what's on L's phone?!

tough life in outside in the bouncy chair. (please note JJ sitting in the rocking chair in his undies LOL) 

this outfit is a hand-me-down from Baby P (whom i used to babysit). so sweet. 

so happy! 

i asked JJ to get a watering can. he came home with this. hahahahahhaah i literally could NOT STOP LAUGHING. JJ is such a hilarious doofus! and her name is "Babs" ...as it so clearly states on her right butt cheek.  

just takin' a rest in the hallway. 

shopping with the babies. 

every fiber of my being wanted these new fire cheeseballs. but then i remembered my butt. and my baby. both would be screaming in pain if i ate these. 

Dad and froyo 

JJ seducing his froyo.  

Nannie & Gemstone 

Daddy & Gemstone 

i've upgraded to double shot coffees in the morning. and, well...let's just say it gets things going REAL FAST.

 chillin' with Dad.

ouchie! poor little bayyyyybeeeee

Sandstone and Beaches

JP and I spend the weekend at Writing on Stone. This time around my parents and little sister joined us. It was definitely a weekend filled with lots of relaxation in the hot sun, but there were also a few adventures. I have way more photos to share, but for now here is what I wore while skipping rocks on the river with my sister and JP. 
I received this summer cardigan from Sugar Lips and immediately thought it would be perfect for the beach, or a nautical type look. The material is very light and breezy, which was perfect for the 30+ weather we were having. These sunglasses have a little story behind them. I accidentally sat on my sunglasses early on Saturday morning and broke them, so when JP and I took a trip into Milk River to grab some snacks, I went in search for a new pair. One of the few places that was open was a gas station, and that's where I found these sunglasses. Who knew you could find decent sunglasses at a random small town gas station! 

Outfit Details
Beach House Cardigan c/o Sugar Lips
Forever 21 dress (similar)
Aldo shoes
gas station sunglasses

Spider Web Quilt

My spider web quilt is still in the making, but it will be finished by the time Penny and I have our Scrap Quilt Day.  Penny's quilt is called a Cobweb, so we are working on a theme.  The main difference is that Penny's is structured scraps and mine is random scraps. Yes, you get to empty out the scrap basket and use it!!

Come and join us in August 31st, at St Paul's Lutheran Church, at McLaren Vale, South Australia, 9.30am to 3pm.  The cost is $40 for the day, which includes morning and afternoon teas.  Please bring along your own lunch, or you can buy something at one of the gourmet shops along the main road.
Email me Wendy@legendandlace.com to book your spot.

If you have never been to the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region of SA, this is an ideal opportunity.  Come for the day or the weekend.  It is less than an hour's drive from the centre of Adelaide, and worth every moment on the drive.


shorts: F21, denim shirt: H&M, sweater: Old Navy, boots: Miz Mooz

it was a full weekend. it was a good weekend. shall i recap?

Mom, Dad and sister CA came to Seattle on friday. we went out to dinner and froyo. it was so great!

oh you stop it Gemma! you stop being so cute! 

with Nannie & Bear (Nannie is giving Gemsicle a kiss, not having her for a snack) 

sister CA & froyo!

so nice to have 2/3 of my family all in one place. sisters M and MM: #yousuck for not coming into town for my birthday. (it was my birthday yesterday). my Mom said, "your presents didn't come in time, so you'll have to come home with the baby next week if you want them." threatening me with my gifts to get Gem Time...how rude, Mother!  

saturday morning was Gemma's 2 month birthday! JJ had to work (boo), but the rest of us bummed around downtown Edmonds. we went to an adorrrrrable kiddie store, then to the farmer's market where CA and i CRUSHED some delicious quesadillas. it was so fun, except Cleo was just being generally annoying on her leash and i lost my favorite burp rag with the elephants on it.

saturday afternoon the girls headed over to LJ's house for the sip n see that my delightful friends put on for Gemma and me! 

pina colada cake that KKiss' Mom and sister made. omg! equally darling and delectable. 

pressssssies for Gemcake!


the owl theme was SO sweet.

i love my friends. Sam flew up from Arizona just for us! Rah and Sabs came from Spokane, a handful of favorites popped over from Selah, and a pal visiting from Florida who had just finished taking the Bar Exam even made it! (KitKat we missed you SO much) LJ, KKiss and Sam did such a wonderful job putting together the most adorable party for us. love you guys! you completely outdid yourselves and also i'm 100% obsessed with you for buying Mama a spa gift card. i cannot wait. CANNOT. WAIT.

saturday night i left JJ with G and plenty of milk (and delivery pizza and a friend. Rah and Nebular stayed with us saturday night). and us gals went OUT! 

worst quality picture ever in life. but it's the only group shot we took all damn day.
Rah, LJ, Sam, me, KKiss.

it was so fun, and the bartender thought i was turning 24. teehee. i worried about Gemster and missed her though. it was the longest i have been away from her. Rah, i personally apologize if your husband does not want kids for 78 years. poor guy was scarred for life because Gemma screamed all night until i got home. we went to bed at 2 and then we were up at 7:45 on my birthday to meet Sand and Min for brunch! i was exhausted. staying out late when you have a baby is a whole new beast. o.m.g.

