11 Things

Samantha tagged me in her Eleven Things post, so here it goes.

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
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1. I have a really difficult time writing about myself. I can talk FOREVER, but I find writing about myself so hard.

2. I was the VP of a sorority in university

3. I am obsessed with books. In high school I liked to work my way through an author and read everything they had ever wrote. I think this might have happened because when I was younger I loved series ( babysitter club, Goosebumps/Fear Street, Sweet Valley Twins/High, Nancy Drew). I needed to collect all the books in each series I was into.

4. I love meeting new people and making new friends. When I was young my family would go camping in BC every summer. One of the first things I would do was scout the playground for new friends.  I had a lot of pen pals growing up.

5. My friends tell me that I'm full of the most random facts and that I seem to forget nothing.

6. I miss university so much! I just loved grabbing a coffee at the Uni coffee shop, running into friends on the way to class, and then sitting back in my chair in the lecture hall sipping on my coffee and taking notes. It definitely helped that I made some amazing friends in University, and seeing my friends almost everyday is probably one of the things I miss the most. Lucky for me most of my uni friends have moved to Calgary!

7. I can't tolerate spice at all. JP will taste test something for me and tell me it's not spicy, I go and taste it and start choking and my eyes start watering! Can't handle it.

8. I'm allergic to milk protein and I'm not very good at avoiding it.

9. My favourite foods are bacon, strawberries, and sweet potatoes!

10. Over the last year I have been trying very hard to get into cooking. I value health and nutrition, but I have a really hard time being patient with cooking. I start to feel like I'm "wasting time" and think about all the other things that I need to get done. I do really like cooking with other people though. I prefer JP to cook, or to cook together.

11. I love working out at the gym and my favourite part is lifting weights. I've also recently been trying to get into running and I have a goal to do a 10k run this spring, a half-marathon next spring/summer and someday I want to do a mini triathlon. I lifeguarded for one a few years ago at a lake community in Calgary and I've been thinking about it ever since. 

1. What is your greatest accomplishment?
hummm.. This is hard..I have something in the works that I'm hoping will be my greatest accomplishment so far, but I don't want to jinx it. If things work in my favour I'll write about it in another post. 
For now I'll say overcoming/working on some of my fears are my greatest accomplishments.

2. What's your favorite song?
I can never just pick one favourite thing but a song I could listen to on repeat right now is Somebody I Used To Know by Gotye.

3. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
Breakfast for sure! I LOVE All breakfast foods. Pancakes, eggs and bacon, hash browns, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal. So yummy. My favourite thing is weekend breakfasts with JP, when we make coffee and breakfast and then watch Seinfeld or Arrested Development reruns together.

4. What are three things that you couldn't live without?
I couldn't live without my integrity, independence, and close relationships/friendships
(Also, my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and my car)

5. What is your greatest fear?
Well, I am terrified of needles, spiders, and mice/rats, but my greatest fear is probably not living up to my dreams and expectations for myself.

6. What is your favorite movie?
I don't have a favourite movie but In general I like comedies.

7. If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be, and why?
*Unlimited money! My reason is so that I can fill my days with only the things that I love, and not have to worry about what I can and can't afford to do. 
*I would wish that I would never be sick again. Wouldn't that be so nice? To be healthy for the rest of your life.
*I would wish for my city to be moved to the coast! I want to live by the ocean, but wouldn't want to leave my friends and family behind.

8. What's your favorite thing about where you live?
My favourite things about where I live are my friends, family and living near the mountains.

9. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In 10 years I hope that I will have a Masters degree in Psychology (maybe a PhD) and that I will have or be working toward starting a private counselling practice. I hope that in 10 years I will have had the chance to travel more, and I see myself living a happy life with my husband. :)

10. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
humm.. Probably my optimism. 

I'm going to tag Mikhaila, Charity, Cee, Rebecca, and Jenna, but feel free to participate and let me know if you do in the comments section. I would love to read your posts! Instead of making up new questions I'm going to stick with the questions that Sam made. 

Come with me...

The fruit trees have begun to bloom
their sweet, sweet fragrance floats through the neighborhood
on warm spring breezes

What could be more beautiful?

flowering peach trees

flowering peach trees

Have I mentioned that I love spring in Texas?

