it's a girl!

Remember my big announcement on Friday?

Well, we had the ultrasound and found out that we're having a little girl! I was so convinced that it was going to be a boy that it is taking awhile to sink in. I am so thrilled. And I think hubby is too. After the ultrasound, we had to sit in the waiting room again before meeting with my doctor, and I looked over at my husband and said, "I just want to go home now so that I can cry!" He told me to wait. Haha. I still haven't had my good cry yet, but every time I really think about the fact that I'm going to have a daughter, I tear up a little bit. :)

Since my in-laws live in town and were so excited to hear the news, we decided to have a little gender reveal party just for them.

I baked an [amazing!!!] pink cake - it is the Summer Strawberry Coconut Cake from the blog Candy Jamamas. Then I covered it in white buttercream frosting (from the same recipe), using the Rose Cake Tutorial from i am baker. Soooo yummy!

And I think it turned out rather lovely, if I do say so myself. I should have snapped a photo before it got dark out, because this picture just does not do the cake justice.

Then we let my mother-in-law cut the cake!

She was so excited.

And even more so when she realized it was pink!!

She had been expecting a boy the whole time, too!

This was such a fun way to announce our news. I only wish my family had been able to be here too.

Looking forward to everything about having a little girl!

Marie Antoinette Dress Cushion

I'm having a lot of fun with my 
new Toile de Jouy material.
Here is a frilly bolster with an oval panel.

A few cushions together.

Then I made this big 70 x 70cm cushion, half of it
is covered with layers of lace and a tie in the middle.
When I pulled the tie it looked like a dress with a waist.
Then... pling!! a little light bulb went on....

Now this dress has a real waist...
It still is a cushion, the top and hips are stuffed
with polyester filling.
 I overstuffed it so it can stand straight without
tipping over at the waist.
The bodice stands at 52cm high and with the 
skirt 80cm.

I used cotton and silk for the dress.

Pink Sweetness...

I hope you are having a wonderful week,

September round up.

Original source.
What not to do if you're posted to a hate site.
A handy post I think everyone on the internet needs to read.

Ten unusual Goth meet up ideas.
The Everyday Goth several ideas for a meet up, number 8 is my favourite.

Vintage inspired Autumn shoes.
After reading this post I went hunting for Autumn type shoes...and ended up buying Summer flats on sale.

Bat Pediment and fluted molding.
A cheap and quick way to goth up your door. Possibly one of the best posts on this post, I'm one of the few people who prefers it in white!

How Do You Wear Black Lipstick?
Last but not least a full guide to wearing black lipstick, well worth the read.

Blog of the month!

A lovely blog with a variety of posts on Goth, I love her historical posts and her cute bunny named Basil. Plus she scores bonus points for liking Paranormal Witness, a TV Show I've recently discovered and has become a part of my Thursday night.

How to store your clothing.

It's that time of year again! Time to swap your wardrobe around and store your seasonal clothing. You can ensure your most precious clothes keep their condition by storing them correctly, nobody wants to open up a box to discover moth chewed clothes. Here's a quick guide to safely packing them away for the season...

Found via Tumblr, original source.
Step 1: Cleaning.
Everything needs to be cleaned and inspected before being placed into storage, particularly if you just bought in the sales for next year. When you're inspecting it I suggest looking out for signs of a bug infestation, it's unlikely but you don't know who tried it on before you. Vintage always needs checking regardless of how clean it looks, one of the few things nobody thinks about is how the person before you cleaned it. If you have sensitive skin you should wash using your technique, no skin reaction and a pretty dress makes you a happy shopper. If it's not new you should wash it anyway so you can wear it straight away when the time comes, it's easier. For advice on washing your vintage and delicate clothing you can visit my Caring for your clothes post.

Step 2: Storage.
You will need the following to store your clothing:

  • White acid-free tissue paper, certain acids cause yellow spotting and deterioration.
  • Suitable storage boxes, cardboard can work if it's sturdy but as long as the box allows air circulation it should be fine. Plastic boxes are the only ones I would suggest skipping. 
  • Padded hangers, you can buy these in a variety of designs and can even buy them vintage if you wish.
  • Unbleached muslin or light cotton.
  • Mothballs or lavender  if you prefer, you can add a small amount of lavender essential oil to cotton balls if you prefer. It smells better and it also works to keep moths away. 