Rah and i were 30 minutes late to brunch because i am a loser. there just isn't enough time. i cannot be ready in 10 minutes anymore. i wore a nursing tank top in public that morning. new low. but the food was delicioussss!!! and the company even better. and i got such wonderful and thoughtful gifts from such fabulous girls. thanks for loving me even though i was stupidly late and hilariously hideous. 

Rah and Nebluar headed back to Spokane and JJ, Gemma and i went home. where i took a shower with both the dog and the baby. it was a little ridiculous.

then we lounged around (my birthday present from JJ didn't arrive in time either. harumph) until friends stopped by to soak up Gemstone and the sun. after they left, Mimi came over with popcorn and presents and babysat while JJ and i went to the movies. we saw Ted. it was stupid. but we laughed. the best part is when, after his date ends, Joel McHale farts loud and long and says "finally." hahahahahhahaahahaa 

we got back home, thanked Mimi, watched Olympics gymnastics (we both agree that Olympic gymnasts are more talented than any other athlete) and went to bed early. we fell asleep with Gemma in the bed, and she woke up smiling at us at 2 am. she likes sleeping with us. but we are afraid of squishing her, so she only gets to do that when her parents are too lazy to put her in her own bed.

whew. that was a FULL weekend, no? i am now 26. on the descent into my late twenties and well on my way to 30. 

and now i have to get ready to take Little Baby G to the doctor. two month shots. wahhhh. 

Skulls & Crosses

Hola a todos!!

Cómo ha ido vuestro finde?

Muchos de vosotros me preguntáis siempre por mi pelo. Precisamente este sábado pasado fui a mi peluquera! La adoro porque sabe exactamente el color que me gusta y que más me favorece con mi tono de piel. Siempre me pone un baño de color de base (a veces algo más clarita o a veces más oscura) y luego unas mechitas encima. Se llama peluquería "Lavoisier" y tengo que decir que voy desde los 4 años y estoy encantada! Gracias Bea!
(Calle Lavoisier, Terrassa)

Además hoy os muestro un TOTAL LOOK DE BERSHKA. Es una de las nuevas colecciones y me encanta! Como ya sabéis, no es la primera vez que me veis con calaveras en camisetas o en joyería. Esta vez he querido combinarlas con cruces.

Os gusta esta combinación? 

Hi everyone!!

How was your weekend? 

Many of you ask me about my hair. This last Saturday I went to my hairdresser! I adore her because she exactly knows which color I like! She always apply me a base color rinse and then she makes me some blonde highlights. I'm going to the same hairdresser since I was 4 years old!! It called "Lavoisier"!! Bea many thanks!!

Today I'm showing you a TOTAL LOOK OF BERSHKA. It's one of the newest collection and I have to say that I really love it! As you know it's not the first time you see me with skulls in t-shirts or jewels. This time I combined them with crosses. 

Do you like this combination?

T-shirt: Bershka (new collection)
Short: Bershka
Heels: Bershka (Rebajas)
PC bag: Bershka (new collection)

Skull: from Münich
Cross: Bershka (new collection)
Nailpolish: KIKO Milano

Playing with UFO's

I must be feeling better, and it is not as if I don't have things I "have to" do, but I started going through my boxes of UFO's today, trying to see what I might actually be able to finish.
These blocks are not actually UFO's, they are swap blocks.  Is that almost the same thing?  Over a 12 month period my quilting group SewJanes swapped these 6" Ohio Star Blocks.  Each month we had to make one block for each member of the group.  I think it was 14 to start with, and one girl decided that she had enough blocks, and not to make any more for her.  So I have a heap of them.  I used some as a border on a Medalion quilt a couple of years ago, and put them aside again.  Basically I decided that I would make a strippy quilt. and found this old purple/grey fabric for the triangles.  They are all attached.  Now I just have to decided on the strippy part.  I want to do red, as there is a little red in the setting fabric.  I have this red and black zig zag fabric.  Not sure it is really long enough, but I expect it won't matter that much if I have to join it some place.  There are 45 blocks in total - so 5 strips of 9 blocks is still a pretty big quilt.  Maybe I will make a few more and it could be 6 strips of 8........might change that sashing yet.....

How to be a good blogger.

Found via Tumblr, can't find the original source :( tell me if you know.
There are thousands of blogs online worthy of following, so how can you make yourself stand out? Be a good blogger, it's quite simple. I don't follow blogs that have more negative traits than positive. Your blog showcases who you are to your readers, so are you putting across the right person?