Glucola Hell

yesterday was the dreaded glucose test day. when i had to chug a bottle of flat 7up with 400x the sugar in 5 minutes. then a twitchy, sugar-high drive to the doctor to have the immense displeasure of getting my precious blood stolen straight from my veins. 

let me tell you. the Glucola is the grossest shit ever. like, EVER. i almost threw up. it was worse than in college, drinking monarch vodka out of a las vegas shot glass in front of the boy you like while wearing a black sequins halter top from wet seal. honestly. i sat on my bed yesterday morning at exactly 10:15 a.m. with my bottle of chilled Glucola. i turned up the volume on KLG and Hoda and gave myself a pep talk. then i drank. i drank and i drank and it felt like i was drinking an entire lake of Glucola but when i looked at the bottle, it was like i only had a sip. and the 5 minutes went by so incredibly fast. so in the last minute i had to chug 3/4 of the bottle. so i held my breath and plugged my nose and downed it. and it was gone. and my throat, which was coated in sugar and hate, burned and burned. i gasped for air and drank some water, but the burning lingered. then i made myself a cheese, mayo, mustard and sweet pickle sandwich. only i couldn't eat it. not until they stuck a needle in my arm. it was the worst.

and i know i've mentioned this before, but i have this weird thing where i cannot bend my arm for like 2 hours after i get my blood taken. i have to keep it stick straight until i forget about it and bend it on accident. nothing is more disgusting than picturing the crook of my arm all bruised and bloody and sore, so i just avoid bending it for as long as possible. so JJ kindly carried my purse and my free breastfeeding kit to the car while i walked like a zombie with my arm straight out. (when we lived in Spoke, JJ would take me to get my blood taken and afterward, he would always ((i have had low iron issues for a long time and am no stranger to the blood stealing)) carry my purse and take me to Qdoba as a treat. it was the best). yesterday we got to the car and i snarfled my sandwich. then it was over. top 10 least desirable experiences in my life. and this includes the time i shat my pants at nordstrom rack and had to throw away my underwear in the bathroom of the barnes and noble. 

One Week Hiatus.


I'll be taking a brief break to fully recover from a nasty health problem and stress, if I don't fully rest I know it'll come back. I'll be taking a full week off from everything, thank you for your continued love and support <3 p="p">

a weekend getaway

for me boys are always difficult to buy for.  we celebrate christmas, benny's birthday & love day all back to back - which just complicates my simple gift-giving mind.  i always want to do something sweet for him but i'm not so creative and he likes all kinds of things that i can't really get [like a crapton of expensive electronics, robot dogs, speakers that look like rocks, you know].  so for his birthday i wanted to give something that wasn't a thing.  more like an experience / adventure / date.  now most of the things i think of are girly.  i'm guessing it is because i'm a girl but i think a fella could appreciate them too.  when benny's birthday rolled around i told him to mark last weekend in his calendar but didn't tell him what for.  just to be free.

friday night he found a little note of things to prepare for when he awoke the next day.
we slept in saturday morning [always one of my favorite things]. benny got us donuts and i went shopping for adventuring treats.  we got cleaned up and watched uk play.  the day is getting better and better.

after the game we loaded up our bags & the car and headed off.  ben was terrible to surprise. he must have asked me one million times where we were going.  he guessed everything from laser tag to sky diving.  i told him that his pregnant wife wouldn't be sky diving for a while.  instead we went to a hibachi grill.  i ate so much steak i could barely move.  it was a very yummy place & we got to see all kinds of tricks [love!]

from there we hopped in the car again.  like i said...stuffed with deliciousness.  i took ben to this precious bed & breakfast right outside of town.  now i know something like this is a little 'sweet' for a man but my main thought was just that i really wanted us to get away together.  i wanted to have time that wasn't distracted, planned or interrupted.  time that we don't get a lot of these days.  and time that will probably get fewer & further between as we grow this little family & ben starts working full-time.  i hope we always make time for this though.  i treasure it.
the place was darling.  a big old house out in the country.  horses and rolling hills surround.  it was too cold to wander around for a very long time but we tried to take in the sights.  if i had been really prepared i could have brought some boots and mittens and lasted a bit longer.  it really was a gorgeous day if i could have stopped the wind.
when we arrived the inn keeper told us that no one else would be staying there that night and that she didn't live there so i inadvertently rented a giant, gorgeous mansion / farm for ben and i for the night.  it was fun to pretend that it was ours.  it was so quiet and peaceful.  to ben "quiet and peaceful" might also mean "haunted".  but i'm pretty sure it's not.  the details in the home were perfect.  huge wooden doors, baseboards up to my knees, so much character in every corner.
we played games in the library / study.  towering ceilings and rich wooden walls lined with books.  us playing rummikub & skipbo. i won all the games but ben might have let me.  i brought us strawberries-n-sugar & cinnamon muffins for our evening snack since we were far from civilization.  we watched movies, snuggled and went to sleep very early in our oh so plush king-sized bed. 

breakfast in the morning was to die for.  and i'm not that easy to please when it comes to food.  ugh, i could gobble it up right now.  we were even impressed by the juice!  so funny.

benny, i hope that you had a good and relaxing weekend.  you need that.  time to relax and just be instead of working, planning, organizing and doing.  i loved laughing with you and having our attention undivided.  i love that our real lives are so full & rich but i'm incredibly thankful for a weekend away with you.

you know who else i think loved her first family getaway?  little baby bean...

