a team, a family

since i speak of it often, you likely already know that we are involved with a ministry called young life whose mission is to love high school & middle school students well, enter their world & help them process truths of the gospel.  regardless of their response to Jesus we are still committed to walking through life with these friends.  ministry has undoubtedly been one of the greatest blessings of my life and marriage.  it is insane that God calls us to do this - 'to give our lives away' and THAT is the way He will use us.  THAT is the way He will show us more of Himself. His power.  His amazing grace.  we've seen God move in the awesome times but equally [or more] in the really hard, difficult parts as well.  God is so good.  i think it really is true - the benefactor of ministry is the minister.  i don't say that selfishly, i know it is by design.  God challenges and invites us into this for that specific purpose - to grow us, for us to see Him more.  for His glory.
Here is what Livingstone said to the Cambridge students about his “leaving” the benefits of England:
For my own part, I have never ceased to rejoice that God has appointed me to such an office. People talk of the sacrifice I have made in spending so much of my life in Africa. . . . Is that a sacrifice which brings its own blest reward in healthful activity, the consciousness of doing good, peace of mind, and a bright hope of a glorious destiny hereafter? Away with the word in such a view, and with such a thought! It is emphatically no sacrifice. Say rather it is a privilege. Anxiety, sickness, suffering, or danger, now and then, with a foregoing of the common conveniences and charities of this life, may make us pause, and cause the spirit to waver, and the soul to sink; but let this only be for a moment. All these are nothing when compared with the glory which shall be revealed in and for us. I never made a sacrifice. 
no matter what our ministry looks like in the many years to come i hope we can share livingstone's attitude & heart.  we are so unworthy of such a gift.
 psalm 71:17-18
Since my youth, God, you have taught me,
   and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.
Even when I am old and gray,
   do not forsake me, my God,
till I declare your power to the next generation,
   your mighty acts to all who are to come.

we have partners too.  a 'team.' a family to do life and mission with.  these are our brothers and sisters and we LOVE them.  they are some of our dearest friends and their hearts for people spur us on daily.  they encourage us to love people well and pursue people with the gospel in mind.  they encourage us to be real and above all us know the Lord for ourselves.  i am so thankful that God has specifically placed each of these friends in our lives.

our joy is great.  even in trial - we have every reason to rejoice.
i pray that we never quit.  not just this specific ministry but this race.  that we'd never take our eyes off the prize - eternity with the author of life.  i pray that we'd never grow weary and lose heart.  i pray that we'd know God and his goodness for ourselves.  never quit.

"he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."
 -jim elliot

concurso Tejeme

como ya sabeis soy fiel compradora en la tienda Tejeme y cada nada os estoy comentando sobre sus lanas! Pasaros por su blog al concurso que tienen de primavera que es muy interesante!!! (imaginaros! unas addi, una ovillos schoppel wolle, patron y bolsita!!! todo un kit!!!)

El Sindrome del WIP

WIP o Work in Progress, son todas esas cositas de punto que tengo empezadas... y que no termino. Calcetines que solo tienen terminado uno de la pareja, chales empezados y dejados porque necesito una concentración que en ese momento no puedo dedicarle, chales que como la lana me da calor he aparcado un rato hasta que haga un poco más de fresco, oh! tengo que hacer esos calcetines ya! (otro par a medio hacer)... Me entendeis.

No es Procastinación (recomendable post de la Divina de la Muerte), es querer hacer demasiadas cosas y no tener tiempo para todas. Porque mejor no menciono el hilado, que ahí si que voy con retraso.

Así que, antes de empezar el enesimo chal y los enésimos calcetines (estos sí que tengo que hacerlos porque tengo que escribir el patrón, que será uno de los hand outs del Phat Fiber de Mayo), he tenido que establecer prioridades:

1. Calcetines del Consorte.
2. Calcetines de la Xörgin.
3. Annis Rojo.
4. Patrón.
5. Y tooodo lo demás... según me dé el siroco porque me conozco y estas intenciones me duran poco tiempo.

