My monkey is famous...

Remember my sock monkey?

He made it safely to the Craft Hope headquarters (I was a little worried about whether he'd be able to breathe in that little box!) and is now on his way to make the holidays a bit brighter for a child who lost his or her home in the Texas wildfires.

But he got an extra 15 minutes of fame when he was pictured on the Craft Hope website today!

Go do some good, little monkey!

(If you want to be involved with Craft Hope, just keep an eye on the blog. There's usually a new project every month or two... and I'm sure another chance to make a difference will be starting shortly!)

Closed: Nuage 9 Giveaway!

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what's on L's phone?!


my sister's cat Lewis cleaning his anus. cats licking their buttholes is so hilarious.

Cleo and Lewis sharing the couch.

my parents dog Lola666 climbing into my bed in the morning and greeting me with a polite and quiet hello.

Dad decorating the tree!

i went to my Dad's office and was given this by one of his employees. he asked me to read it aloud. so inappropriate! this is the same man who also signed me up for a health insurance plan.

resting after a long day of barking at strangers.

hahaha Cleo was laying on her back on my belly like this watching a movie with her ears all splayed out. so funny and cute.

thanksgiving morning. and MM and CA were such a big asset in the preparation of dinner for 29 people.

thanksgiving mid-morning and we have another wonderful helper.

an hour before thanksgiving dinner and i found this one eager to set the table.  BY THE WAY i made a sweet potato casserole (NO NOT THE ONE WITH MARSHMALLOWS) and it was a raging success. i must have gotten 12 compliments on it. pat on back, self.

 snowww! it's all gone now :( boo

llamas are so bizarre. CA and i took the dogs for a walk and stopped to watch these weirdos.

Cleo and Lola666 cuddling with CA's leg.

 Lewis photobombs.

tiny pup in a big car.

can't see the line can ya Russ?

i realize that i have been gone far too long. but living at my parents' house out of the same suitcase i packed for myself in the cucamongross a month ago isn't exactly conducive to creative outfit ideas. we are about a week and a half away from moving into our very own little house. so close! (JJ said Chanel couldn't come unless i bought him a comfortable chair to watch tv in. so rude. she's coming anyway and i haven't gotten him a chair). the closing date is december 8 and then the workmen are going in to tear up the carpet and refurbish the hardwood floors. THEN we get to move in. i told JJ the first box we are opening is the Christmas box. the tree goes up first. then we can unpack everything else. soon after we move in, we head back down to CA for christmas with JJ's family. then the day after christmas i go to Hawaii with my family and JJ heads back to Seattle. (he can't come to Hawaii this year and it is so SO sad. he has to work). so december is quite the full month for us. it will go by in a flash.

ANYWAY, exciting things:

1. we bought a washer and a dryer and a fridge on black friday. that is the most we have ever bought on black friday. and sears was so gross. so many people hovering over appliances with greedy smiles, like rats staking claim over pieces of cheese.

2. i am 75% done with christmas shopping. only 3 more people on my list. YES! yesterday i was on hour 2 of 3 in my shopping extravaganza when i suddenly felt quite ill. really lightheaded and hot and sweaty like i had had my bloodwork done. i had to sit on the ground in the tj maxx and put my head between my legs. and people walked by like it was completely normal. and nobody asked if i was ok. NOBODY. it was so rude. one man even stepped over me to get a better look at the knitted hats. i mean, if i saw someone sitting on the floor with their head between their legs i would say "are you ok?! can i get you anything?!" and pat them on the back and say "there, there." but i guess i'm just nice like that.

3. my mom, sister MM and i have taken a liking to the horribly cheesy hallmark christmas movies. we watch one every night. and we like to predict what is going to happen in the end. "oh i totally know that santa is going to get his memory back when he sees that picture of mrs. claus...OH! that girl totally asked for a little brother for christmas 10 years ago and when the little brother finds out there's going to be a heartfelt moment..." it's so fun.

4. i ordered a return address stamp for our new address! this is by far the most exciting thing. because we are going to live there for a while. we won't be moving in a year. so i bought a nice stamp. a real rubber one with hand calligraphy.

5. i've taken quite a liking to mandarin oranges lately. like a serious obsession. like 4 a day. they are just so delicious and orange-y.

6. i skipped out on the victoria's secret fashion show this year. wasn't in the mood for all those tall skinny bitches with their perfect lives and crystal thongs to taunt me.

I sewed a skirt!

If you want to guest post on my blog, scroll down or click here for more info. I do still have a couple slots open and would love for you to participate!!!


So, I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was going to make a skirt in the Noodlehead sew-a-long. I was a little slow getting it finished because I ran out of thread at the end and then even more slow in getting it photographed, but here it is... finally!

I'm proud of it because it is the first *real* piece of clothing that I have sewn... I used a real pattern and it has belt loops and pockets and a real zipper and everything!

However, it doesn't fit me.

Nope, I made it too big. I was warned in advance that the pattern ran a little large, so I went down a size after taking my measurements. Turns out I should have gone down about 3 sizes.

And I'm so sad about it. But I really don't think I can fix it without just starting over.

Boo hoo.

Oh well, I guess I'll chalk it up to good practice. I'm sure not many beginning sewers get it perfect on the first try. And it does look nice.