[we stayed at the ashley inn in bryantsville, ky.  i would certainly recommend it if you're looking for a low-key, beautiful weekend away to be pampered and refreshed.  i feel so excited to return in the fall to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends holly & matt]

what's on L's phone?!

25.5 weeks

i have SO many accidents to look forward to.

you tell me: what on this earth is more exciting than a weenie-mobile spotting?!?!? 

love a random Mark Twain quote.

Cleo looks so smug.

100,000! and we're still having trouble...

 i have never in my life seen someone be so indecisive than JJ in a bookstore. (except maybe my sister CA in a Claire's store circa 1997). after flipping through 14 books, he FINALLY picked one and as we were stepping onto the elevator, he said "nope. no. can't read this. i just spotted the words 'war against worlds...' i can't read that shit." so back to the drawing board we went. then he FINALLY picked another one and we went down the elevator to check out. only then he saw a discounted books table. so he had to stop and look through those for about 20 minutes. then i said, "OK MAN I'M LEAVIN!" and got in line. whereinwhich he changed his mind 4 times before settling on his original book.

thinking really hard about the life-altering decision of which book to read.

me and Cleo loungin'

 what's my obsession with the kissy face this week?

 on the lookout for pirates obviously.

Sam's dog Bella at the beach.

 Sam and i went to brunch sans husbands on sunday. and we went to a place JJ has never been. and whenever this happens, he makes me take a picture of the eggs benedict and send it to him so he can decide "if the hollindaise sauce is real or from a can." aye yi yi.

tinkle leaks

jeans: Rock n Republic, sweater: H&M, faux fur jacket: Wet Seal, shoes: BCBG

this faux fur jacket. i've had it for years and i just adore it. it comes out every now and again when i'm feeling particularly saucy. 

we got a red box movie and gummy lifesavers on friday night. saturday morning we went for noah bagels and to the bookstore to buy a baby names book. then we went out to a fun dinner with friends. on the way home i had to pee badly. and usually it's fine. i just whine and hold it until we get home. only JF the little shit decided to like dance and jump on my bladder in the car, and i literally could not control myself. little tiny tinkles just leaked out. i was like JF C'MONNNNNN WE ARE ALMOST HOMEEEEE LET ME MAKE IT HOMEEEE. but JF just danced and jumped to its own desire. we finally got home and i waddled as fast as i could to the toilet. it could have been a lot worse. i could have emptied my whole bladder and peed myself.

on sunday we went to church but had to leave early because i got light-headed and hot with all the standing and sitting (but baby liked the church music. Hän would start dancing around, it was cute). then Sam came over for brunch and brought her doggie for a date with Cleo. it was fun, and great to see her since she leaves the glorious state of WA on friday (sniffle) to carry out a fancy career and sunny life in AZ. then JJ and i watched Mr. Popper's Penguins which i absolutely loved, and lounged around until the Academy Awards came on. JJ ran to the gym while i watched the dresses. as i was judging the celebrities, i felt a little tickle in my nostril. i was thrilled because really, nothing is better than a satisfying sneeze. i let out a huge sonic boom from my nose and was horrified to discover that i had warmth in my undies. you guys. i pissed my pants. I SNEEZED AND PISSED MY PANTS. WTFFFFFF. i didn't even see it coming. i didn't even have to pee. like i literally had just gone pee 3 minutes before this happened. thank GOD i was at home and not in public somewhere. it's all JF's fault. i think Hän was totally laughing on the inside. 

i just don't understand where all of this pee is coming from. last night i got up five FIVEEEE times to pee. and each time was a flowing river. i think to myself at 3 a.m. "OK this has GOT to be it. i drank a glass of water at 7 p.m. and this has to be the last of it." but then at 5 a.m. my bladder refills itself to a plentiful flowing Niagara Falls. like where does all that pee magically appear from?? it's tres annoying and doesn't make any sense. 

at this point in the pregnancy, i think it's safe to say that when i gotta go, I GOTTA GO. no waiting it out to see if JF bounces around on my bladder enough to make me piss myself in public. i already peed my Calvin Klein shorts that one time in 5th grade at the 7-11, i don't need to be a 25-year-old disgracing myself by peeing in my maternity leggings in Target.