Once your clothing is clean and you're prepared it's ready to go into storage. You can roll, fold or hang the clothing. Rolling is good for clothing that isn't delicate and saves space, if you do it correctly it might crease less than folding. Folding is a better option for delicate, heavy clothing but make sure it's perfectly done. For example some fabrics crease easily and it'll be a bother to iron all your clothing again. Storing on a hanger is only appropriate for light materials like cotton, heavy fabrics like wool would stretch in the shoulders and ruin the shape. Anything with embroidery should be stored flat with padding in between layers, you can use cotton or muslin cloth.

The heaviest clothing should go in first followed by the lightest, once all the clothing is the box cover it with either muslin or cotton. Finally add the mothballs or lavender covered cotton balls to the top.

Step 3: Reward!
Take a bath with a lovely Lush bath bomb or help yourself to some chocolate, you're finished! You could be more productive and organise your next seasonal clothing but I'll be sitting on my arse.

Latest snapshots of Stockholm.

two months

little bean!  you are now two whole months old.  what in the world!?  you are growing into the sweetest little baby.  here are a few little somethings that we've noticed in the past month.

you've started to smile and laugh a lot more.  i think we can actually get you to smile and laugh at us now.  you also really like to smile at the ceiling fan, the birds above your swing and your headbands hanging over your changing table. your smile - melt my heart!  and when you laugh you basically just take a big gasp in.  i think it's a laugh.
 at 7 weeks you started sleeping through the night in even longer stretches than last month.  it isn't strange for you now to sleep for 10+ hours straight now. momma likes this!
you still love time with your poppa.  even when he has crazy hair!  you like to spit on him most of all.  pop misses you so much while he's at work so we make it a special point to send him all kinds of precious pictures of you so he's in the loop.  he's working hard to take care of us - what a sweet father!
you and i have been out and about together.  we go run errands, see friends & go to bsf.  we've tried out your baby backpack and you like to be snuggled in there - for a while.  we even brought you to your first young life club.  unfortunately, you didn't love it there, even though you were strapped to me.  you had to spend most of the night out in the parking lot. however, all of our high school friends we uber-excited to meet you.  they think you're the best.

at bsf we met a 6 month old that you were bigger than.  that really happened.  at 7 weeks old you were larger than a 6 month old.  fingers crossed that she was a preemie.  it's the only explanation!
we think you're an advanced baby, you rolled over at 6 weeks old from your belly to your back.  you did it over and over.  sure, it was to evade your dreaded tummy time but we still think that was awfully resourceful of you!
i took you to your two month check-up on your 'birthday'.  you got your big girl shots and i was so proud of you.  granna came with me because i was really scared but never fear you did great.  you're so brave and only cried a little.  they weighed and measured you.  oh my, little lady.  you were 23 3/4" tall (89th percentile) and 12 lbs. 14 oz. (91 percentile).  WOWZERS little chunk.  you are perfect!  you are growing and are so special.
a few things i forgot to mention:  in the past month you've developed two new cries.  the first can only be described as pitiful.  it is a cross between polly pocket and a baby kitten.  it is tiny and sad.  the other cry is more of a high-pitched scream.  i don't like that one as well.  but you at least you are finding your voice.  

secondly, your hair is still growing - HOORAY!

you still do all kinds of funny things with your hands.  sometimes it looks like baby sign language or that you're playing the air piano.  i especially love when we hold hands and you pat my fingers over and over.

you love to lay on your back and kick and move your arms.  you can do this for hours.  that was an exaggeration, but seriously, you can kick for a good 20 or 30 minutes and be laughing the whole time.  yay for baby exercise!

emmie collins, 

month two was just as magical as number one and everyday we learn new little nuances about you, your personality and about being a parent.  something i've really been thinking about [the last two weeks especially] is how intentional i want to be with my / our time.  the days go by so fast and i want to make sure that i'm doing all that i can to love you well, teach you true things, not waste a second of it - even though you're itty bitty.  you're such a blessing to your dad and i.  i've seen a glimpse of God's heart for us now that i'm a mom.  it's crazy how much you love this little being that is just completely needy and dependent on you.  she's yours so your heart is completely enthralled with her, you'd really do anything for her.  we're the Lord's and he loves us like that, He'd go to any lengths to have us [and did].  it is a beautiful gift that the Lord lets us see His heart through parenthood.  little emmie, you're beautiful.  you belong to the Most High King, making you a tiny princess.  we love you dearly.

here's a few more of our favorite pictures of you from the last month [ps if you're wondering if you're always naked, the answer is yes]: