so I'm scheduling posts so hopefully this works.

Day 27 – The worst thing you ever did to a newbie.
There was a girl who was a friend of a friend so I knew of her existence, she was more of a wallflower and I guess she got sick of it because one day she was "Goth". Apparently. I told anyone who asked that she hasn't remotely Goth and was simply a wannabe, I think I was so defensive because I saw the subculture as my own. I didn't think it should be used to get attention etc etc. I feel pretty bad whenever I think about it actually, I was so immature.

Day 28 – Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?
Not at all, I'm only 18 and haven't being the subculture long enough.

Couch Candy

A little frill for the couch....


behind the times

so i wrote this post ohhh like a month or more ago i think and just never hit publish.  weird.  so for a trip down memory lane here's just a little update with some here and there's.  more current info in teal.  and fair warning this is all real random.

made these from a box but look how pretty:

i will pin anything with 'free printable' attached to it.  if you want me to come to your site and stick around, a "free printable" is just what i need.  if you see anything good send it on my way.  and if you're looking for some yourself you can steal mine {HERE}.

saturday was awesome [who knows what saturday this really was].  i slept in {woot woot} hung out with the hubs, and then some of our best friends came over to visit and to help us figure out what to do with our terrible blank walls.  i scrounged up all of my frames from around the house and laid them on the floor.  rach helped lay them out.  after tracing the frames on newspaper & arranging them on the wall i think we have something really good going.  right now the frames are drying out in the garage after some good ol' spray painting. [update: they are actually hanging on the wall now.  all my friends are amazed that something is hanging on my walls....however, they are still without pictures because i'm super indecisive.  whomp whomp.  i'll take & post a pic soon, maybe even if they're still empty.  that's real life for us i guess.]
laying them on the ground was a good idea, tracing them on newspaper to pre-place on the wall [with tape]was also a good idea.  however we didn't label our newpaper so we got worried that we wouldn't know what went where since some of the frames are similar.  so...i snapped this pic so we'd remember the order.  turns out...thats a good plan too because we were totally confused without it.

we made dinner twice in 1 week [ahhh this happened again this week, i told you we're improving.  i shall call that a miracle]

i figured out my second greatest fear {that doesn't have eternal consequence}.  being the couple in the restaurant who never speaks.  do you ever see them?  looks like they're out on a 'date' and neither one says anything the whole meal.  it makes me so sad.  benny, i hope our dates are always full & deep & fun & lively.  i never want to be that couple.

and back to reality...it's friday!  in real life.  right now.  i'm so excited about that.  this week has kind of flown by and i have no idea where it went. 
--thank you for your prayers for our meeting last night.  i'm excited about the truths that we were able to lay out with our mormon friends.
--tonight i'm hoping to do some haunted house hunting or at least a scary movie night [like hocus pocus wooooooooo...ghost sound] with hs friends
--tomorrow we get to have a blasty blast party with all our friends, homemade oktoberfest here we come.  i'm way hyped!
--we're currently puppy parents.  just for the week. the furballs are running the house.  literally running all over the place and also like running the show.  they do what they want.  and awesome sidenote: yesterday morning i took the pups outside before i left for work.  they saw a squirrel on the roof and our black furbaby ran over to the air conditioning unit and tried to jump on top of it in order to get to the roof.  1.  he couldn't even make it on top of an ac unit, he's tiny and it's less that 3' tall  2. our roof is way higher than 3' even if he could get up there.  hilarious.  our pups are wild. 
--i keep seeing ladies in really cute outfits on blogs etc. who say things like "belt: thrifted"  i've been looking through old belts for months and haven't ever found anything good.  c'mon goodwill - somebody give me your old, awesome belt! 
--and not to be a complete weirdo but i really enjoyed this sermon on who God is and the reality of Hell [vs. common misconceptions].  i really think you'd be encouraged by it.  listen here.  it's tim keller.

Chair Skirt

This chair cover belongs to the previous set
and will go on a cream painted chair.
I've put it on my chair just for the pictures.

Today I am joining in with Cindy at