Gemma Julianne Hansen
May 28, 2012
8 lbs 4 oz

cannot believe she's a girl! what a lovely surprise. we are totally smitten with little Gemcake over here, she is the sweetest baby ever in life. 

also she has had an above average amount of poopy diapers. JJ says it's because she takes after her Mom. rude! 

New Threads

Something new for me.  I was teaching one of my regular Saturday classes at Mallee Country Crafts, at McLaren Flat, and one of the girls, Julie,  had this bobbin saver with all the beautiful threads in it.  I had seen them before, but thought of them mostly for machine work.

However, the thread in this bobbin is Masterpiece - which is the 100% 50 weight cotton - perfect for hand applique.  I lusted after it a bit, and found that they come in another colour group
in this lilac bobbin saver.  I wanted them for myself - has anyone seen my thread case?  It is a disgrace!  I wondered if I might get neat if I used one of these. Miracles do happen.

So I bought them for myself, and while I was at it bought some for resale.  They are now listed on my website for $50, which includes postage within Australia.

Now all I have to do is find a project which requires more colours than red and green, and I will be in seventh heaven.  I have been working on red and green quilts for so long, and I need a little more colour in my life. 

May round up.


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Silk Organza

See what I found... silk organza with velvet
 embroidered roses, it can't get any yummier than this...
Now I have to find out what to make out of it.

Oh! and here are some more cushions.
Sweet fairies for a little girls room.

Lots of birds, flowers and patterns.

Rachel Ashwell's sample material..

Can you see the pink lace peeking from under 

Why should girls have all the fun!

So I made a few blue baby pouches;
now boys can feel special too!

I hope you have a lovely week.

Today I will be joining in with

PARK Designer Sample Sale

I had so much fun at the PARK Designer Sample Sale last year, I can't wait to go again this year!

Mark your calendars:
Saturday, June 16
Gerry Thomas Gallery, 602 11Avenue SW
$5 donation at the door

Featured Designers:
Paul Hardy
Caitlin Power
Lara Presber
Anne B. Accessories

apron update

Remember the aprons I made for Craft Hope?

Well, they've been received and will soon be sent to Haiti.

I just had to share some gorgeous photos from the Haiti by Hand website of the hundreds of aprons that have been sent in.

aprons for craft hope

Aren't they lovely? The delivery of these gorgeous aprons is sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

aprons for craft hope

There are the ones I made... the two on the center right!

aprons for craft hope

Also, if you are interested in making aprons for Haiti, the deadline has been extended to July, so get busy! For more info, see the Craft Hope Facebook page. Happy sewing!

Last Days of Autumn

We have had some rainy overcast days this month and it really makes me feel miserable.  I don't do winter at all well.  Today I walked through the front garden inspecting weeds, and noticed how pretty it was looking.  We have to have the rain, or we don;t get the flowers - fact! 

There are some plants that keep colour in the garden all year around - mine are Salvias.  There are hundreds of varieties, and some of my clever gardening friends will tell me the names of all of them.  You have to cut them back when they finish flowering in summer, and then you get this for the rest of autumn and into winter.  People describe my garden as "cottage garden" style.  Really, it has no style - if it lives it stays, if it dies it goes.  We just keep re-planting things that survive our harsh summers.

I picked a few of the pretties and brought them inside for the kitchen window.  It looks like a spring 

the very last of the red glory vines leaves.  This is like an ornamental grape vine.  We have it all over the outside of the house, and there are just a few pretty red leaves left.  Winter will be here next week.

showers for a princess

we have already been so blessed to experience two showers for our sweet little babe.  the first was a surprise shower hosted by the ladies at my work.  they told me we were all going out lunch together to mini-celebrate another co-worker who has recent baby news of her own.  when we left to go get in the car they were all in the lobby.  it was darling!  they brought all kinds of yummy food, pot-luck style and i stuffed my face.  they even had all of my favorite things to drink & dot-cake cupcakes.  i was in heaven.  emmie liked it too.

i didn't have the slightest clue it was coming so was pretty much floored.  they gave itty bitty all kinds of essentials and some non-essentials that were too cute to pass up.  like some teeny flip flops that are about an inch long.  oh my!  i'm so blessed to work with so many sweet, thoughtful women.  i'm going to miss them once i'm home with the babe.  i won't miss working so much, but i do think i'll really miss the people.

since i didn't know it was coming i didn't bring a camera and don't have one single picture of the day.  if i ever get my hands on some i'll come back and add.

our second shower was last tuesday.  it was thrown by the women on my mom's side.  it was intimate and small and perfect.  they are so generous and kind to give of their time, drive from all over and on top of that shower us with all kinds of baby things.  i did manage to snag a few pictures at this one!
i, again stuffed my face with all of my favorite goodies, so sweetly prepared by my family [notice a pattern] and just enjoyed their company.  they've got really good stories.  i love that little lady will grow up with so many loving people surrounding her.
i know that our family and community is unique.  not everyone has such an amazing support system around them.  people to celebrate with, people to ask how you're doing, people to shower you with over-the-top presents because they know you and your baby will love them, people that tell you that you "you're all belly" when you really have cankles.  i'm so thankful for all that we've been given and for the people that i believe God has strategically placed around us.  what a gift.


Después de tres días de relax en la playa y cuidando a mi sobrino pequeño, sol en Barcelona y color naranja en mi outfit. 

Os muestro estos pantalones de Pull & Bear que me encantaron cuando los vi.
Como veis soy de estampados florales en diferentes tipos de prenda pero siempre sin combinarlos con demasiadas joyas o complementos.

Ya tenéis vuestro pantalón estampado? Qué tipo de estampado preferís?

After three days relaxing on the beach and taking care of my little nephew, there's sun in Barcelona and "orange" in my outfit.

I'm showing you these flowered trousers from Pull & Bear that I really love!
As you can see, I like floral prints in different items but always, and so important,  without combining them with too much jewelry and accessories.

Have you got your print trousers? Which type of print do you prefer?

T-shirt: Zara (old season)
Trousers: Pull & Bear (Spring-Summer 2012)
Shoes: Bershka (old season)
Clutch: H&M (old season)

Necklace and Ring: Pull&Bear 

a name

we finally did it! we decided on a name for our little princess-to-be.  it took us months and months to talk through all kinds of options.  it was fun, it was frustrating, it was exciting.  we just wanted it to fit her.  to fit us.  a name that would grow with her and she grows, a name that is sweet [like we're hoping this little one will be].  one that is unique but not so unique that people will be confused when she introduces herself.  not too trendy, not too popular.  we eventually found something that we hope will fit her just right...
we probably had about 40 names that we went back and forth about.  i may have made a google doc for us to keep track of our ideas [i'm a complete nerd].  some were knocked out because one of us liked them and the other did not.  others because we know someone close who is using that name.  if i thought about any name for long enough i could eventually find a flaw, you know like "if you say it fast is sounds like alien," "it rhymes with ferret," etc.

i prayed that the Lord would do that thing where he shows up and says "you'll have a daughter and her name will be _____.  she will go on to do _____."  i'd take that and call it a day.  sadly, that never happened.

we both really loved the idea of calling this little lady em and emmie but we wanted her to have a name that she could use as an adult and we were worried that emmie would be to youthful for when she's all grown up.  we tried to think of lots of 'grown-up' names you could use for em / emmie.  we discussed emerson and emory the most but neither of us could get completely on board.  weeks later we said, what the hey.  emmie can be an adult.  and that was that.

almost everyone asks "...and what is collins?" when we tell them her name.  its just a name we love.  it's not a family name.  its not 'from somewhere' we just think it's perfect.
little emmie collins,

we cannot wait for you to be here.  we have loved calling you your name since the decision was made. it fits.  and hopefully, once you're here, you'll agree.  you're a little person, now with a little name and we hope that someday you will grow up to be a compassionate, generous, light for the Lord.  we can't wait to snuggle and love you out here.  you are already such a blessed addition to our family.  we're so thankful for you.

mom & pop

31 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe weighs somewhere between 3 and 3.5 pounds and about 16-18 inches long which is almost how long she'll be when she's born.  oh. my. goodness.  babe's brain is processing lots of information from all 5 senses now.  she should [and does] also have more defined sleeping patterns.

gender: teeny tiny little girl!

movement: still moving continually but now with really big, sweeping movements.  she still does her tae bo in the mornings so i get some quick jabs but for the most part i get big waves and sweeps.

momma developments: seems like my face is gradually getting fatter.  sometimes i think i look normal and other times i don't, so maybe it's just swollen OR maybe just gaining weight there.  time will tell :)

i literally have to pee as soon as i stand up, every time i stand up - yikes.  i peed 7 times before noon the other day.  not ok. who's got that kind of time?

i had a few weeks off from the leg cramps but they're baaaack. i think it might really be the water. last night i had a few terrible ones and right before i had climbed into bed i said - "today i barely had any water." it's like the kiss of death.

total weight gain: 27-28 pounds

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind.

cravings: nothing much.  just jimmy johns.  i almost convinced ben to let me have it this week :)  slim 4 w/ provolone i need you.

anything hard?
i've been a tornado of destruction this week. i don't know what's going on but i'm breaking everything.  it's really sad.  i crushed a whole sprite in our ice maker and had it explode all over the inside and outside of the fridge. i broke a mirror in ben's car.  i dropped more things than i can count and basically body-slammed my straightener on the floor [on accident].

never forget:
this was another busy but awesome week around our home.  anytime i'm hit once again by the 'you're-about-to-be-responsible-for-a-little-life-train' i feel kind of crazy.  it's something i can't really wrap my head around.  when i remember that all these little [and big] pokes and prods in my belly mean that there's a little human in there i'm basically stunned all over again.  completely ecstatic and utterly overwhelmed all in one.  this is definitely one of those huge life transitions that brings change forever - but change that is perfect.

on monday, we had a send-off for randi & clinton that you just saw get hitched.  they are moving across the country so it was only fitting that we send them on their grand-adventure surrounded by lots of dear friends.  the babe kicked everyone and it was a blessing to get to be there for that.

on tuesday we had such a lovely shower with some ladies in the family on my mom's side.  my cousin [who is much like an aunt] hosted it and my momma, grandma and other cousin's brought the yummiest food.  they showered me and the babe with all kinds of love and very generous presents.  i'll post about that soon!  babe, you gotta know how blessed you are to have such wonderful family.  they love you already so i know they'll take such good care of you when you're here!

ben & i went to a labor class, which was basically a pain management class. i was glad that we went and learned breathing techniques and positions that may ease discomfort a teeny tiny bit before i get some drugs but i also wanted a bit more info on what would happen while i'm delivering. i think i maybe want more preparation than anyone can give me.

after reading through heinous literature from that class we met up with some of our best friends in the world to see 'what to expect when you're expecting.'  ang, and i giggled basically the entire time.  we all really loved it i think.  i may have been a little too baby-emotional to watch a baby movie.  this decision was made after i nearly cried 5 separate times and had to think about funny unicorn jokes from earlier in the movie. i'm real thankful for dear friends and for the chance to spend time with them.  we are so blessed to have friends who have had kids before us to encourage us, share ideas with us, teach us & challenge us.

itty bitty, you got to go shopping with your grandma [karen] this week.  we looked at baby chairs for you.  they are harder to find than you might think.  me and your poppa made our final selection so 12 should have a soft comfy place to rock you once you arrive.

you went to lhs graduation + graduation parties, and took a mini-trip up to nky to visit your family [there was definitely a house-full].

and last, your future bff, silas, knows you're in my belly and calls you by name.  it has to be just about the sweetest thing ever.


today JJ went golfing and i took Cleo and my belly for a walk.