18 weeks

WEEK 18:
what's cooking? [new baby things]: i've read that babe was probably anywhere from 5"-6" inches long this past week, about the size of a pickle or bell pepper from crown to rump. babe weighs about 5-7 oz. she's covered in goo, i won't tell you the words they use to describe it but apparently the goo does all sorts of good things.  her nerves are developing a bunch this week. she should be moving all over the place [and is!] & maybe yawning and hiccuping now.

gender: a little lady is in our midst!  4 more days until we get to double confirm her girliness.  still no name.  i keep asking her but she just kicks. i don't know what that means.

movement: lots and lots!  she is moving so much.  she surprises me all the time & i love the little reminders that she's there [even though it is just like having an alien in your belly].  i think she's rolling around, stretching out, kicking & adjusting.  the movements feel stronger and stronger to me but ben has mainly felt faint pokes and only a few strong ones.  sweet jenna got kicked at biblestudy this past week.  it was awesome.

momma developments: i'm doing great.  still feel like i'm growing.  i had one headache this past week but our weather has been crazy [hot one day, freezing the next, sun, rain, snow...all of it].  i think it does something crazy to my sinuses and just makes my face hurt.  i've been pretty tired and i'm wondering if we're about to go through a growth spurt, even though no info really says that we are.  sleeping is a little more difficult / less comfortable all of a sudden.  i've been waking up more and then had trouble getting in a comfortable position to go back to sleep.  but don't worry, i definitely rested up for you this weekend ;)

total weight gain: 8-8.5 pounds.  the 10 pound day last week must have been a freak thing because i've pretty much leveled off at 8 or 8.5 pound gain every other time i check in.  i feel pretty good about that with the time i have left in the trimester.

maternity clothes: all of my tops are regulars for the most part but i have switched over to all maternity pants, skirts or leggings at this point.  i haven't gone shopping again but my dear friend mandy did loan me lots of options.  some will have to wait until i grow more, or for spring but i am thrilled to have a few more options when that rolls around.

here is the one maternity top i've bought so far.  it was under $3 at old navy, i kind of had to do it.  a basic tee for $2.00-something? and the jeans are the one pair i've purchased so far, from old navy too.  $25.  they aren't perfect but they work...for now!
cravings:  no serious cravings this week!  i've just wanted to eat a lot of food?

anything hard?
still having selfishness & control issues.  hoping to rely on the Lord and his plans instead of working toward my own ends.

never forget: i'll never ever forget the few times that your pop has felt you move.  the big movements are my favorite for him to see / feel.  i wish that i could share you with him more but for now you're kind of just mine [which is weird].  it is a huge blessing to get to carry you around with me for these months.  i loved that you kicked auntie jenna.  she's my first friend [non-spouse] to feel you i think.  very exciting.  you kicked right on cue.  you have a few little dresses now and i can't wait to put you in them.  we're only 2 weeks away from halfway and that makes me feel like a crazy.  there is just so much i want to do and prepare for before you arrive.  this weekend you went on your first little getaway.  i'll write about it later but i think that you had so much fun on your little 'family' outting.

baby info sources:
baby center
parents connect
what to expect

New York City GIRL

Hello my dearest readers!

These last weeks I have been busy and it seems that next week will be the same... 
I'M GOING TO NEW YORK in a few hours!! 

Amazinggggggg!!! I can't wait to see NY again!! In fact, it's one of my favourite cities! 
This is the BEST PART OF MY JOB! Always 
travelling around the world... :D

I will be "out of the blog" and the office because of the journey but I promise to show you all the pictures taken there as soon as I come back to Barcelona.

 Coat: ZARA (spring summer 2012)
T-shirt: ZARA (spring summer 2012)
Legging: Bershka (old season)
Boots: ZARA (old season)
Bag: Desigual (one of my creations!)
Ring: Pull & Bear (old season)

Lots of love!

New facebook account and poll!

If you see that picture requesting it's just me, thought I would let everyone know so it doesn't seem weird. Also answer my poll if you're interested in my craft tutorials, you can have the chance to decide the next one. This months paper making will be posted on Monday :)

Things that I want

Caprichos - Vagaries