1st of July - and the winner is.......

Merrilyn!   Lucky you!  I wrote all the names on papers, folded them and did the blind draw.

I took a couple of photos of the one I drew, but neither showed up properly, so you have to trust me.

Merrilyn - email me your address and I will post the stems and ovals to you.

Thanks for the support girls!  I have a couple of things to tell you and show you but I have been hibernating a bit with the horrid winter weather.

Next weekend I am off to a retreat at Melrose in the Flinders Ranges, and I have to go through my UFO's and see what I would like to work on.  Also have to look at all my really warm clothes as it is a bunk-house style accommodation, and it is very cold there.

Lilacs & Bicycle Paths

Here are the latest photos Sheri and I took together. Sheri made me this beautiful skirt, and I just adore the details! She also made herself the dress she's wearing, and she has just enough material leftover to make either another skirt or dress. Check out Sheri's blog post here, and if you want to custom order a version of this skirt or dress visit her Etsy shop here

In other news it's the Canada Day long weekend and I'm so excited for three days of total relaxation. The sun is bright and shining today and my cousin and I are planning on buying and planting some flowers. 

Outfit Details

On me
skirt | Notsoseemless
silk t-shirt | Joe Fresh
jean jacket | American Eagle
shoes | Aldo
watch | vintage
ring | InPink

On Sheri
dress | Notsoseemless
shoes | Roberto Vianni
bracelet | Pandora


Estas últimas temporadas hemos visto en todas partes el ya famoso y conocido "Peplum" estilo. Lo que quizás no sepáis es que dicho estilo está de moda desde hace muchos años. El origen viene desde los años 20 y año tras año ha ido resurgiendo de diferentes maneras.

Una vez más, la industria de la moda se ha basado en el reciclaje y la reelaboración de ideas de antaño. Esta es mi manera personal en el 2012 de llevar el estilo peplum.

Os gusta?

These last seasons we have seen "Peplum" style everywhere. But maybe you didn't know that this famous style is so fashionable for many years. The origin was from the 20's decade and year after year has been a resurgence in a different ways.

Once again, the fashion industry is based on the recycling and reworking of ideas from days gone by and this is my personal way of wearing peplum style.

Do you like it?

Peplum top: ZARA (Spring Summer 2012)
Skirt: Bershka (Spring Summer 2012)
Vintage Bag: Paris
Shoes: NY

York holiday outfits.

Cardigan - H&M.
Top - band t-shirt unknown source.
Bloomers - Etsy.
Necklace - Decarabia.

Sunglasses - vintage.
Circle skirt - K Lady Loves.
Velvet top - unknown source.
Hair bow - Etsy.

Dress - vintage.
Hair scarf - vintage.
Glasses - Red or Dead at Specsavers.
Necklace - gift from Italy.

Sadly lost one of my favourite rings in the B&B room! And that guy defs isn't my boyfriend *rolls eyes*

Pretty Bows

 I've been bitten by the Bow Bug! 

Ribbon Bows,
Silk Bows...
I saw this one at Rachel Ashwell's site
and I just had to have one!
so I made my own.

Here I added bows to a set of pillows.

They will be used with vintage iron garden chairs.

I've booked our flights, 
rented a car from Avignon train station
and a nice house next to the Ardeche river.
                                                  Countdown started to the 21st of July!

I will highlight all the markets I wish to visit.
The lavender fields are still blooming at that time,
I just love the sights and smells from 
the south of France.

I hope you have a wonderful week.  

Today I will be joining in with 

Cleo kisses

this is my favorite picture. i captured such a hilarious moment. Cleo loves kissing her sister. her sister doesn't love it quite so much.

i'm blogging with one hand, holding a fussy miss G, tossing skittles in my mouth and watching the bachelorette on the DVR. i'm so awesome at multi-tasking!

i think i may try and put some real clothes on next week! and i may even take outfit pictures (!!!) there. now i've written it. so i have to follow through. i have been going through a steady rotation of 5 pairs of sweats/pj pants and 4 nursing tank tops. GHOD i love those things. one click and your boob is ready. and easy boob access is so stupidly necessary. last weekend my mom threw a bridal shower and i decided to forgo my uniform and wear a dress instead. when Gemma got hungry, i struggled and struggled to get my dress straps down. she started doing her scream cry for milk, so finally i ran to my parents' room and ripped off the damn dress. so there i sat. on the bed. wearing nothing but spanx and a baby. it was a great look.

even better of a look was when i forgot to put a breast pad on my left side before going to the lactation consultant. rookie mistake. AND i was wearing a gray (nursing) tank top. GRAY. which is the worst color to be wearing when wet. so i walked through the office with a giant dark gray circle on my left boob--SO EMBARR. when i realized what my dumb ass did, i instinctively put my hand over the spot. which is worse? the spot itself, or the awkward hand-over-boob gesture? aye yi yi.

and srsly, my boobs are so big. like SO big. i've always had teeny tiny boobies, and now i don't know what to do with these giant tits. my boobs used to be boobs. but now they're huge. and when boobs get that huge, they are no longer boobs. they are tits.

omg. somehow this blog post turned into a blog post all about my boobs. i'm.....sorry?


Two weeks ago (wow, I can't believe it's been that long!) we had a huge hail storm. Some of the hail was baseball-sized (the picture below is after a bit of time had passed so it's safe to say the hail had melted a bit in the 90 degree weather). It happened while I was in Boston for a work trip, so I didn't get to experience it first-hand (probably a good thing!), but I feel like we are still digging out from the damage.

My car was totaled, our roof was totaled, we had broken windows. My precious plants were all beat to a pulp. Our trees are so thinned out that it looks like late autumn on our street. Crazy stuff.

So we'll be scheduling many, many repairs to our house this summer... and I'm guessing our yard won't look great until about next spring.

That said, however, it could have been lots worse. When my husband called and said "This is bad. Our house is half destroyed," I had visions of fires and tornadoes and all of our possessions lost. This isn't that bad and I feel for everyone who has gone through a disaster like that. Compared to that, this is just a hiccup and one of those inevitable challenges to being a homeowner.

We just have to dust ourselves off and keep moving. :)

what's on L's phone?!

"it's SO hilarious when i shit my pants 7 times in 2 hours." 

first family dinner out! 

the maiden voyage! 

don't you just love the themed pt cruisers?? there's one in my hometown that is Santa Claus themed and there's a sticker on it that says "i'm a fan of the ho-ho man" hahahahahah  


 sharing one chair with a baby and two dogs. that's 4 mammals on 1 chair.

little smirk

Gem and Nanny and my sister C (thanks for the adorable flamingo onesie, B!) 

summer colors! 

ohhhh she is the cutest ever

she's been extra tired from the midnight feedings too!