¿He dicho ya que además, tengo la sana intención de teñir algo?

Más que Síndrome, creo que tengo varias patologías asociadas, resumibles en ser una YarnFiend.

still learning

tee: Gap, tutu skirt: White House Black Market, shoes: Kelsi Dagger, pearls: Nordstrom Rack

how do i not look pregnant in that second shot? i'm so stupidly pregnant that it is really a mystery to me.

this video is SO hilarious. watch it. i laughed and i laughed and i laughed. 

i learned two things about my husband last night:

1. he has never seen Anchorman. WHAT?!?!?! i cannot even... i was talking about how great it is that they're making a sequel and i said, "i know how to play the yazz flute, do you?" and he didn't get it and he surely didn't laugh. it was really annoying. he just looked at me and said, "i've never seen Anchorman, i don't think i would like it." SHUTUPPPPPPPP EVERYONE LOVES ANCHORMAN. so. 'watch Anchorman together' is on our to-do list. 

2. he has never had the chicken pox. HOW?! HOW HAS HE NEVER HAD THE CHICKEN POX?! he never got them. but everyone got them, i don't understand how he didn't. 

we've been together for 5.5 years and married for nearly 3, yet there are things as important as Ron Burgandy and the pox that i am still learning about that crazy, crazy man. 

De moda y a lo loco en MARIE CLAIRE part II

Mi último outfit seleccionado por la revista MARIE CLAIRE!

Gracias a todos por vuestro incondicional apoyo!

My last outfit selected by MARIE CLAIRE's magazine!

Thanks everyone for your unconditional support!!!

giggle fit

dress/belt: F21, sweater: Target, boots: BCBG

look at those nasty roots, yo. nothing reminds you of your flawed appearance like your own blog. 

we are the youngest by FAR in our birth class. which is sort of sad to me. because i don't think i'm going to find a pal. and i really wanted a pal with a baby. we are the only couple who did not find out the gender and the only couple who hasn't named the baby (anything other than JF). i am also the only person who got a case of the giggles during the video. you know when that happens? you think of something funny in a setting where it isn't appropriate to laugh, and you literally CANNOT stop laughing. you try really hard to stop and it only makes you laugh even more. well that happened to me last night and i couldn't help it. the video was explaining the stages of labor. and showing these women pushing. and all i could think about was myself pushing and a big steaming turd coming out. and so i laughed and i laughed and i laughed and i tried to stifle it by burying my head into JJ's shoulder. i know, i'm so mature. then JJ shushed me. he SHUSHED me! he was totally embarrassed of me. so i focused really hard on trying to think of something to make me stop laughing, and ended up picturing the baby actually coming out of me which turned out to be very unfunny indeed.

also we had to sign up to bring snacks one week. and the instructor was going on and on about bringing a nutritious snack like whole wheat crackers, no cookies allowed. and it was ironic because she is fat. c'mon lady. you know you like doughnuts just as much as i do, stop pretending that all you eat is kale and water.

i showed JJ the stroller i picked out and he said, "WHOA! that thing looks like scary sleepy hollow shit." just please. he wouldn't know a chic stroller if it hit him in the nuts. 

Sunday Excursions

Whoa, sometimes it feels like I blink my eyes and weeks have disappeared! I meant to get this post out sooner, but somehow life always seems to get so busy and takes me away from blogging. 

A couple weekends ago my cousin and I decided to check out Market Collective. I love finding unique locally made art, jewellery, clothes and so on at Market Collective. Last time I bought a couple photographs by Amy Victoria Wakefield, this time i bought a sweat shirt by CAMP clothing. I have literally been living in it since! The first thing I do when I'm home now is put on my CAMP sweat shirt. 

So, I'm completely obsessed with the Hunger Games right now! I wanted to wait to read the books until after I saw the movie, but JP and I weren't proactive enough to buy tickets to the movie, so I broke down and started reading on the weekend. I'm halfway through the second book! Sooooo good! Has anyone else read the books or seen the movie? What did you think?