Here's hoping the next skirt I make goes a lot more smoothly!!

so happy for school projects

ben has been working on a school project nearly all day.  and i couldn't be more excited about it.  he has to show a video of his family history.  do you know what that means?  LOTS of old family photos.  i could literally show you like 300 that are amazing & awesome [full of mustaches, large rim glasses & chubby cheeks] but i'll keep it to just a few...for now.

benny's parents.  look how pretty!
[bears, mustache, chunk...what's not to love?]
 heck yeah short shorts in the mountains
and last but not least, the reason i'm scared to give birth...ben's giant little brother


Instagram has quickly become one of my obsessions, as I'm sure it has for a lot of you out there as well! Here are a few photos from the last few weeks. You can find me on Instagram by searching lionslacelattes. If you don't have Instagram, but would like to follow along you can subscribe via email here.

glitter | apple cider with my grandma | Blooms hair accessories | coffee with cinnamon | ModCloth lace top |
 Nuage 9 clutches | outfit post: Military Chic | unfiltered beer at District | driving to Lethbridge

Something New for 2012

Can you believe it is almost the end of the year - again!  I feel like I have only just started, and then it is over.  Gets faster as we get older, don't you think?

On Saturday I went to Melbourne to Australian Quilt Market, with Penny.  Met up with a few friends, old and new, including Sue and Brooke from Mallee Country Crafts, Jenny from Always Quilting, Sue from Patchwork with Busy Fingers, and Christine of Gecko Gully, who is the website designer for all of us.  One big happy family!

We did lots of looking, and few purchases.  It is great to see what other people are doing, and being a bit of gadget girl, I like to have a look at new things to make life easier.  As these new things start to arrive I will add them to the website.  However, there is one thing I can tell you about now - a new Block of the Month from Sue Daley.  It is all English Paper Pieced, and called This Goes with That.  Each month you get two new sets of papers and fabrics to make the little blocks.  They are all the shapes of hexagons, with internal parts that can be fussy cut.  You will also receive little "surprises" each month - might be thread, or needles or some extra thing you might like.

This is what the final quilt might look like, but it will depend on what fabrics you receive, and how you put them together.  This sample was made by Evy of the Quilters Palet, The Hague.

We will start in February, around the middle of the month, but you can register now and save your place.  Over the next few weeks I will be making my own blocks, and will add a few photos for you to see. So, keep an eye out for them.  I am still working on my Antique Sampler blocks, and trying to get them finished before I start.  I fell behind, when I needed to get a few other things completed.


Hoy debería estar haciendo otras cosas (sí, mi lista de cosas por hacer es siempre interminable), pero...
... Es domingo
... Hay niebla
... Tengo nuevas adicciones

En realidad es lo que me faltaba, más cosas que me enganchen, así que si alguien sabe el truco para evitarlo, por favor que me lo diga.

Y es que ¡cómo no engancharse a probar el punto salomón y hacer una bufanda o chal después de haber visto la maravilla de Mila en la quedada anterior! Y si encima tienes la suerte de que una semana después hay otra quedada y se ofrece gustosa al enseñarte, el resultado es un tarde de sábado y una mañana de domingo muy "ajetreadas", pero con un resultado que parece que empieza a tomar forma...

Y ¡cómo no engancharse a ver los cambios de color! Cuando encuentras en ravelry (otra de mis adicciones "secretas") un patrón espectacular, crees que vas a tener un nuevo abrigo en azul, te encuentran una lana perfecta, y montas los puntos... lo "más normal" es "necesitar" saber cómo va a seguir avanzando el cuello en cuestión. Y parece que la cosa no va mal del todo...

Y si de adicciones va la cosa, y alguien quiere probar suerte para una nueva adicción, no tiene más que participar en el sorteo de la Maison Bisoux. Yo por si acaso, ya lo he hecho, no vaya a ser que me quede sin "materia prima" y no pueda seguir probando cosas nuevas.

Y sí, las fotos son pésimas, pero es lo que tienen las adicciones, no te permiten perder el tiempo en hacer fotos para actualizar el blog, que en ese rato bien podrías haber hecho otro par de vueltas. 

"Cutting the mustard"

Llena de energía!

Pasamos de la lluvia a los días soleados! Me encantan estos días fríos pero a la vez soleados para ir a pasear. Como muchos sabéis siempre llevo toques de color en mis outfits. En este caso escogí un jersey de lana mostaza anaranjado combinado con unos leotardos y un clutch del mismo tono.

Os gusta este color??

Full of energy! 

We went from rain to sunshine! I love these cold but sunny days to go out for a walk. As many of you know, I always wear a colored touch in my outfits. In this case I chose an orange mustard wool jumper combined with the same color tights and clutch. 

Do you like this color??

Jumper: Blanco (Autumn-winter 2011)
Shorts: Bershka (old season)
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Bershka 
Clutch: H&M

Ring: Blanco
Bracelets: Blanco

Silk Baby Pouches

I love the lace I on the front of this baby pouch.
It's off white and great to use for many things.

Here with a pink background to highlight the pattern.

It even stands out with a cream background.

On a little bolster with a striped base...

Sigh! I just love my lace...

I hope you have a wonderful week.

I'll be joining in with Cindy at Show and Tell Friday

"It's raining cats and dogs in Barcelona"

Las últimas semanas ha sido como estar viviendo en Londres. La lluvia no ha dejado de visitarnos cada día. Estuve buscando un paraguas transparente como el que os muestro en las fotos y finalmente lo encontré en Zara. Recuerdo que mi amiga Vanesa se compró uno cuando estuvimos en NY! ( qué buenos recuerdos darling!!)

Me gusta porque puedes ver cómo cae la lluvia y además algún que otro rayo de luz!

Os gusta? Llevaríais uno? 

The last few weeks have been like living in London. The rain hasn't ceased to visit us every day. I was looking for a transparent umbrella as this one in the pictures and I finally found it at Zara. I remember that my friend Vanesa bought one when we were on NY! (nice moments darling!)

I like it because you can see the rain comes down and a occasional ray of light!

Do you like it? Would you wear it?

Gabardine: H&M (old season)
Dress: Zara (old season)
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Stradivarius
Cross bag: Zara
Ring: H&M

Umbrella: Zara