Be appreciative.
When I first started blogging I only had 27 followers and I used to look up to people who had a few hundred followers, I would never have believed I could get this many followers. Sometimes I read blogs and wonder how they managed to get thousands but 300 odd followers is a good achievement. Always mark special moments like your first 100 or 1000 to remind yourself of how you started out.

Also say thank you to other blogs if they've helped you out, I love networking with other blogs but if they're rude I won't do it again. Always remember to say thank you for the little things too, such as round ups or mini shout outs.

Network with other bloggers.
If you've ever wondered how I got 300+ followers it's actually all down to networking, my blog really took off when other more popular blogs starting to recommend and link back to me. There are several ways of networking that benefit you and other blogs:
  • Social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook, why not create a group for your blogs topic?
  • Have a blog roll of your favourites.
  • Do a round up every month.
  • If you're writing a post recommend similar ones.
  • Create a post everyone can participate in.
  • Always give sources and credits where necessary.
Other bloggers aren't your rivals! Feel free to introduce yourself on a blog and give feedback if you particularly like a post. 

Don't people spam!
This is one of the few things on a blog that really grinds my gears, this probably isn't the proper phrase for it though so I'll explain. People spam is real people commenting on my blog with a generic sentence and asking me to follow them back, they always leave their website directly in the comment even though there's a URL box in the comment form. This is really rude! My comment section is not for advertising your blog, I will not click on your blog or give you any attention. I'll mark you as spam so you can't comment on my blog again and never network with you, although leaving your website URL in the comment directly often means it automatically gets marked as spam. So if you ever decided to offer me a website I would actually like either leave it in the comment form or leave another comment asking me to check my spam folder.

Always do your research.
Before you network with someone, recommend anyone, post about a person etc always do a background check. If I know there's genuine nastiness behind anyone I'll probably warn you, but if I don't know you well enough I'll probably just stop following. I don't want to be associated with any blogs that network with arseholes, it's quite simple.

Nasty people aside, it's always worth researching a topic before posting about it. Getting basic facts wrong can be embarrassing and the more you know about it the more you will enjoy writing about it. People get bored of generic posts, if you find some interesting facts or a quirky fact it could make it more original.

Don't get self-obsessed.
One of the worst types of blogs (in my opinion) are personal blogs, I don't follow anyone to hear about their life. Quite frankly I don't care and they always border on arrogance. But that's just my taste, I prefer opinionated and info type blogs. The kind that offer up information about topics I like or create discussions. I need a blog to be more than just a person, it's very rare that a person is so interesting that they can successfully blog about themselves.

However if you do blog about your personal life (and are probably flipping me the bird right now) and your readers enjoy it just keep yourself in check, would your readers really care that you picked up your prescription today? Ask yourself what they find so interesting about your life and focus on that, for example outfits are always a favourite. Personal blogs can be successful, but nobody likes a big head.

But even the blogs I like can have arrogant writers behind them, I have lost a few old blogs to that trait. It saddens me to see bloggers no longer reply to comments, don't bother networking and forget who they was before a thousand followers. Remember who supported you in the early days!

I'm not a brilliant blogger and I admit that, I'm grumpy and don't always have the time to post. But I don't worry too much about been a good blogger, after all I have 300+ followers I can't be that bad. And I rarely stop following someone once I've started, if in doubt post cat photos.

Baskets in Hand

I have been laid up this week with a nasty virus, and could do very little without getting tired.  Perfect time to start something new!  Just needed to be able to stand for a few minutes while I cut some fabric. 

Last week I told you about the new BOM - Baskets for You - that starts in September.  There are 120 little baskets in this quilt.  The BOM goes for 12 months, so I figured I would need to make on the average 3 a week to get them all made.  I made my 3 in a day!  They are so easy.

 I do my applique by the Back Basting method and drew the design on the back of the fabric.
Don't you just loves this red stripe!
 I then do a tacking stitch on the drawn line through the design fabric as well.  You can see the basket outlined here.  If you can't see it properly, then run a while line over the tacking stitches.  They will come out later
Cut around the shape of the basket.  Clip the inner curves, and every 3rd tacking stitch.  Remove the stitches as you start to turn the seam under.
You can also do it this way if you like, by drawing on the design fabric, and cutting out the shape.  You will need to glue or pin the shape to the background fabric, before you start the needle-turn applique.

These are my first 3 baskets.  For my own quilt I am using up scraps of shirting and red prints.  If you join into the BOM, you get new fabrics for the baskets and background every month.  You can either the red quilt, or you can have assorted colours each month - a scrappy quilt.
These are someof the goodies with the BOM - a sandpaper board, thread, glue, needles, template, and the Sewline Trio pen.
Complete Quilt - Baskets for You

We are starting in September, and the cost is $25 per month, plus postage.