My beautiful cousin Lesley!
Photos of me by Lesley

Outfit Details
ModCloth Let's Celebrate Dress
Joe Fresh tights and denim button up (similar)
Danier leather jacket (similar)
Steve Madden Troopa Boots
Matt and Nat purse

two people. same shirt.

The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever: Liz Lange for Target, leather vest: Nordstrom, boots: MIA

wednesday is going to be The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever day. 

our first birth class is tonight. the teacher emailed us handouts on nutrition, which is not my best subject.  i hope she doesn't ask us to keep a journal of our meals or anything because i would just have to lie and write "spinach and broccoli and brown rice" instead of "cocoa puffs and an apple." but i did see a commercial that cocoa puffs are now made with more whole grains, soooo....really i'm fine. 

i wear athletic tees to bed. i have quite a nice little collection going. mostly from college, a few even from high school, and the obvious taylor swift/brooks & dunn concert tee thrown in there. only lately, those once comfortable athletic tees are like a straight jacket for my belly. so tight. and so constricting. athletic tees don't really stretch, ya know? so i have been wearing JJ's tshirts to bed instead. his size XL man shirts. which in my head i thought was pretty cute. they smell like him and it makes me feel like a giddy schoolgirl wearing her boyfriend's letterman jacket. then the other night we were laying in bed chatting, JJ and i. when i realized that we were wearing the EXACT same t-shirt in different colors. (JJ has a favorite: the mossimo v-neck from target. he has one in every shade) and he looked so much better in it than me. which was so annoying. like, no i don't wish to look like a giant, sloppy pot-bellied pig in an XL men's t-shirt (which i accidentally spilled macaroni and cheese on) while JJ gets to go about his day wearing a clean version of the same shirt, looking all dapper and sexy! NO! life is so unfair. 

Follow in their footsteps: LINDSEY WIXSON

Esta semana en la sección de "Follow in their footsteps" me gustaría mostrarps otra Top Model internacional: Lindsey Wixson. Tan sólo tiene 18 años y ya ha trabajado para grandes como John Galliano, Versace, Miu Miu y muchos más.

Conocida por sus labios gruesos definidos y su diastema (separación en los dientes), todos la conocen como la modelos con cara de bebé.

La conocíais? Me encanta porque no es una modelo del montón!

This week in "Follow in their footsteps" section, I would like to show you another International Top Model: Lindsey Wixson. She's only 18 years old and she has worked for John Galliano, Versace, Miu Miu and many more.

She's well-known for her unique and defined "bee-stung lips" and gapped front teeth, everybody knows her as the "Baby-faced" model.

Did you know her? I really love that she's not an ordinary model!

what's on L's phone?!

i don't know why i posted this pic. like why would my readers care to see a picture of butterfinger eggs? you totally don't. but this is my blog. and these eggs occupy my mind 98% of the time currently, so post a picture of them i must! 


KKiss and me circa 2000/2001. she sent it to me via text. aren't we adorable?? look at those bangs. and i remember that tshirt. it was from the gap. it has pastel colored flowers on it and i thought it was so cool. especially paired with my light pink capri pants and doc marten sandals. 

i'm so glad i have these boots. i felt kind of silly when i bought them living in southern California, but now that we're in Seattle...really i wear them at least once a week. they're obviously necessary for the rain, but they've turned out to be perfect for the dog beach too.

sunbathing beauty! 

i don't know. it's a bird in flight. i felt artsy for taking it.  

my two faves.  

we took advantage of the sun. we sat in our rockers in silence like a coupla old people and read all weekend.  


Bluebonnet trails

Remember I mentioned bluebonnets in my last post? (here)

Well, I saw even more of them this weekend. Millions more.

And they were gorgeous. Like a carpet of purple flowers spreading as far as the eye could see.

It's no wonder that Texans love them. I do too!

Texas bluebonnets

And their smell was simply heavenly.

I didn't expect them to have much of a smell... I guess because I never see bluebonnet scented lotion, or bluebonnet scented soap, or bluebonnet scented candles. But man oh man, there should be!

Texas bluebonnets


Texas bluebonnets

These bluebonnets were outside of Ennis, Texas. There are "bluebonnet trails"... basically backroads marked with signs for where to see the best flower shows. I love driving backroads (especially gravel roads!) and I love flowers, so this was my kind of trip! My husband isn't really into flowers as much as I am, but even he was impressed with some of the gorgeous views.

Texas bluebonnets

Lots of other people were out enjoying the bluebonnets with us, many of them taking photographs, like in the picture below. In the best spots, there were people everywhere! But not so many that it took away from the experience.

Texas bluebonnets

I think this just might become a new spring tradition!

dramatic turn of events

JJ had a four day weekend. so i didn't bother blogging while i had all the time in the world to bug him. it was glorious to have him hanging around all the time. we took Cleo to the beach, ran errands, snuggled on the couch, went to the hunger games and chinese food with friends and had the best time ever.

and then it ended abruptly and harshly this morning. first, i had a terrible night of sleep because Cleo was having one of her "episodes" where she shivers violently and is all pitiful looking. then, on his way out the door to his new job this morning, JJ said "oh. i clogged the toilet and can't find the plungerrrrrrrrrr loveyoubye" alsdjflaskdjflaksdjflkasdfj. he shut the door and i shouted out "WHYYYYYYYYYYY" and threw my hands dramatically up in the air. then i realized we DON'T have a plunger. and the rite aid didn't open until 8. but i had to poo real REAL bad. like sweaty forehead bad. i tried to hold it, but really, when you are 7 months pregnant and constantly constipated, a hankering to poo is like a little miracle. so i just HAD to go. i almost went outside like a dog. but instead chose the path of civilized human and just pooped on top of JJ's poop. it was so disgusting. then i went to rite aid in my pajamas to buy a plunger but i couldn't find them. so i had to ask the worker where they kept the plungers. so embarr. but the good news is that i happened upon a nice deal on butterfinger chocolate eggs on my way to the checkout. when i got home i let Cleo out to pee and then i plunged and i plunged and i almost puked and then the toilet was fixed.

i got dressed and made my lunch and on my way out the door to work, i went outside to call Cleo in. no response. "TREATS!" "BYE-BYE!" "LET'S GO TO THE BEACH!" "WANNA GO FOR A WALK?" no response. panic. tears. hyperventilation. frantic phone call to Mom. frantic drive all around neighborhood, to the dog beach, etc. call to work to tell them Cleo ran away and i cannot come in. big, ugly sobs. call to humane society. out back to try to call her again. nothing. full. on. panic. attack. picturing dead Cleo on side of road. picturing someone stealing Cleo because she's so cute. freak out even more. scream. cry. etc. it was all very dramatic. then, finally FINALLY, two hours later, Cleo is found. cold and wet and dirty and shivering. i squeezed her until her eyes popped out and cried into her hair. i wrapped her up tightly like a baby in a blanket and she hasn't left my side since. pooooor little puppet. and poooooor old L. and poooooor tiny JF. that was a lot of stress for all of us on this monday morning. now we are snuggled up having a day in watching mad men on the dvr and eating butterfinger eggs.

all is calm and well again.


Last Thursday I attended the media launch party for the beauty parlour, Butter, by the creators of Hedkandi Salon. The space was inviting and absolutely gorgeous, and the staff were friendly and warm. We were able to try out any of the services that Butter offered including waxing, pedicures and manicures. I chose to get a blowout.

The space was set up to feel more like you are at a good friends house getting ready for a night out, rather than a hair salon or spa. I really loved this concept, and my cousin and I thought it would be the perfect place for a girls night out, a staggette or for a bridal party to get ready together before a wedding. 

Of course, one of the best parts of the opening was the appetizers provided by Wurst, which is the neighbouring restaurant. 

Butter Beauty Parlour is located at:
2429 4th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta

follow me on instagram an twitter @lionslacelates

photos of me by Lesley

photo via @butterbeautyYYC